Saturday, August 30, 2014

September Gold/Silver Turn Dates

Gold and silver bottomed when Venus and Mercury joined the Uranus-Pluto square on August 21, both planets reinforcing the 1272.5-1274 Pluto-Uranus major support area. If there is going to be a re-test of these recent lows in metals it may come sometime this week as Mars and the Sun form a Golden Triangle with Uranus and then the South Node. On the 10th Venus opposes Neptune; any interactions with Neptune are important to the metals.

I showed this image earlier on Twitter which illustrates that most of gold's major lows occur at Uranus support. Of the 7 major lows since the 2011 high, 5 have reversed almost precisely at Uranus support. Uranus is currently giving support at 1274, and if that is lost the next Uranus support level is 1244. Resistance is 1304. Node support is currently 1280 and 1250. Resistance is 1310. Neptune is giving resistance at 1296 and has support at 1266.

Gold Futures Major Lows

I am expecting a major reversal at this time because of the August 29 Neptune-Earth conjunction, a long term trend change indicator.

Gold Futures and Neptune-Earth Conjunctions

Later this month Mars conjuncts Pluto square Uranus, and on the 22nd Pluto turns Direct coinciding with gold and silver Ceres cycles, a very reliable medium term turn indicator.

9/1/14: Geocentric Mercury enters Libra
9/1/14: Jupiter-Venus conjunction
9/1-3/14: Geocentric Uranus/Mars/Sun Golden Triangle
9/4-7/14: Geocentric S Node/Mars/Sun Golden Triangle
9/5/14: Geocentric Venus enters Virgo
9/10/14: Geocentric Neptune-Venus opposition

9/13/14: Geocentric Mars enters Sagittarius
9/16/14: Pluto-Mars conjunction square Uranus

9/20/14: Neptune-Venus opposition square Ceres
9/22/14: Geocentric Sun enters Libra
9/22/14: Geocentric Pluto turns direct
9/22/14: Gold geocentric Ceres 72°
9/23/14: Silver geocentric Ceres 36°

9/23-10/2: Earth/Ceres/Jupiter trine

9/27/14: Geocentric Mercury enters Scorpio
9/29/14: Geocentric Venus enters Libra
9/27-10/18: Uranus-S Node/Mars/Jupiter trine