Sunday, September 28, 2014

October Gold/Silver Turn Dates

The most important days for October appear to be the 7th when Earth conjuncts Uranus square Pluto, and around mid-month when there is a near triple conjunction of Venus/North Node/Sun/Mercury around the 15th but the timing could be off by several days.

10/1/14: Gold geocentric Jupiter 18°

10/4/14: Silver geocentric Jupiter 18°
10/4/14: Gold Ceres 18°
10/4/14: Geocentric Mercury turns retrograde
10/5/14: Geocentric Saturn-Ceres conjunction
10/5/14: Silver geocentric Jupiter 18°

10/7/14: Earth-Uranus conjunction square Pluto
10/7/14: Silver Ceres 18°

10/10/14: Geocentric Mercury enters Libra
10/11/14: Geocentric Uranus-Venus opposition
10/12/14: Geocentric Sun-N Node conjunction

10/14/14: Uranus-Venus opposition square Pluto
10/15/14: Geocentric Venus-N Node Conjunction — Near quadruple conjunction: Venus/N Node/Sun/Mercury

10/24/14: Earth-Venus opposition
10/25/14: Geocentric Sun-Venus conjunction
10/25/14: Geocentric Mercury turns direct

10/27-11/2/14: Earth/Mars/Venus/Jupiter complete square

10/31/14: Jupiter-Mars Opposition

Early to mid-month is potentially disastrous with the near quadruple conjunction forming a "bow and arrow" configuration with the Mars/Jupiter/Uranus-South Node trine in fire signs.

Mid-October Near Quadruple Conjunction Venus/North Node/Sun/Mercury Bow and Arrow Configuration with Mars/Jupiter/Uranus-South Node Trine


  1. Did we leave behind the multi-year lows in gold and silver starting today?

  2. according to platys comments in July the double pentagram was ment to be the multii year lows? Platy do you have any further comments on this as we seem to be lower than july now

    1. Yes I thought that aspect had a high probability of giving a multi-year low but it has failed. I mentioned also a few other major dates later this year and early next year.

  3. Platy, what are the other major dates later this year and early next year that could be multi-year low for gold and silver? Thanks:)

    1. Discussed here:

  4. Gold / Silver (Before) -


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