Saturday, December 21, 2013

SPX, Gold Planetary Price

Please see here for background on using planetary price. I have not used this method much and it should be considered exploratory.

The SPX met with strong resistance at 1811 in November due to the Uranus' position, reinforced by the square to Pluto and Jupiter and opposition to Mercury. This price level was first rejected on November 29, then re-tested on December 9, 18, 19, finally breaking through on the 20th. Neptune gave previous resistance at 1775.

11/29/2013 (Heliocentric)

We may see a re-test of 1811 before a continuation higher, since prior resistance levels often get re-tested as support.

The next strong resistance comes from the Moon's nodes, currently at 1836 and slowly falling. On the important January 7 date we are watching, the South Node coincides with heliocentric Neptune sextile resistance at 1834.75.

12/21/2013 (Geocentric)

Gold hit resistance from Pluto on October 28 at 1361, reinforced by the square to Uranus and opposition to Jupiter.

10/28/2013 (Heliocentric)

My guess is that gold will find support at Neptune's square at 1145, which is reinforced by the Mars opposition on December 30. The Uranus-Saturn-Mars Golden Triangle at gold's 72° harmonics adds to the significance of this turn date. These aspects are also discussed here.

12/30/2013 (Heliocentric)
This is only a guess at this time since other support levels exist (for example the current low is at Jupiter's position, 1185; Uranus-Pluto support is at 1181; 1175 is trine to Neptune). Hopefully it will become clearer as we get closer.

Saturn reaches gold's 72° harmonic January 3 and may give more clues at that time.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Equities December Turn Dates

Equities made a major high on October 30, 2 days before the November 1 Uranus-Pluto square. They turned back up on November 8, the day after Jupiter turned retrograde. Another major high was made November 29, 5 days after the November 24 heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square, within the +/- 5 days we give this aspect.

The December turn dates are given below. December 5 is a DOW geocentric Pluto 72° cycle. I have never tracked Pluto cycles before but even if this is important it is probably not accurate.

December 2: New Moon
December 2: DOW Ceres 36°
December 5: DOW Geocentric Pluto 72°
December 14: DOW Uranus, Earth, Saturn Golden Triangle 18°
December 17: Full Moon
December 17: Uranus turns direct
December 17: NYSE Mars 18°
December 18: S&P Geocentric Ceres 72°
December 21: Venus turns Retrograde
December 29: DOW Mars 18° Opposite Neptune
December 29: DOW Geocentric Mars 18°
December 31: S&P Ceres 18°

Also of note, December 23 will be the 100 year anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act.