Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/31-4/3: S&P Mars/Ceres Cycles

There are several important events this week. The Ceres cycle is the most important of the 3 below for the S&P, but they are all close enough together that they could result in a single turn, with the confluence of events adding to the importance of the turn.

March 31
S&P: Mars 36°

3/31/2013: S&P Heliocentric Mars 36° Cycle

April 1
S&P: G Ceres 36°

4/1/2013: S&P Geocentric Ceres 36° Cycle

April 3
S&P: G Mars 36°

4/3/2013: S&P Geocentric Mars 36° Cycle

Also the DOW has a geocentric Neptune 18° cycle coming up on April 5, but Neptune is very slow moving so the date is approximate only.

April 5
DOW: G Neptune 18°

4/5/2013: DOW Geocentric Neptune 18° Cycle

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gold is Topping

Gold is in a Wave 4 up on the drop from the October high. This looks to be playing out as 3 waves, a-b-c.

The March 22 turn date (geocentric Uranus-Mars conjunction) should show up as the high that ends this wave 4 rally. We should then see the wave 5 drop into the March 28-29 major turn date (Uranus-Venus-Sun triple conjunction).

Gold Futures

Close-up of Wave 4 below. Wave c up has 5 little waves, with wave (iv) down likely having completed today.

Gold Futures

3/22/2013: Geocentric Uranus-Mars Conjunction and Gold Harmonics

3/28-29/2013: Geocentric Uranus-Sun-Venus Triple Conjunction
The Uranus-Sun-Venus triple conjunction occurs very late on the 28th/early on the 29th and is special because triple conjunctions are rare and each additional planet has a magnifying effect on the turn. It will be an almost perfect alignment of Uranus-Venus-Sun-Earth.

March 28/29 Planetary Alignment: Uranus-Venus-Sun-Earth

It was on March 16 when Mars was similarly positioned between the Sun and Uranus, discussed here, that Cyprus first hit the headlines with a 10 billion Euro bailout by the IMF and Eurozone.

March 16, 2013 Planetary Alignment: Uranus-Mars-Sun

The August 23, 2011 major gold top was a similar alignment of Neptune-Earth-Sun-Venus. This was the day that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown.

In the heliocentric view, Uranus and Venus are opposite the Earth, and all of these are square Pluto, making the 28th/29th potentially at risk of an earthquake or other disaster.

3/28/2013: Heliocentric Uranus-Venus Conjunction Opposite Earth, Square Pluto

These conjunctions are likely to affect silver and equities as well since they occur near silver and the S&P's 36° harmonics.

Friday, March 15, 2013

March 16-18: Uranus-Mars Conjunction, Nasdaq Mars 18°

Heliocentric Mars conjuncts Uranus on March 16, quintile Jupiter. This is near gold's 72° harmonic, and silver and the S&P's 36° harmonic.

3/16/2013: Uranus-Mars Conjunction and Gold Harmonics

March 18 is a Nasdaq Geocentric Mars 18° cycle.

3/18/2013: Nasdaq Geocentric Mars 18° Cycle

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 11: Nasdaq Saturn 18°

March 11 could be a significant turning point for equities with geocentric Saturn at Nasdaq's 18° harmonic. Although 18° is a minor harmonic, Saturn is the most important planet next to Uranus. There are additional aspects on the 11th: geocentric Venus and a new Moon near 36°, and heliocentric Mars at 18°, adding to the importance of this day.

3/11/2013: Geocentric Saturn 18°, Venus 36°, New Moon Near 36° and Nasdaq Harmonics

3/11/2013: Heliocentric Mars 18° and Nasdaq Harmonics