Friday, May 31, 2013

Equities June Turn Dates

The general markets topped on May 22, one day after the predicted most likely date for Cowan's Beast cycle published 4 years ago in Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory, first mentioned on this blog more than a year ago here. The date is significant also because it fell 1 day after Uranus' return to its position when the market topped in 1929 before the crash, discussed here. It was also 2 days after the geocentric Uranus-Pluto square mentioned here. The reversal came exactly 131 trading days from the November 16, 2012 low as a perfect day-for-a-year fractal from the creation of the DOW 131 years ago, discussed here.

Because these heavily traded markets tend to produce well-behaved symmetrical inversion patterns, I believe the current correction will last a few weeks and will be followed by one more higher high, as discussed here.

The equities turn dates for June are given below. Towards the end of June we may see a low that could reverse the markets back up.

6/1/13: S&P Mars 72°

6/6/13: S&P Geocentric Saturn 18°
6/7/13: Geocentric Neptune Rx Trine Saturn, Venus

6/11/13: Nasdaq Mars 36°; Ceres-Venus Conj 36°
6/13/13: DOW Ceres 36°

6/19/13: S&P Geocentric Jupiter-Sun conjunction 36°
6/20/13: Summer Solstice
6/22/13: Nasdaq Ceres 36; Geocentric Ceres enters Leo
6/23/13: S&P Geocentric Jupiter 36°; Full Moon

6/26/13: Jupiter-Venus Opp; Geocentric Jupiter enters Cancer; Mercury Rx
6/26/13: Nasdaq Geocentric Sun 72° Trine Neptune, Saturn

6/29/13: S&P Jupiter 36°
6/30/13: Nasdaq Geocentric Ceres-Venus Conjunction 36°

6/23/2013: S&P Geocentric Jupiter 36° Cycle
6/29/2013: S&P Heliocentric Jupiter 36° Cycle


 6/5/2013 Addendum

It looks like SPX will re-test this major trendline before heading higher.


SPX Pattern Inversion - Part II

Lost post recovered. Please see here.

Silver/Gold June Turn Dates

Silver and gold bottomed on May 20, one trading day after a Golden Triangle was formed with slow moving Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node. This GT remains in effect until June 2.

On June 7, Neptune turns retrograde near silver's 72°/gold's 36° harmonic as it is trine Saturn and Venus. Neptune is very important to the metals so this is likely to cause a significant trend change. Neptune's last directional change was November 11 when it turned direct, which was a high for gold.

6/7/2013: Neptune Turns Rx Trine Saturn, Venus and Silver Harmonics
On June 9, the Moon's nodes will cross silver's 36° and 72° harmonics. (You can see how close they are in the chart above.) This is a potentially major event, and since it occurs 2 only days from Neptune Rx, these events are likely to result in a single turn.

Heliocentric Venus conjuncts Ceres on June 11, which may give a minor turn.

Gold has a geocentric Ceres 36° cycle on June 17.

6/17/2013: Gold Geocentric Ceres 36° Cycle
Silver's corresponding geocentric Ceres 72° cycle occurs 2 days later, on June 19. Gold's last Ceres cycle was April 30, a major high. Silver's corresponding Ceres cycle was a temporary low. As we saw in the addendum to the linked post, both metals are affected by each other's Ceres cycles. Also on June 19, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter near gold's 72° (silver's 36°).

The Moon's nodes cross gold's major harmonics on June 22. (See chart above.) Combined with the Ceres cycles and Jupiter-Sun conjunction earlier in the week, a potentially major turn can be expected around this time.

Heliocentric Venus opposes Neptune on June 26; geocentric Venus conjuncts Ceres on June 30. These events could produce minor turns.

Monday, May 20, 2013

SPX Pattern Inversion

We have looked at pattern inversion before as a method for obtaining clues about when a rally is topping. In the post linked above, we saw that there is often symmetry in the characteristics of the rally from its low to its high (in this case the gold rally from 2008 to 2011), as if you could rotate the chart about a middle pivot point. I made the mistake in that post of assuming that the symmetry would continue beyond the 2011 high, which did not happen. In other words, the pivot point identified in that post was good only for the rally that ended in 2011.

Here is an example using SPX. This shows the rally from 2002 to 2007. In the top image I visually picked out the bumps and numbered them. Then in the bottom image, which is simply an upside-down rotation of the top image, I matched up the bumps roughly in time and price. It is a pretty good match.

