Wednesday, May 28, 2014

June Equities Turn Dates

The markets continue to make marginally higher highs but have not made large gains since the 2013 highs. I believe 2014 is a topping year which could extend to early 2015.

The solstices are increasing in importance, as they were close to the 2013 summer low and winter high. This year the summer solstice may be near a summer high, also being close to the previously discussed double pentagram in mid-June.

Ceres made a 5th return to the DOW's natal chart on May 12, and a new high (possible top) was made the next day at 16736. The DOW is hitting major price resistance created by 10 x the orbital period of Ceres of 1680 days, or 16,800 points.

The DOW's 2000 high of 11749 was close to 7 x the Ceres orbital period, or 11760. The 2009 low of 6461 was close to 4 x the Ceres orbital period, or 6720 and 10 x the Mars orbital period, or 6870. Prices traded in these ranges for only a few days.

DOW Price and Ceres/Mars Orbital Periods

June equities turn dates are given below.

6/1/14: S&P Geocentric Ceres turns direct 72°

6/7/14: Geocentric Mercury turns retrograde
6/9/14: Geocentric Neptune turns retrograde

6/11/14: DOW Jupiter, Neptune, Earth Golden Triangle 18°
6/12-15 Double Pentagram involving 9 planets
6/14/14: NYSE geocentric Jupiter 18°

6/21/14: Summer Solstice
6/22/14: NYSE Ceres 18°

6/27/14: Jupiter square Moon's Nodes

6/29/14: S&P Geocentric Mars 72°
6/30/14: NYSE Mars 72°


  1. that double pentagram looks nasty! estimate the price around 1935-1940 on spx during that time frame. hope it works!

  2. Hello Platy just a bit of Gann work for you.

    Take the low in 2009 at 666.8, then take the square root of it
    this gives 25.8224, then add 9 to it, I think this is Ganns sq9 idea, this gives 34.82, multiply it by itself to get 1212.60 this was within just 8 points from the top of a 2000 pip correction and also marked the top of the first five wave advance, so to go another trip round we calculate the same way again from the low adding 18 (2X9)

    This sets a top at 1920.40.

    Using the top we located on 26.4.2010 we can see the high was 1220, squaring this gives 34.92, then we add 9 to get 43.927, we then multiply the answer by itself to get 1929.58, these are the price levels I would look for a top area to form

  3. Chris:

    Have not heard from you on the market. Any projections for a top and big crash?


    1. Hi Suren.
      I am around but my resistance levels keep turning into butter.
      I do get 1920 as a resistance level. I also have 1765, 1965 and 2030. Trouble is, I don't know in what order. I did notice this yesterday, which, again, doesn't support my analysis for a retracement from 1920.
      10/9/13; 1627L - 12/10/13: 1723H = 171pts over 43TD
      2/5/14: 1725L - 4/4/14: 1892H = 167 pts over 41TD's.
      4/14/14: 1803L + 39TD's is 6/10 at (171-167=4) 167-4=163 + 1803 = 1966.

  4. Daytrader.. Great analysis! wish i knew something about Gann. Per Elliott wave I see 1929 has the high as well.

    Do you post on twitter? .If you do let me know.. I'd like to hear more about Gann... I'm @niboce on twitter.

    Thanks for all the great work .. If we get to 1929 tomorrow.. Then we should start falling next week after the Ceres turn

  5. Platy what does the June 1st date mean to you? It is in bold and you wrote "6/1/14: S&P Geocentric Ceres turns direct 72°". Are you looking for that to be the high?

    1. I marked it as an important turn date but Neptune turning Rx on the 9th is in theory more important, and the double pentagram on the 12-15th is probably the most important event of the month.

      So in other words, probably a short term pull back next week, but then another attempt at the highs.

  6. Good Morning,

    Fwiw, my next major Time and Cycle Cluster is centered on June 2

  7. Hi platy,

    I've been following your post for several months.
    Currently I am using Chinese astrology to time the market.
    The accuracy was really poor because I was using wrong first trading date with wrong setting.
    Now it finally works for me.
    I can determine the possible up/down time within a year.

    I see that we may get major downturn in market during June...OR October/November.
    Does your research support this idea above?
    By "OR" I mean, I am not sure which period would be most bearish this year, that's frustrating...

