Wednesday, May 28, 2014

June Equities Turn Dates

The markets continue to make marginally higher highs but have not made large gains since the 2013 highs. I believe 2014 is a topping year which could extend to early 2015.

The solstices are increasing in importance, as they were close to the 2013 summer low and winter high. This year the summer solstice may be near a summer high, also being close to the previously discussed double pentagram in mid-June.

Ceres made a 5th return to the DOW's natal chart on May 12, and a new high (possible top) was made the next day at 16736. The DOW is hitting major price resistance created by 10 x the orbital period of Ceres of 1680 days, or 16,800 points.

The DOW's 2000 high of 11749 was close to 7 x the Ceres orbital period, or 11760. The 2009 low of 6461 was close to 4 x the Ceres orbital period, or 6720 and 10 x the Mars orbital period, or 6870. Prices traded in these ranges for only a few days.

DOW Price and Ceres/Mars Orbital Periods

June equities turn dates are given below.

6/1/14: S&P Geocentric Ceres turns direct 72°

6/7/14: Geocentric Mercury turns retrograde
6/9/14: Geocentric Neptune turns retrograde

6/11/14: DOW Jupiter, Neptune, Earth Golden Triangle 18°
6/12-15 Double Pentagram involving 9 planets
6/14/14: NYSE geocentric Jupiter 18°

6/21/14: Summer Solstice
6/22/14: NYSE Ceres 18°

6/27/14: Jupiter square Moon's Nodes

6/29/14: S&P Geocentric Mars 72°
6/30/14: NYSE Mars 72°

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

June Gold/Silver Turn Dates

Gold spent most of May in a tightening triangle, finally breaking to the downside after Memorial Day.

There is a Jupiter 36° cycle on June 7 (a Saturday), which couples with Neptune turning retrograde the following Monday.

Jupiter and Saturn cycles give reliable multi-month turns for gold. With the break down from gold's triangle the likelihood is that a major low will be formed in June.

Gold Futures and Jupiter/Saturn Harmonics

The corresponding silver Jupiter 72° cycle (7 x natal return) occurs a week later on June 14, at the same time that a stunning nearly complete double pentagram is formed by 8 planets: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Sun, Venus, previously discussed here. The Moon adds to the pentagram on June 15. Below is an overlay of the geocentric and heliocentric views on June 15, showing that 9 of the 10 double pentagram points are occupied. Gold's pentagram is shown in yellow, silver's in grey. (The Ascendant occupies the missing 10th point at 7:25am on the 15th.)

6/15/2014: 9 Planets Form Near-Complete Double Pentagram

The above configuration may impact multiple asset classes including the dollar and major indexes. Gold and silver turn dates are generally interchangeable, and because of the increased importance of the double pentagram, the 14th may be more important to gold than the 9th.

Adding to this, there is a geocentric Saturn-Venus opposition on the 13th and a heliocentric Mars-Saturn conjunction on the 14th.

Furthermore, June 16 will be exactly 3 Mars orbits from the October 2008 major gold low. (June 20 is 3 Mars orbits from the October 2008 silver low.) Gold reached a low of $681 in 2008, very close to the number of days in 1 Mars orbit (687 days). (Thanks to reader Chris for pointing out to me the importance of planetary orbital periods in price analysis.)

June gold/silver turn dates are given below.

June 1: Ceres turns direct

June 7: Gold Jupiter 36°
June 7: Geocentric Mercury turns retrograde
June 9: Geocentric Neptune turns retrograde

June 12-15: Double Pentagram involving 9 planets
June 13: Geocentric Saturn-Venus Opposition
June 14: Silver Jupiter 72° Natal Return
June 14: Mars-Saturn Conjunction

June 24: Uranus-Venus Conjunction
June 25: Geocentric Uranus-Mars Opposition Square Pluto

Gold and silver will have geocentric Jupiter 36°/72° harmonic crossings in early July.