Tuesday, July 22, 2014

August Gold/Silver Turn Dates

Metals have spent most of July so far consolidating the gains from the early June major low near the June 7 gold Jupiter cycle discussed here. We may see more pull-back before continuing higher but it is likely that June was a multi-year low as all major planets have crossed the major harmonics. August turn dates are given below. The Neptune-Earth conjunction on August 29 is probably the most important turn date. This aspect occurs at nearly the same date every year and since 2011 has given reliable major turns (2011 high; 2012 triangle apex low; 2013 high).

8/2/14: Mars-Venus opposition
8/2/14: Silver geocentric Ceres 18°
85/14: Geocentric Venus square Nodes
8/6/14: Geocentric Ceres enters Scorpio

8/8/14: Uranus/Venus/Saturn-Ceres Golden Triangle
8/9/14: Geocentric Pluto, Ceres, Sun golden gnomon triangle

8/14/14: Saturn-Ceres conjunction
8/17/14: Geocentric Jupiter-Venus conjunction
8/18/14: Pluto-Venus Opposition square Uranus

8/25/14: Geocentric Mars-Saturn Conjunction
8/25/14: Mars enters Capricorn

8/29/14: Neptune-Earth Conjunction


  1. According to the Epic Research's update, Silver trading range for the day is 44478-45610.

  2. Hey Platy i was looking for your turn date from last month on 21st of July, do you think it got muted by some other factors?

    1. The 18th was a high and the 21st was the next trading day.

  3. Got the same date with 2 other astrologers both diff methods transits one Vedic one not I picked up 1265 then that's it to 1450 ? I have read power hour to the end of August from here ? Thanks Platy

    1. Thanks Kate, so you think Aug 29 is 1265?

    2. I thought we had the last low last week but I just cant ignore 3 things pointing to another low (especially from Ted Phillips from astro advisor) - maybe it dips tonight then rally starts on the 29th - I don't know what the transit is something to do with mars in scorpio I imagine

      however venus trine Jupiter is on the 29th in the gold chart which is a big Gann thing for moving gold so I might just wait until then I sold on the Asian session today to be safe

    3. sorry I meant july 29 not august for the drop

    4. Thanks Kate, appreciate your input.

  4. I hear from Indian vedic stargazers that starting 29 July we see the mother of all rallies in gold/silver. Year end close expected to be close to the all time highs in both gold and silver and a peak expected in early 2018 in the range of 7/8000$ for gold. 30th July we have the FOMC meeting. The last meeting was on the 19th of June when we had that 40$ upswing.

    1. Looks like that low might be a power move always good to be safe 1308 was the breakout zone thanks :)

  5. Interesting that you come up with 2018 . I was looking for an important CIT in mid Feb 2018 , and at recent low of 1288 price and time were close to square with that date . As for price level in 2018 I have no idea but $7000 would mean the world is heading for a lot of trouble . Also 27th July 14 is 4 years from 2010 low .

  6. hi :)
    09 - 10.07.14, Neptune parallel Mars and Nodes :
    Planet, Position, Declination
    Neptune, 7 pi 21'58", -9°29'
    Mars, 21 li 57'21", -9° 10'
    true NNode, 24 li 42'43", -9°34'
    furthermore : Ceres, 22 li 41'18"
    while Sidereal Nodes were entering Virgo - Pisces:
    true Sidereal NNode, 29 vi 45'59
    ...extremely strong turning point....

    1. Hi :)
      party started with Moon parallel to Neptune at 9°41' :
      Moon, 26 ar 13' 1" , 9°41'
      Neptune, 6 pi 34'13" Rx, -9°47'

  7. 08.08.2014 , Neptune trines Mars , Mars parallel Saturn squaring Sun and lunar Apogee:
    Sun, 15 le 39'26", 16° 8'
    Mars, 7 sc 12'23", -14°58'
    Saturn, 16 sc 55'11", -14°47'
    Neptune, 6 pi 45'13", -9°43'

    Watch out gold silver price/astro correlation 22.07.13:
    grand trine Jupiter,Saturn,Neptune,Mars,Apogee:
    Mars 5 cn 52'14"
    Jupiter 5 cn 53'27"
    Saturn 4 sc 58'49"
    Neptune 4 pi 52' 6"
    Apogee 4 cn 46'40"
    support or resistance ? any ideas?

  8. Hi Platy....any thoughts on the 29th of august in terms of whether we see a low or high then? Seems like gold and silver and breaking higher from their downtrend lines. So, could this be the start of a move up from today into the helio mercury in Sagittarius period of around 10th September? Thanks!

    1. Yeah I think it's possible the low is in already but I think more likely that gold will re-test the low around the 29th before finally taking off.

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