    1. Hi Ted, good to hear that your methods is working for you!

      I am thinking we have a major high coming in mid June with stocks trading inversely to gold/silver. I haven't looked out to October/November yet.

  8. Thanks for the support guys, and thanks to Platy for developing her blogg, its nice to have a positive group of people around you. I looked back at Ganns ideas and looked at low to top of 5 year cycles, what I found was the simple ideas of take a low square it then add 9 or a gann prefered number did not work a lot of the time. Basically what I saw was the higher a market goes the greater the multiple used, so in 1929 you could have used 7 as a multiple from a 5 year low and then as you go forward in time and the market moves up the multiple changes, but what got my attension on the SP was that tha 9 multiple scored a direct hit to a 2000 pip correction. So 18 was a logical choice for a top.

    I would have done some anaylsis based on the 1929 market structure but my data is missing for 1930 and 1932, so if anyone could help me fill in those missing points I would be very grateful.

    1. Thanks for your great contributions too Daytrader! sorry I can't help with the missing date, hopefully somebody else can.

    2. I have the .xlsx spreadsheets on the daily $SPX from 1934 to 1800 from Global Financial Data and from 1918 to 1693 for $FTSE. I can upload those to my file server account. I also have the continuous chart data to 1800 for the $SPX and to 1693 for the $FTSE. Your methodology needs to be back tested thoroughly to the limit of this chart data. I can get to it a little later. It might be tomorrow. These were made available through the Smathers Library, at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

  9. Noticed a nice grand trine and bisextile today ... A series of t squares forms after tomorrow (bisextile tomorrow also) the t squares look uglier as the days progress not sure if it means much for the markets interesting if we top on the trine here for a st ???

  10. just to add - this is trademark venus in Taurus behaviour :)

    1. Hi Kate. What is the behaviour between the two?

    2. Highly bullish I mentioned a week or two ago it's not a good idea to short into a venus in Taurus transit

  11. There is a possibility the top will be 1999,

    1927CDs from the 3/6/09 low will be June 15 (Sunday). So I expect a high on Friday 13 or Monday June 16 at either 1964 or 1999.

    1927 sits on the NED of the sq9 with 666 as the start price.

    1963 is 90* away on the NWD and 1999 is 180* on the SWD. 1960 is also 1 square higher than the 2013 equinox prices.

    AND 1996 will be 150% of the 10/10/02 low of 767.2 and the 10/11/07 high of 1586.75.

    1999 is 19 x 144*.

    If we find resistance at 1964 then prices could find support at around 1892 for the final rally by-passing 1999 to 2030 during August.

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  13. Your boycotting BBT Spitz?
    Wouldn't mind seeing you back :)

    1. Awww that's sweet MrM. :)
      Not boycotting, just taking a break.

  14. I have been back at my charts with my gann analysis and I do not think we will see a top until after 12th .7. 2014, the reason being is Saturn has not yet moved 60 degrees from the 2009 low and will have only completed this by the 12th, I also split the chart into 1/8th and got a hit on the 27th.July 2014, Saturn give a zone to look for a turn, not an exact date, as with all tops we will know it is in when we see a 1000 pip fall in July, thats your confirmation, the fast decline is often later, I think this will come in October 20th-22nd because of some square root of 2 calculations from previous swings.What I hope we see is a similar move to 2007where there was a nice W formation if this is the case I think I can nail the top to 50 pips, I will post some charts next week.

    1. FWIW the moon is at apogee (farthest distance from earth) on July 28, 2014 and this particular one is calculated to measure 406,570 Km. It is significant because it is also the longest apogee distance during the three years spanning Jan 2013 to Dec 2015 and is also about the half way point.

      But I also observed Jan 16, 2014 apogee of moon having a distance of 406,537 Km and just slightly shorter by 33 Km for the second longest distance during the same three year period above and nothing much happened ... or did it? Jan 16, 2014 essentially marked the failed retest of the Dec 31, 2013 high after no further follow through confirmation of the prior bullish day of Jan 15, 2014. Shortly afterwards, over two weeks, S&P500 fell about 6% from 1850 to 1740 marking a significant interim low.

  15. I feel the Emini will top out between 6/19 (solstice) and 6/24 at 1964.
    1960 is 1 square above the equinox 2013 price and should provide strong resistance.
    Moreover, from 3/7/09 to 6/19/14 is 7/8 of the square of 144.
    And from 668 to 1963 is 8/8 of the square of 144.
    Yesterday was 1333TD's from the 2009 low. 1333 sits on the SWD of the So9, whilst 1959 is on the WC.
    Lastly, on the hexagonal chart, Uranus is sitting on 1959..

