Friday, May 31, 2013

Silver/Gold June Turn Dates

Silver and gold bottomed on May 20, one trading day after a Golden Triangle was formed with slow moving Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node. This GT remains in effect until June 2.

On June 7, Neptune turns retrograde near silver's 72°/gold's 36° harmonic as it is trine Saturn and Venus. Neptune is very important to the metals so this is likely to cause a significant trend change. Neptune's last directional change was November 11 when it turned direct, which was a high for gold.

6/7/2013: Neptune Turns Rx Trine Saturn, Venus and Silver Harmonics
On June 9, the Moon's nodes will cross silver's 36° and 72° harmonics. (You can see how close they are in the chart above.) This is a potentially major event, and since it occurs 2 only days from Neptune Rx, these events are likely to result in a single turn.

Heliocentric Venus conjuncts Ceres on June 11, which may give a minor turn.

Gold has a geocentric Ceres 36° cycle on June 17.

6/17/2013: Gold Geocentric Ceres 36° Cycle
Silver's corresponding geocentric Ceres 72° cycle occurs 2 days later, on June 19. Gold's last Ceres cycle was April 30, a major high. Silver's corresponding Ceres cycle was a temporary low. As we saw in the addendum to the linked post, both metals are affected by each other's Ceres cycles. Also on June 19, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter near gold's 72° (silver's 36°).

The Moon's nodes cross gold's major harmonics on June 22. (See chart above.) Combined with the Ceres cycles and Jupiter-Sun conjunction earlier in the week, a potentially major turn can be expected around this time.

Heliocentric Venus opposes Neptune on June 26; geocentric Venus conjuncts Ceres on June 30. These events could produce minor turns.


  1. Hi platy,
    Thank you for an interesting post,with lots of info.
    I trade the South African ALSI 40, which is similar to the DOW.
    My market also turned DOWN on the 22nd May. It made an all time high yesterday, but still closed below the high of the 22nd.
    I also trade Gold, so todays info is great.
    I cant find a single bit of astro info on the South African market. Nobody covers it so I'll have to try and do it my self.And I am a rank begginer at the forecasting.Where do I start?
    Kind regards
    bob collett

    1. Hi Bob, most of what I do here is based on Brad Cowan's book "Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory". I highly recommend reading that book.

      If you want to analyze the South African market using this method, we need to have the natal date. It is a tricky process but I can help you through it if you want.

  2. Hi platy
    Gratefully appreciated
    I have read the book
    I think you require a bit more than the basics to follow the book.
    Problem on the natal.....I trade IG Markets CFD index which I am sure was started long after the original index. Which natal do you want.? My index or the original ?
    Bob Collett

    1. Hi Bob, I have a busy weekend but will try to look into it when I get a chance. Finding the correct natal date can be difficult.

      Does anybody know the TOS ticker for the S. African ALSI 40?

    2. Here it says the JSE was established Nov 8, 1887. So we can start with that and see if it works.