Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fibonacci Countdown to 2020

As we saw here, the stock market bottomed July 8, 1932 with a near triple conjunction of Venus, Ceres and Earth opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.

7/8/1932: Venus, Ceres, Earth Opposing Pluto Square Uranus

It rose strongly for 34 years until January 7, 1966 when Uranus conjuncted Pluto opposing Saturn, and leveled off for more than a decade.

1/7/1966: Uranus-Pluto Conjunction Opposing Saturn

Then 21 years later was the 1987 crash, one of Cowan's Beast cycles. Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are in loose conjunction.

10/17/1987: Beast Cycle

The SPX topped 13 years later on March 24, 2000, with a near triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars squaring Uranus, and double topped later that year in August.

3/24/2000: Uranus square Jupiter/Saturn/Mars

Geocentric Saturn opposed Uranus 8 years later when the Nasdaq made its major low on November 21, 2008. The S&P and DOW bottomed in March, 2009.

11/21/2008: Geocentric Uranus-Saturn Opposition

Another 5 years brings us to the present time frame of late 2013 to early 2014, with Pluto opposing Jupiter squaring Uranus, discussed in detail here. A major market top is expected within this time frame.

Curiously, on January 7, 2014, Jupiter will be in near triple conjunction with Earth and Venus, opposing Pluto and square Uranus, an almost perfect mirror of the July 8, 1932 configuration shown above, with Jupiter substituting for Ceres. Breaking a mirror is 7 years bad luck!

1/7/2014: Venus-Jupiter-Earth Triple Conjunction Opposing Pluto Square Uranus

In summary:
1932: Low
1966: High
1987: Low
2000: High
2008-9: Low
2013-14: High
2016-17: Low?

A completion of the Fibonacci sequence, 3, 2, 1, 1, brings us to late 2020/early 2021. On December 21, 2020, Jupiter will conjunct Saturn geocentrically, squaring Uranus heliocentrically.

12/21/2020: Geocentric Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction
12/21/2020: Heliocentric Uranus Square Jupiter/Saturn
This date was first mentioned here in connection with the 2004 Sumatra and 2007 Peru mega quakes. I have been fascinated with this date for a long time and believe this or very close to it could be one of if not the most important turn date of our generation.


  1. Awesome stuff platy! Never thought to reverse the fibs like that. Really plays on cowans inversion theory.
    Find one thing odd though. That 2020 year is called the great pentagram but there's no pentagram formation

    1. Wait, it was the great conjunction. Sorry about that.

    2. Yes Jupiter and Saturn conjunct every 20 years, and in approximately the same place every 60 years.

      The inversion stuff I talk about is Platy's inversion theory. :D

  2. By my calculations October 2013 was 55 months from the March 2009 low in the SPX. The top may already be in.


    1. It's possible. I'm wondering if we are seeing the Nasdaq topping here and the other indexes later.

  3. My last update was a month ago, here is the most recent one:

  4. I have analyzed the topping timeframes in US-Markets 1843 / 1929 / 1966 and 2000. In all cases the markets have toppt around Jupiter in Twin 15° - 22° - there are other Cycles too which support this view. The may 21st, 2013 top fullfilled all requirements for the top - exact on the same degree as in 1966. Only a 3% higher close in the Dow Jones would alter this estimation, but would stretch the cycle time frame further - markets can hold up to middle March 2014 at the latest - than a deap correction follows with a first Low around Oct/Nov 14 - but worst period 2015 and may be also 2016. I do cycle research since decades and i'm a bit scared what is coming around the corner until 2020 - i fully agree....

    1. Thanks Lobo, that was interesting, I wonder how the time stretch from May till now or later could happen? did we had similar to this before? and how mid march is the maximum time extension for this. Thanks.

  5. Lobbo, how did you calculate the low in Oct/Nov 2014? Are you arriving at the March 2014 high around SPX 1,880 based on the 60-month cycle?

  6. the Low in Oct/Nov 2014 is calculated by the 76,6 Year Cycle in US-stocks. Manfred Zimmel from Austria had done some great work on this. If we follow this path the Dow Jones reached a top at March 10th, 1937 at 194,40 - if we add 76,6 Years x 365,25 days we get the Oct 15th 2013 as potential top. In cycle analysis we can't add 1 +1 = 2 - we have to figure out what's the mainline. If we follow this path and the market holds up further we get Mar 24th, 2014 as intermediate top [3-4% lower than the top of the last 6 months] before the market collaps roughly 40% to the end of June 2014 or a bit later with a potential low at the beginning of Nov 2014. If i use the top with index value 100 - the low could occur at index level 52,43 - but that's only one possible calculation.
    As kind of summary let's say - if the market is holding up unitl Mar 2014 - we have to anticipate a drop of more than 30% from high to low. If cycles are late, it looks like you are joging and each 500 yards you get 2 kilo extra for carrying around. You get slow and slower - as we see now in the markets. So imagine you have now roughly 12 kilo more to carry and you are tired - that's how the dow jones could be feeling now. That must'nt be true - but cycles follow pathes - more than hundred's of years.....We are always guessing in a way - history never repeats in the same manner but mostly similar whatever that means. I follow your website since one year and it's time to participate.

  7. Thanks Lobo, very interesting. Your analysis supports GUNNER24's time frames as well.
    One thing GUNNER24 and I agree on is the final high price at around 1850-1880. But that really isn't that far above where we are now. Therefore, given March 2014 is some 4 months away we either must have a decent pull-back or the market just moves sideways hereon in. I guess there is a third option, and that is the market starts to swing wildly - not good.

  8. All I know is that the trannies have been the leaders of this market and today?$TRAN&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p31745573440

  9. 11/7 Update: We rallied into the 11/7 Solar and Cycle CIT, made a higher High than yesterday and have now reversed sharply lower. That is a prefect CIT today, with a secondary High in place today as the 10/30 time and Price Square High still stands. It doesn't get any better than that.

  10. I miss this blog. Hope platy is ok