Now let's look at our current rally from 2009.

No matter how I number the bottom image, it does not come out nicely and falls apart after the 4th or 5th bump. But what if this current rally is not the final rally, and bump 1 in the upside-down image hasn't happened yet? Then it would look something like this:

This works much better. For this reason, I do not believe that the current rally will mark the final top, but instead there should be one more correction and a higher high in a few months, likely coinciding with the July/August Jupiter-Mars conjunctions.

Furthermore, readers Buffy and Rotrot have recently pointed out something I missed in Cowan's book, which is that the 2013 Jupiter-Mars conjunction interacts with the Beast cycle. Since all interactions with the Beast cycle are important this gives further validation that July/August could mark the final top.

5/26/2013 Addendum

Provided by reader Chris:

Hi Platy.

Attached are my charts I used for my response. The color codes for the moons in the third chart are:

New = Blue;
1/4 = Brown;
Full = Blue;
3/4 = Green

Happy to redo the charts again if necessary.

The charts were made using MarketWarrior.

Also below is a link to free weekly articles utilising Gann. I really recommend the site to your readers.

5/31/2013 Addendum

As per Jay's analysis in the comments below, this chart shows the planetary price of the May 22 SPX high (1687) 180° opposite the heliocentric Jupiter/Mars midpoint (at 67° from 0° Aries).
The August 17, 2013 Jupiter-Mars conjunction will occur at 3.5° Cancer, or 93.5°, when we expect a major turn. If we apply the same method to estimate planetary price, the price 180° opposite the conjunction is 1713.5. But since multiples of 90° are important, the resulting price could instead be $90 higher (or lower), or 1803.5 (or 1623.5), etc.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wave 5 of 5 Fractal?

Dow Futures

The Dow was founded 131 years ago, in 1882.

It has been 123 trading days so far (as of Friday, May 10) from the November 16, 2012 low.

Numbers 14
34 After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise.

Ezekiel 4
For I have laid upon thee the years of their iniquity, according to the number of the days, three hundred and ninety days: so shalt thou bear the iniquity of the house of Israel.
And when thou hast accomplished them, lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah forty days: I have appointed thee each day for a year.

The Day-Year Principle

5/16/2013 Addendum

Dollar, 1 Hour Bars
Dollar, 1 Day Bars


Gold, 1 Hour Bars
Gold, 1 Day Bars

Friday, May 10, 2013

Euro Roadmap

The Euro is now short-term oversold, and with the major turn date of May 17 approaching, it looks like it may move up to form the right shoulder of an H&S. This would fit well with a falling dollar into mid-May, helping to levitate equities into the Beast cycle.

Euro Futures

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gold/Silver: Late May Turn Dates

Gold and silver have moved mostly sideways for the past 2 or 3 weeks, but the April 30 turn date gave a reversal from an uptrend to a downtrend, May 2 reversed the trend back up, May 5 reversed back down, and today (May 7) appears to be giving a low.

The remaining May turn dates for gold and silver are given below.

On May 13, Mars conjuncts the Moon's South Node near gold's 36° (silver's 72°).

5/13/2013: Mars-South Node Conjunction and Gold Harmonics

On May 15-16 (near midnight on the 15th), heliocentric Venus will conjunct Jupiter near gold's 72° (silver's 36°).

5/15/2013: Heliocentric Jupiter-Venus Conjunction and Gold Harmonics

On May 17 - June 2 there is a geocentric Golden Triangle formed with Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node. All 3 of these are slow moving, resulting in the possible period of about 2 weeks in which this configuration might take effect. I have not yet tracked a GT with 3 slow moving objects before so I am not sure whether the beginning, ending, or mid point is most important, or perhaps all three.

The metals are sensitive to Golden Triangles and these objects are all crucial so this time period is likely to produce a major turn. What makes this GT even more interesting is that on May 28, Venus joins Jupiter, so this is very likely to be an important date, very possibly the most important within the 2 week range. Also at the time of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction, the Moon forms another GT with the conjunction and the North Node.

5/28/2013: Geocentric Double Golden Triangle and Gold Harmonics
Because of the importance of the planets involved and proximity to the S&P's 36° harmonics, this configuration is likely to impact equities as well, as discussed here.