Friday, July 25, 2014

Israel, Part I

Events in Israel have been heating up so it's time to delve into this topic which I have been studying for a couple of years. We will look at this from both a planetary and an eschatological standpoint. The events that are about to unfold are extremely important.

The Balfour Declaration, which established the intent to create a Jewish homeland, took place November 2, 1917. We will use this as a natal date.
11/2/1917: Balfour Declaration

It is Neptune that we are interested in, located at 5°Leo12'09". This gives rise to an approximate 100 year complete cycle very much like that of the U.S. dollar. Similar to the dollar we are focusing on Neptune, except that the dollar cycle is based on the Neptune-Jupiter synodic cycle, while for Israel we will be looking at Neptune's harmonics alone. Also similar to the dollar, there is a clear midpoint that validates that we are looking at the right thing.

Using Neptune's position at the Balfour Declaration, the harmonics look like this:
11/2/1917: Balfour Declaration Natal

Israel's territory was expanded with the U.N. Partition Plan, November 29, 1947. The Moon's Nodes were are major harmonics at this time. Neptune is near 72° and Uranus is near 36°.
11/29/1947: U.N. Partition Plan
Territory Expansion Due to U.N. Partition Plan

Recall that the midpoint for the dollar cycle was when Neptune had traveled 108° (72° + 36°) from its natal position with Jupiter at opposition. This occurred in 1964, the last year that silver was used in U.S. coinage.

Neptune reached 108° from the Balfour Declaration natal June 20, 1967. This is what we will consider to be the "midpoint" of this cycle, which we will refer back to later.
6/20/1967: Neptune 36°

This was just days after the Six-Day War, June 5-10, 1967, remarkable because Neptune can be off by several months as a timer. Note that Jupiter is near 72°. Israel's borders expanded further as a result of this war.
Territory Expansion Due to Six-Day War

On October 6, 1973, Egypt launched the Yom Kippur War in an attempt to re-capture the Sinai Peninsula. Saturn was at 36°.
10/6/1973: Yom Kippur War

Israel later gave up the Sinai Peninsula with the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, when Saturn had traveled 72° further.
3/26/1979: Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

The recent escalation of violence between the Israelis and Palestinians began with the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli teenagers on June 12, 2014. This occurred very close to our key Double Pentagram date of June 14 discussed here and here, which ties to the recent rise in metals prices.

The Balfour Declaration pentagram we are using is almost identical to the S&P's pentagram, and we saw in the previous post that August is an important time for the S&P. Saturn will cross the Balfour Declaration's 36° harmonic on August 21, although the August 14 Saturn-Ceres conjunction may be more important. Jupiter will reach 72° on September 3. So we may see some type of crescendo for this conflict in the next few weeks.
8/21/14: Saturn 36° Cycle

Another time to watch is around June, 2015 when Uranus crosses 36° (timing may not be accurate).
6/14/2015: Uranus 36° Cycle

Or December 1, 2015 when there is a Jupiter-Mars conjunction at 36° opposite Neptune.
12/1/2015: Jupiter-Mars Conjunction at 36° Opposite Neptune

The crucial event we are looking for is Neptune reaching 72°, another 108° from the Six-Day War. This occurs in December, 2016 (timing may be off by many months). Near this time we should see an event of at least the level of importance of the Six-Day War, and possibly much more significant. Another drastic change to Israel's borders is likely.
12/7/2016: Neptune 72° Cycle

Jupiter and Saturn generally act as better timing tools so this powerful signature may trigger early on one of the dates listed above or perhaps not until Jupiter reaches 72° in March 2017 or Saturn reaches 72° in November 2017.

Once again, it is the confluence of major planetary signatures occurring during this timeframe that increases the significance of the events that will unfold.

There is much more to say on this, which will be continued in a separate post.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

August Equities Turn Dates

August appears to be an important month for equities with several major planets crossing the S&P's major harmonics. Heliocentric Saturn and Ceres cross 36° (coming into conjunction near this harmonic), geocentric Jupiter and heliocentric Mars cross 72°. Heliocentric Jupiter will cross 72° in early September. The confluence of these events adds importance to this timeframe. The graph below shows Saturn crossing 36° on August 28 with Jupiter, Ceres and Mars all near major harmonics.

8/28/14: Heliocentric Saturn 36°

August turn dates are given below.

8/1/14: DOW geocentric Ceres 72°

8/6/14: Geocentric Ceres enters Scorpio

8/9/14: S&P Geocentric Jupiter 72°

8/14/14: Saturn-Ceres Conjunction
8/14/14: NYSE Geocentric Mars 18°
8/16/14: S&P Ceres 36°
8/17/14: Geocentric Jupiter-Venus conjunction
8/18/14: Venus-Pluto opposition square Uranus

8/23/14: DOW geocentric Mars 18°
823/14: S&P Geocentric Ceres 18°
8/24/14: S&P Mars 72°
8/25/14: Geocentric Saturn-Mars conjunction
8/25/14: Mars enters Capricorn

8/28/14: S&P Saturn 36°
8/29/14: Earth-Neptune conjunction

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

August Gold/Silver Turn Dates

Metals have spent most of July so far consolidating the gains from the early June major low near the June 7 gold Jupiter cycle discussed here. We may see more pull-back before continuing higher but it is likely that June was a multi-year low as all major planets have crossed the major harmonics. August turn dates are given below. The Neptune-Earth conjunction on August 29 is probably the most important turn date. This aspect occurs at nearly the same date every year and since 2011 has given reliable major turns (2011 high; 2012 triangle apex low; 2013 high).

8/2/14: Mars-Venus opposition
8/2/14: Silver geocentric Ceres 18°
85/14: Geocentric Venus square Nodes
8/6/14: Geocentric Ceres enters Scorpio

8/8/14: Uranus/Venus/Saturn-Ceres Golden Triangle
8/9/14: Geocentric Pluto, Ceres, Sun golden gnomon triangle

8/14/14: Saturn-Ceres conjunction
8/17/14: Geocentric Jupiter-Venus conjunction
8/18/14: Pluto-Venus Opposition square Uranus

8/25/14: Geocentric Mars-Saturn Conjunction
8/25/14: Mars enters Capricorn

8/29/14: Neptune-Earth Conjunction

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Equities Turn Dates

June major turn dates were 1, 9, 12-15 and 21. All but the 1st were important turn dates.

July equities turn dates are given below.

7/1/14: Jupiter enters Leo
7/1/14: Geocentric Mercury turns direct
7/1/14: Heliocentric Jupiter enters Leo
7/2/14: Heliocentric Mars enters Sagittarius
7/4/14: Earth-Pluto Conjunction

7/8/14: DOW Mars 36°

7/11/14: NYSE geocentric Ceres 36°        \
7/12/14: NYSE Geocentric Mars 36°         Near Triple Conjunction square Sun, Jupiter
7/14/14: Ceres conjunct Nodes                  /
7/15/14: DOW Ceres 18°
7/16/14: Geocentric Jupiter enters Leo
7/16/14: Sun square Moon's Nodes
7/16/14: Bradley turn date (major)

7/20/14: Geocentric Saturn turns direct
7/21/14: Geocentric Uranus turns retrograde

7/22/14: DOW Geocentric Mars 72°
7/22/14: Sun enters Leo

7/24/14: NYSE Nodes 36°/72°  
7/24/14: Jupiter-Earth opposition

7/26/14: Geocentric Mars enters Scorpio
7/27/14: Geocentric Pluto-Venus opposition square Uranus