Saturday, March 29, 2014

April Equities Turn Dates

The markets made a major high on March 7, the day after Jupiter turned direct opposite Pluto and square Uranus, a combination of crucial configurations discussed here and here. (See here for March turn dates.)

Recall that I mentioned here that we should pay special attention to Jupiter and Saturn. In that same post I talked about the increasing importance of winter solstice and January 1, and also suggested that the year 2014 begins an important (Biblical) 7 year period that will end at the end of 2020. The topping of the DOW on December 31, 2013 (and the fact that it is still standing) gives credence to the claim that an important threshold was passed at that time that we should pay attention to.

April turn dates are given below.

4/2/14: Geocentric Uranus-Sun conjunction square Pluto, Jupiter

4/5/14: S&P Mars 72°
4/6/14: NYSE Ceres 36°
4/6/14: Bradley turn date (minor)

4/8/14: Earth-Mars Conjunction
4/9/14: NYSE Jupiter 18°

4/12/14: S&P geocentric Mars 72° square Pluto/Jupiter, Opposite Uranus
4/12/14: Geocentric Neptune-Venus Conjunction
4/14/14: Geocentric Pluto Rx
4/14/14: Earth-Ceres conjunction
4/15/14 Total Lunar Eclipse (Passover)

4/18/14: NYSE Mars 36°
4/18/14: Jupiter-Venus trine
4/18/14: Sun-South Node conjunction
4/19/14: Jupiter-Mars square
4/21/14: Geocentric Uranus-Pluto square
4/22/14: Geocentric Uranus-Pluto-Mars-Jupiter Complete square

4/24/14: NYSE geocentric Ceres 36°

4/27/14: Bradley turn date (minor)
4/28/14: DOW Ceres 72°
4/29/14: DOW Mars 72° conjunct Ceres
4/29/14 Annular Solar Eclipse

Blood Moons

In April we have the first in a tetrad of lunar eclipses, or Blood Moons, that Mark Biltz talks about which coincide with Jewish holidays. The last 2 similar series occurred in 1948 with the formation of Israel, and 1967, the Six Day War. The 4 lunar eclipses of the current tetrad include:

Passover - 4/15/14
Tabernacles - 10/8/14
Passover - 4/4/15
Tabernacles - 9/28/15 

The final eclipse of the tetrad occurs on a 7 year Shemitah cycle which caused financial collapses in 2001 and 2008. (See also this post.)


April also gives us the 5th of 7 geocentric Uranus-Pluto squares, also discussed here and elsewhere in this blog. The square is most intense on April 21, but on April 22 Jupiter and Mars complete the square in an ominous configuration shown in this post that many astrologers are very concerned about.

There is another related configuration I want to show that could be similarly prone to disaster. This occurs on April 2 when the Sun joins Uranus in the square to Jupiter and Pluto. The New Moon on March 30 adds to the stress, creating a near triple conjunction from March 30 to April 2 at the apex of the square. The triple conjunction occurs near 40°N latitude, 10°E longitude, putting Italy at potential risk, although location prediction is extremely difficult.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Gold/Silver and June 14

I mentioned here that June 14 will be very important to gold an silver. This is why.

First, let's revisit the natal chart for silver.
6/15/1931: Silver Natal Chart

Jupiter is at 28° Cancer 37'59". It is Jupiter's position on the heliocentric natal chart that determines the pentagram for silver.

On June 14, Jupiter will return to its natal position. (Earth is also at its natal position, and Uranus is very close.)

6/14/2014: Silver Jupiter Natal Return

This is very important but it's much more interesting than this!

On the same day, there is a heliocentric Golden Triangle formed with Jupiter, Neptune and the Earth at silver's 72° (gold's 36°) harmonics. Saturn is also conjunct Mars near silver's 36° (gold's 72°), which is 144° from Uranus.
6/14/2014: Heliocentric Jupiter-Neptune-Earth Golden Triangle at Silver's 72°

Also on the same day, there is a geocentric Golden Triangle formed by Neptune, Mars and Venus at silver's 72° (gold's 36°) harmonics. Notice also that Saturn and the Sun are 144° apart at silver's 36° (gold's 72°) harmonics.
6/14/14: Geocentric Neptune-Mars-Venus Golden Triangle at Silver's 72°

Altogether this is an extraordinary confluence of events involving 8 planets and all 5 points on silver's pentagram as well as 3 points on gold's pentagram. In the almost 3 years since I started this blog I have never seen anything close to this.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

April Gold/Silver Turn Dates

Gold and silver made a major reversal on March 17 when the Moon's Nodes crossed silver's 18° harmonics (actually hitting Sunday, March 16). Gold's high came in 1392.6, right at Uranus major resistance. March turn dates and support/resistance levels are explained here. The nodes will cross gold's 18° harmonics in mid May.

There is perhaps an even more important turn date coming up on June 14. I will make a separate post to explain this.

The April gold/silver turn dates are given below.

4/2/14: geocentric Uranus-Sun conjunction square Pluto, Jupiter
4/2/14: Gold geocentric Ceres 18°

4/8/14: Earth-Mars conjunction

4/12/14: geocentric Neptune-Venus conjunction
4/14/14: geocentric Pluto turns retrograde
4/14/14: Earth-Ceres conjunction

4/18/14: geocentric Sun-South Node conjunction
4/20/14: geocentric Jupiter-Pluto opposition square Uranus
4/21/14: geocentric Uranus-Pluto square
4/22/14: geocentric Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars complete squareMars-Neptune and Uranus-Saturn 144°

4/29/14: Mars-Ceres conjunction

The importance of Uranus-Pluto squares for gold/silver and the general markets has been discussed here and here and here and here and here and here. (More will be said later in the April Equities post.) The one in April has additional importance because the square is completed by the positions of Jupiter and Mars.

4/22/14, Geocentric
In addition, 2 of the planets in the square are also 144° from other major planets (Uranus 144° Saturn and Mars 144° Neptune), creating a symmetry about the Pluto-Jupiter opposition. The few days near this configuration are likely to be important not only for the markets, but also the Earth as it is caught in the middle, in the form of an earthquake or other disaster.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

DOW Diminishing Fractal

These tend to happen at major reversals.

DOW Futures, 1 Day Bars, September 2013 - Present
DOW Futures, 1 Hour Bars, March 14, 2014 - Present