Saturday, October 25, 2014

November Gold/Silver Turn Dates

The metals made a major low October 6, 1 day before the Earth-Uranus conjunction square Pluto, highlighted here. The low was made at long term Uranus support. I expected another important turn near the 15th due to the near quadruple conjunction but a high was not made until the 21st.

In November the most important date is likely to be the 16th when Neptune turns direct. The 10th may also be important as Mars conjuncts Pluto bringing energy to the Uranus-Pluto square.

11/1/14: Mercury enters Leo

11/6/14: Geocentric gold Ceres 18°
11/7/14: Mercury enters Vir
11/8/14: Geocentric silver Ceres 18°
11/8/14: Geocentric Mercury enters Sco
11/9/14: Saturn-Venus conjunction
11/10/14: Geocentric Mars-Pluto conjunction square Uranus
11/11/14: Venus enters Sag

11/13/14: Geocentric Venus-Saturn conjunction
11/14/14: Mercury enters Lib
11/16/14: Geocentric Neptune turns direct ***
11/16/14: Geocentric Venus enters Sag

11/18/14: Geocentric Sun-Saturn conjunction

11/20/14: Venus-Ceres conjunction trine Uranus/Jupiter

11/22/14: Geocentric Sun enters Sag
11/22/14: Mercury enters Sco

11/26/14: Geocentric Venus-Ceres conjunction

11/28/14: Geocentric Mercury enters Sag

Monday, October 6, 2014

October Equities Turn Dates

September equities turn dates (+/-1 day) gave last month's high-low-high. This month the most important dates may be the Earth-Uranus conjunction on the 7th, the mid-month near quadruple conjunction, and the S&P Saturn 36° cycle on the 27th. The DOW Jupiter cycle on the 3rd looks like a low (a day early). I have marked a few others as well.

10/3/14: DOW geocentric Jupiter 72°
10/4/14: Geocentric Mercury turns retrograde
10/5/14: Geocentric Saturn-Ceres conjunction
10/6/14: DOW Ceres 36°
10/7/14: Earth-Uranus conjunction square Pluto
10/8/14: NYSE geocentric Mars 18°
10/8/14: Total Lunar Eclipse (blood moon)
10/9/14: Bradley turn date (minor)

10/11/14: S&P geocentric Ceres 36°
10/12/14: DOW Mars 18°
10/12/14: Sun-N Node conjunction

10/14/14: Uranus-Venus opposition square Pluto
10/15/14: Geocentric Venus-N Node conjunction - Near quadruple conjunction: Venus/N Node/Sun/Mercury
10/15/14: DOW geocentric Mars 18°
10/15/14: Mars enters Aquarius
10/16/14: Bradley turn date (minor)

10/23/14: Partial Solar Eclipse
10/24/14: S&P Mars 36°
10/25/14: NYSE geocentric Ceres 72°
10/25/14: S&P geocentric Mars 72°
10/25/14: Geocentric Mercury turns direct
10/26/14: Geocentric Mars enters Capricorn
10/26-11/2/14: Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Mars complete square
10/27/14: S&P Geocentric Saturn 36°
10/27/14: Geocentric Ceres enters Sagittarius

10/31/14: Jupiter-Mars opposition square Earth, Venus (Complete Square)