Thursday, January 30, 2014

Expanding Fractal

A possibility I'm monitoring...
Nasdaq Futures

SPX and DOW are not as weak over this time frame.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

February Gold/Silver Turn Dates

Gold has rallied into the January 27 geocentric Neptune 36° cycle and is hitting Uranus-Pluto resistance at 1271-1272. There is a silver Neptune cycle in February, and both gold and silver have Uranus and Ceres cycles.

February 6: Geocentric Mercury turns retrograde
February 7: Neptune-Venus opposition
February 7: Uranus, Saturn, Venus Golden Triangle

February 11: Gold Ceres 36°
February 12: Silver geocentric Neptune 72°
February 12: Geocentric Ceres conjunct North Node

February 14: Ceres 72° (144° Neptune) opposite Uranus (144° Saturn) Square Pluto
February 15: Gold geocentric Uranus 72°

February 19: Uranus-Ceres opposition square pluto
February 21: Mars-Venus conjunction
February 23: Neptune-Earth opposition
February 23: Uranus-Saturn-Earth Golden Triangle

February 27: Silver geocentric Uranus 36°
February 27: Geocentric Ceres turns retrograde

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jupiter, Saturn and Winter Solstice

The markets spent about 3 weeks forming a top during which time there was a Jupiter-Earth-Venus near triple conjunction opposite Pluto, square Uranus, a near perfect upside-down planetary configuration to the one at the 1932 low discussed here. The inability of the SPX to hold a break above the Jupiter-Saturn resistance of 1846.5 while topping near the January 19 heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn trine is evidence that the Jupiter-Saturn cycle is gaining influence in the markets. We need to pay special attention to these planets from now on. Jupiter and Saturn are currently giving trine support at 1787, and Neptune is just below at 1775.

1/19/2014: Jupiter-Saturn Trine

It should also be noted that the DOW and the S&P futures topped on December 31, only 10 days from December 21 winter solstice, the day that the Earth passes from Gemini to Cancer, which is opposite where the Galactic Center currently is, a time which the Mayans were warning us about. Not just the Mayans, but the Christians too, who put Christ's celebrated birth at December 25, and the New Year 7 (Biblically important) days later on January 1. These are all important clues.

The next heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn aspect will be when they come into square (with Saturn also squaring Neptune) on September 21 (fall equinox), 2017, very close to the date highlighted here as a major game-changer (end?) to the U.S. dollar.

9/21/2017: Saturn Square Jupiter and Neptune

It is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020 that this is all leading up to. This date is exactly 8 years after the Mayan "end date", or 1 complete Earth-Venus cycle (the amount of time it takes for Earth and Venus to both return to approximately the same positions).

12/21/2012: Mayan "End Date"


It is also 21 (3 x 7 Biblically important) years after the major time marker January 1, 2000 that the Christians gave us. We are currently 14 years in with 7 left to go.

There is much more to all of this that I will go into later.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Equities January Turn Dates

Equities made a major high as the Moon's nodes crossed the S&P's 18° harmonics, at the same time as other important aspects listed below. Equities appear to be in the topping process trading in a tight range as we pass through the Jupiter-Earth-Venus triple conjunction opposite Pluto square Uranus window of January 5-11, the planetary opposite of the configuration at the 1932 low. This window could extend to January 19 when Jupiter is trine Saturn, giving reinforced planetary price resistance at ~1846.5.

January 1: S&P Moon's Nodes 18°
January 1: Pluto-Uranus-Earth square
January 1: Uranus-Saturn-Mars Golden Triangle
January 1: New Moon

January 4: NYSE geocentric Ceres 36°
January 5: Jupiter-Earth conjunction  \
January 8: Jupiter-Venus conjunction   -- Near triple conjunction opposite Pluto square Uranus
January 11: Earth-Venus conjunction  /

January 13: DOW Saturn 18°
January 14: S&P Mars 36°
January 15: Full Moon

January 19: Jupiter-Saturn trine

January 22: Geocentric Sun square Moon's Nodes
January 23: NYSE Ceres 18°
January 25: DOW geocentric Ceres 72°
January 27: NYSE Mars 72°
January 30: New Moon
January 31: Geocentric Venus turns direct near conjunction with Pluto opposite Jupiter square Uranus

Gold/Silver January Turn Dates

Gold and silver put in a major low on December 31, 2 trading days before the gold Saturn 72° cycle. Silver's corresponding 36° cycle occurs later this month as well as a gold Neptune 36° cycle.

January 1: Geocentric Sun-Pluto conjunction square Uranus, Mars
January 3: Gold Saturn 72°

January 5: Jupiter-Earth conjunction   \
January 8: Jupiter-Venus conjunction     — Near triple conjunction opposite Pluto square Uranus
January 11: Earth-Venus conjunction  /

January 22: Silver Saturn 36°
January 22: Geocentric Sun square Moon's Nodes

January 26: Silver geocentric Ceres 18°

January 27: Gold geocentric Neptune 36°

January 31: Geocentric Venus turns direct near conjunction with Pluto opposite Jupiter square Uranus

Friday, January 3, 2014


Next week is the Jupiter-Earth-Venus near triple conjunction opposite Pluto square Uranus, an almost perfect upside-down mirror of the planetary configuration at the 1932 low, discussed here, with Jupiter substituting for Ceres.

I have been using ~January 7 for the date of this near triple conjunction, but in actuality (because it is not a perfect triple conjunction) it spans the dates January 5-11.

On January 5 Earth conjuncts Jupiter; on the 8th Venus conjuncts Jupiter; and on the 11th, Venus conjuncts Earth.

The 1932 low came at the Venus-Ceres conjunction, so the closest analogy is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the 8th.

1/8/2014: Jupiter-Venus Conjunction (Heliocentric)

The diminishing fractal continues to play out on smaller and smaller time scales. We are down to 1-hour bars now. When it runs out of time the top will be in.
SPX Diminishing Fractal

Furthermore, all the requirements of this post have now been met, including a completion of the inversion pattern from the 2009 low with blow-off-top.
SPX Inversion Pattern

Also a completion of the DOW inversion pattern from the 1932 low first mentioned here...

...with the expectation of a 3-year correction (possibly ending at the next NYSE Uranus 72° cycle) similar to the 1929-1932 drop, seen above in the inversion graph and also the next step in the Fibonacci series discussed here, which culminates in (3+2+1+1=) 7 years at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021.

Is the Tribulation about to begin?

January 3: Gold Saturn 72°

Saturn crosses gold's 72° harmonic today.

1/3/2014: Gold Saturn 72° Cycle

Gold and silver will probably be affected by next week's near triple conjunction of Jupiter, Earth and Venus.