Sunday, June 30, 2013

Equities July Turn Dates

A major top was put in on May 22, one day after our much discussed possible Beast Cycle top day.

Reviewing the equities June turn dates, the major dates identified were the 6th, 23rd and 29th.

The 6th was a low. I failed to recognize the significance of the Jupiter-Sun conjunction on the 19th, the day of the FOMC reversal. The 23rd was a low and a potential major bottom as discussed here. It appears that the 29th is giving a high.

S&P Futures

The July turn dates are given below. There are many important aspects in July so it is hard to identify which ones will be most important. This may imply choppiness for next month. I think the 17th/18th and the 22nd give the highest probability for major turns. July 4-8 has the potential to be a major turn because of the dollar's possible major turn on the 5th. U.S. markets close 1pm EST July 3, and all day July 4.

The July 22 Jupiter-Mars conjunction is also discussed here.

July 4: S&P G Ceres 72°
July 6: Jupiter enters Cancer
July 8: G Saturn turns direct; New Moon

July 12: S&P Mars 36°
July 13: DOW Ceres 72°
July 15: Nasdaq Mars, Saturn, Earth GT 18°

July 17: Nasdaq G Ceres 36° Square Moon's Nodes; G Uranus Rx 
July 18: Nasdaq G Jupiter 72°

July 22: Nasdaq G Jupiter-Mars Conj 72° Trine Neptune, Saturn; Full Moon

July 25: Nasdaq Saturn 18°

July 29: DOW G Ceres 72°; G Mars 36°

I may add charts later.

Addendum: JSE

For the benefit of my South African reader, the harmonics of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange are given below.

This chart is based on a natal date of November 8, 1887, 9am local time, obtained here. (I do not know the correct time, so I always use 9am as a default.)

Using this natal date, heliocentric Jupiter is at 16° Scorpio 19'09". These harmonics are very close to gold's. This seems appropriate because the JSE was formed in response to the gold mining boom in the country.

11/8/1887: JSE Natal
I have not back-tested these harmonics to see whether they have given good turns in the past, so this chart is given for experimentation only.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Silver/Gold July Turn Dates

Let's review the silver/gold June turn dates.

Gold and silver put in a major reversal and made a drop on June 7 with Neptune turning retrograde. The Moon's nodes at silver's major harmonics on June 9 which was a low for silver, and gold found its low the next day with the Venus-Ceres conjunction.

The drop resumed with gold's Ceres cycle on June 17. Silver's Ceres cycle was June 19, the same day as the Jupiter-Sun conjunction, but the metals continued their drop through the 20th and started rising the next day.

The Moon's nodes at gold's major harmonics on the 22nd reversed the metals back down.

The Neptune-Venus opposition on the 26th may be giving a low. I thought it would be a minor turn date but it is supported by geocentric Jupiter entering Cancer the same day.

There is one more minor turn date left for June, which is the Venus-Ceres conjunction on the 30th.

Gold Futures: Red/Green, Right Axis; Silver Futures: Grey, Left Axis

The turn dates for July are given below.

July 6: Heliocentric Jupiter enters Cancer
July 8: Saturn turns direct

July 12: Gold Ceres 18°
July 14-15: Earth, Saturn, Mars Golden Triangle

July 17: Uranus turns retrograde

July 19: Uranus-Venus Opposition
July 22: Geocentric Jupiter-Mars Conjunction trine Neptune, Saturn

July 26: Geocentric Neptune-Venus Opposition
July 28: Gold geocentric Ceres 18° square Moon's nodes

I am leaving town again tomorrow and I see some questions so I apologize for not getting to them but I will try to do so in the next few days. I want to put priority to getting the July turn dates finished.

I may add charts later.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dollar: July 5 Moon's Nodes at Major Harmonics

The Moon's nodes will be at the dollar's 36°/72° harmonics on July 5, an aspect that often gives major turns.

7/5/2013: Moon's Nodes at the Dollar's Major Harmonics

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 22/23

There are several important events lining up on June 22/23 (a weekend). This is likely to be a major inflection point.


Mentioned here are the following events:

6/22/13: Nasdaq Ceres 36; Geocentric Ceres enters Leo
6/23/13: S&P Geocentric Jupiter 36°; Full Moon

This chart shows heliocentric Ceres at the Nasdaq's 36° harmonic.
6/22/2013: Nasdaq Heliocentric Ceres 36° Cycle
Ceres entering Leo (which occurs on the 22nd) can be seen in the next chart, which shows geocentric Jupiter at the S&P's 36° harmonic on the 23rd and a Full Moon.
6/23/2013: S&P Geocentric Jupiter 36° Cycle; Full Moon


We saw a large drop in the metals on the 7th, which was the date Neptune turned retrograde trine Saturn and Venus (shown here). Today (June 9), the Moon's nodes cross silver's 36°/72° harmonics. The Moon's nodes will cross gold's major harmonics on June 22. Gold and silver are closely tied so this will probably affect silver as well.
6/22/2013: Moon's Nodes at Gold's 36°/72° Harmonics


The dollar's harmonics are very close to gold's, so it is very sensitive to Neptune as well, and Neptune turning retrograde likely resulted in a significant turn for the dollar on the 7th. On June 23, heliocentric Uranus will be at the dollar's 72° harmonic, which should result in another major turn.
6/23/2013: Heliocentric Uranus at the Dollar's 72° Harmonic


Disasters are often associated with major market turns. Reader GannMan points out that the June 23 Full Moon is also a Supermoon, which means that it is at its closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit. Supermoons are often correlated with disasters, and there is indeed a potentially dangerous disaster setup at this time.
6/23/2013: Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter/Sun Trine; Full Moon

Jupiter and the Sun are directly opposite the Moon and Galactic Center, and forming a trine with Neptune and Saturn. This total combination makes a kite shape, a dangerous configuration. The involvement of the Galactic Center at the high point of the kite is especially dangerous, as Susan Seymour Hedke's work shows. The GC's position correlates to 90° West on Earth, and the Sun and Jupiter are near 90° East, so although location prediction is very difficult, there is a good chance that if a disaster occurs at this time it will involve 90° East or West. (See also here.) The Sun, Neptune and Saturn are all in water signs, so that may give us a clue as to the nature of the disaster.

See also this post for a similar disaster warning beginning in late July.