  16. Nice call Chris, I alway enjoy your analysis its awesome. Here is some data on the summer solstice for you all.

    I have been back-testing the last 53 times this event has happened, and have found that the Summer Solstice has previously triggered a trend reversal down roughly 44% of the time, a trend reversal up 30% of the time, and no trend reversal at all 26% of the time.

    So we have a 74% chance of a reversal, as the market went up hard into the solstice, I would possibly rule out up as a move because when these cycles turn they go hard into the move, thats a good clue.

    Since the stock market remains in a disturbingly persistent uptrend right now, it looks like the odds favor a move to the downside following the June 21 Summer Solstice this year.

    the market also ran into a 145% swing on the daily and stopped, its not a fib value its just a value I have seen at tops, fib is only a symptom of the market not a cause. Chris made a great call above.

  17. Gee, thanks Daytrader.

    I have also noted that 1964 is a 1/2 square above the weekly 144, 2007 high chart. Lots of ducks getting all lined up. But we need sellers!

  18. Good Morning, I am looking for a 6/23 High.

    1. And by the looks of things... AWESOME CALL!

    2. Thanks Stalk, “As all trends are up, we need a clear reversal lower no later than tomorrow (6/24) to confirm this”

      We finally saw a nice reversal lower yesterday, 6/24, confirming a short term High is in.

      We need to see a follow through decline to get a larger decline going.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. If the fall starts then I think Platy mentioned the 4th July as a bounce date, having looked at some gann based suff we called fall to 1884.32 which is about 777 points down, the reason I call this price is because on this date earth and pluto form a balance of 50.54 to saturn, this was on of Ganns unnoted techniques which I am happy to say I discovered. Saturn sits at 229.86 on this date, add 180 degrees to this we get 49.86 degrees then add 360,360,360,360,360 (1800) plus 49.86 equals 1849.86. Using 16.11.2012 as a low and projecting up a 26.25 (2X1) angle we get a hit on the 4th July at 1885. so this is a likely target in a fall

  21. The reason I used the low on the 16.11.2012 is simply it was the last swing low, but in theory you should be able to use any low that has a resonant angle.

  22. some elliott wave thoughts of mine.. lets see if they play out...

    First off this is where i think we are on July 3rd..
    We are close to a temporary top today today, july 3rd.. I have today's high as the wave 3 high off the 1944 low... So needs a W4 to say 1977. then W5 to 1990.. This would be a W1.. I would then think a W2 fib retracement is in order.. to say 1954-1962 (.618-.786 fib) which is near the 10dma or 20dma. .. This projects a W3 of +73 to minimum of 1954+73=2027 area

    Here is the larger count...
    I have the following count... Notice W3 targets 2072.. Then down to 1973 in W4(.382) and FINALLY W5 at 2133.... In any case.. something to keep in mind if it happens

    WAVE 1 1737.92 1897.28 159.36
    WAVE 2 1897.28 1814.36 82.92
    WAVE 3 1814.36 2072.20 257.84 ^ we are in this move UP
    WAVE 4 2072.20 1973.71 98.50
    WAVE 5 1973.71 2133.07 159.36

    2133 completes the move from 1074 to 2133.. there is a real risk of a huge drop afterwards... a 50% retrace....a 0.5 move down (ie 50%) is 1603.. just above the 2007 high... a likely bounce point.. that's about a 25% drop.. scary stuff... don;t have a good date for the 2133 top if it were to happen.. but maybe late October is possible...

    Lastly here is someone on twitter calling for the 2138/2150 area.. curiously close to my 2133.....
    Harmonic Trading
    SP500 Longterm targets beyond the failed Bfly pattern - 2150 by Dec, 2500 in a yr...

  23. Daytrader:

    Your July 12th call is fast appraoching. According to Arch Crawford, July 19-21 are volatile days. The 21 day cycle is also topping next week. According to Martin Armstrong, we are going to see some volatility the week of 7/14 and 7/21. What is you take that the markets can drop to 1900 plus next week and then rally to 2000 the 1st week of Aug. which will be the Top for this bull run?



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