Monday, October 6, 2014

October Equities Turn Dates

September equities turn dates (+/-1 day) gave last month's high-low-high. This month the most important dates may be the Earth-Uranus conjunction on the 7th, the mid-month near quadruple conjunction, and the S&P Saturn 36° cycle on the 27th. The DOW Jupiter cycle on the 3rd looks like a low (a day early). I have marked a few others as well.

10/3/14: DOW geocentric Jupiter 72°
10/4/14: Geocentric Mercury turns retrograde
10/5/14: Geocentric Saturn-Ceres conjunction
10/6/14: DOW Ceres 36°
10/7/14: Earth-Uranus conjunction square Pluto
10/8/14: NYSE geocentric Mars 18°
10/8/14: Total Lunar Eclipse (blood moon)
10/9/14: Bradley turn date (minor)

10/11/14: S&P geocentric Ceres 36°
10/12/14: DOW Mars 18°
10/12/14: Sun-N Node conjunction

10/14/14: Uranus-Venus opposition square Pluto
10/15/14: Geocentric Venus-N Node conjunction - Near quadruple conjunction: Venus/N Node/Sun/Mercury
10/15/14: DOW geocentric Mars 18°
10/15/14: Mars enters Aquarius
10/16/14: Bradley turn date (minor)

10/23/14: Partial Solar Eclipse
10/24/14: S&P Mars 36°
10/25/14: NYSE geocentric Ceres 72°
10/25/14: S&P geocentric Mars 72°
10/25/14: Geocentric Mercury turns direct
10/26/14: Geocentric Mars enters Capricorn
10/26-11/2/14: Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Mars complete square
10/27/14: S&P Geocentric Saturn 36°
10/27/14: Geocentric Ceres enters Sagittarius

10/31/14: Jupiter-Mars opposition square Earth, Venus (Complete Square)


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  2. Interesting observation:

    1. Yeah thanks MP, it's fascinating stuff. It all ties to Daniel's prophecy too.

    2. Yeah, I keep meaning to get into this...

    3. The guy tells the stock market crashes in 2001 and 2008 happened on Av 1st. If I calculated it correctly, the next one is July 17 (seventh month!) of 2015. I don't see any astrological events of importance occurring around this date, except Jupiter changing signs heliocentrically. There was a Jupiter transit nearby in 2001 (August 29, about two weeks before), but not in 2008. I think the guy with the harbinger theory is more convincing. He predicts September 13 2015 as an important candidate for a stock market crash (it is on a Sunday, so markets are closed). At least there are some astrological events around this date that make sense.

    4. When he talks about the 7th month he means on the Jewish calendar, which is Sept-Oct. This is consistent with Jonathan Cahn (Harbinger).

      The crashes occur on Rosh Hashanah. In 2015 Rosh Hashanah is September 13-15.

      The final Blood Moon of the Tetrad (on the Feast of Tabernacles) is Sept 28.

      The 9th of Av (in July) is associated with judgement and the destruction of the Temple. I can see that this is confusing in his explanation but this is how I understand it.

      Really appreciate you looking into this very important topic!

    5. At 25:00 he talks about the crashes occurring on Rosh Hashanah.

    6. Also just for clarity, these crashes on Rosh Hashanah do not imply market TOPS at this time. The market tops occur the preceding year. Top in 2000 -> crash in 2001. Top in 2007 -> crash in 2008. Top in 2014(?) -> crash in 2015.

    7. Yes, most of these dates are more about accelerated moves. Most tops have occurred just prior to these events...

  3. Platy, you are right. I was mistaken with the Av 1st. The crash in 2001 was on Elul 23 and in 2008 it was on Elul 29. Probably the crash in 2001 was a few days early.... An expected crash around Sept 13 2015 makes sense (not guaranteed).

  4. Hai platy,10/10 low and rally into 10/15what do you think?thanks

    1. Yes that's my thinking as well, to complete the right shoulder.

    2. Although I don't know, seems like not enough time to make the high. Let's see where it bottoms out.

    3. 10/27 Saturn cycle might be our high.

  5. Could 14th/15th be the low in equity instead of a high??

  6. I like the 27th as another top here for the S&P. Aligns well with the idea that we're going to see further lows before 2014 is out.

    1. Yeah some important aspects showing up mid-November, probably a major low.

  7. crash crash crash... already...

  8. Good Afternoon. Major Lows are in and we head even higher from here.

    Please find arguments here:

  9. Hey Raj

    Base on your message just posted today, it a huge pointless read now don’t you think so for readers here as of today. Since we already bounce off the low close to 150+ points in the SPX and other index bounced as well for a some days now. Yes, we can go even higher, but that is not an easy trade anymore going long. The risk to the down side. Your message would have help others if it was last friday or early this week and would for sure probably gain you followers who is willing to pay for your services.


    1. Hi Santa, sorry, I didn't have time earlier to post, it was just too busy. There are plenty of subscribers already, so there is no need for that. Here is next week's outlook: Monday and perhaps Tuesday next week should be down days, before we head higher again, then there is still plenty of time to get long as we should retest those highs.

    2. Hello Raj

      no worries, just trying to help people's business when ever possible



    On Friday evening, I posted on my public blog:
    "10/24 Evening Update: Monday and perhaps Tuesday 10/27-28 should be down days, before we head higher once again"

    From this past weekend report:

    "Intraday 5 min SPX CIT Times 10/27/14: 9.35, 11.05, 11.35, 1.25 pm CIT Eastern.
    Intraday Cycle is the Cyan lines: 79/21% (9.40H), 10.20L, 11.40H, 68/32% 1.00L/H, 2.00H/L, 3.40L/H. Monday sees an Inversion with a possible 9.40 High +/- and a 79% chance we see a 10.20 Low at the 11.05 CIT, rally to a 11.40 High at the 11.35 CIT, then there is a 68% chance we see a last hour Low and a 32% chance we see a last hour High."

    Forecast: "Intraday 5 min SPX CIT Times 10/27/14: 9.35, 11.05, 11.35, 1.25 pm CIT Eastern.
    Actual: 9.35 High, 11.11 High, 11.35 High, 1.25 High.

    Forecast "Intraday Cycle is the Cyan lines: 79/21% (9.40H), 10.20L, 11.40H, 68/32% 1.00L/H, 2.00H/L, 3.40L/H."
    Actual: 10.05L, 11.15H, 11.35H

    We saw a 10.05 1st hour Low and a midday High as expected.
    We now have a good 68% chance we see a last hour Low and a 3% chance we invert to a last hour High.

    If we see a last hour Low, then tomorrow sees a High am to Low pm day.

    If we see a last hour High, then tomorrow sees a Low am to High pm day.


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