Wednesday, January 30, 2013

S&P: January 31 Mars 72° Cycle

Jupiter turning direct on January 30 gave a high for the S&P but it will probably not last long because January 31 is a Mars 72° cycle.

1/31/2013: S&P Mars 72° Cycle

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 30: Jupiter Turns Direct

Jupiter turns direct January 30 near the Nasdaq's 36° harmonic and the S&P's 72° and should produce a significant turn. Also, the Sun will be at Nasdaq's 72°.

1/30/2013: Jupiter Turns Direct Near Nasdaq's 36°, Sun at 72°

Although Jupiter will be near gold and silver's minor 18° harmonics, it is a major planet so this event may also impact metals.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Planetary Longitudes and DOW Prices

Reader Nate has been studying Jay's work on the Seasonal Chain Relative method for forecasting DOW prices.

In Jay's work, for each forecasted date, he first finds the heliocentric longitude (or position with respect to the Sun) of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, and then averages the historic DOW prices for each planet when these planets were at that longitude. Finally, the 3 planetary prices are averaged. Jay's graphs are meant to highlight directional changes in price, not the prices themselves. Projections are accurate to +/- 2 weeks. Jay cautions that this gives more weight than we would like to Uranus because of its large moves during 1929-1949 and because there is not as much historical data for Uranus due to its slow motion as there is for the other planets.

As a preliminary exercise, Nate has plotted the historic values of the planets for their May 21, 2013 (Beast Cycle) longitude. We are of course interested in this date as a possible major high for 2013. I thought this would be of general interest to others here studying Jay's work, so with Nate's permission I provide the charts below.

In the first chart, historic (since 1900) DOW prices for Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres at their May 21, 2013 longitudes are shown in black, red, blue and green, respectively.

We can see from this chart that the longitudes associated with this date are often indicative of a major turn, although sometimes it is a low.

In the next chart, Nate shows recent corresponding DOW pries for Earth, Venus and Mars in black, red and blue, respectively. Jay warns not to use these, so they are shown for curiosity only.

(Jay and Nate: Please provide clarification and corrections as needed.)

Post Removed

I removed the S&P roadmap post because SPX is giving a clear topping signal. The wave 4 correction should occur here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Interestingly, Facebook's IPO occurred when Jupiter was at S&P's 72° harmonic.

May 18, 2012, 11:30AM, NYC

5/18/2012: Facebook Natal

Jupiter is at 23Tau38'29".

This makes Facebook's harmonics nearly identical to the S&P and Copper.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Bonni Hill has several dates listed for Copper's natal. This is one of the difficulties in establishing the harmonics for an instrument - which natal to use? So very often I have to make several attempts until I find the one that works. In this case, I started with the most recent and worked backwards to the one that finally worked - the oldest one!

Using Bill Foster's date May 15, 1929, 8:50AM, NYC, here is the natal chart:

5/15/1929: Copper Natal
The harmonics are set by Jupiter's natal position at 23Tau19'23".

These harmonics are almost exactly the same as the S&P's, which explains the strange correlation between the S&P and copper. At times they are anti-correlated, maintaining many of the same turn dates.

Here is a chart of copper futures showing the cause of many turns based on the above harmonics.

Copper Futures

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Equities: Major January 23-25 Turn Window

We had a major turn window for equities last week and stocks have rallied into it. Since this turn window involved slow moving Uranus and Saturn, we have to add some buffer to the window. We are getting close enough now to the second major January turn window first mentioned here that these 2 turn windows could merge into a single turn event, with stocks continuing to rally this week.

The distance of the planets indicate the significance of a turn, with the further planets being more important. The closer planets often provide the trigger, giving us better timing. So in other words, last week's turn may be waiting on triggers that are likely to occur this week. It is also possible that the markets move down from last week's turn window into this one, and then reverse back up.

January 23 is a Nasdaq heliocentric Ceres 72° cycle trine Saturn, and Mars/Neptune. Ceres cycles are even more important than Mars cycles, and this one being trine 3 other major planets makes this aspect especially significant. (It was a Ceres cycle that was responsible for the December 28 reversal.)

1/23/2013: Nasdaq Heliocentric Ceres 72° Cycle Trine Saturn, Mars/Neptune
On January 25, geocentric Mars squares the Moon's nodes at the S&P's major harmonics. This too should be very important. The Sun will also be at the S&P's 36° harmonic.

1/25/2013: S&P - Geocentric Mars Square Moon's Nodes and Sun at 36°

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gold/Silver: January 18 Neptune-Mars Conjunction

January 16th's Jupiter-Venus opposition, first mentioned here and also discussed here, resulted in a top but it was short-lived because today (the 17th) the metals corrected only enough for GLD to fill its gap from the 15th.

Any aspect involving Neptune is important to metals, and the one occurring tomorrow (January 18th) is very interesting. Mars will conjunct Neptune at silver's 72° harmonic trine Ceres and Saturn. At the same time, Earth and Venus will be near 72° harmonics, forming a Golden Triangle with the conjunction.

1/18/2013: Neptune-Mars Conjunction Trine Ceres and Saturn, and Making a Golden Triangle with Earth and Venus at Silver's 72° harmonics
If the metals can make a strong enough rise tomorrow, this could be a major top, perhaps the final top of the gold roadmap I speculated on here before the metals drop back down to rectangle support.

One caveat I will give is that the Golden Triangle is not perfect, so it's possible that the trigger is not made until perhaps when Venus reaches silver's 72° on the 20th, or when Earth and Venus are 144° apart on the 25th. I don't have much experience with Golden Triangles, so we will need to watch to see how important if at all this is to the timing. Earth reached 72° today, which may have been the cause of today's reversal back up.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gold/Silver: January 16 Jupiter-Venus Opposition

January 16 will be a heliocentric Jupiter-Venus opposition with Jupiter near gold's 72° (silver's 36°) harmonic and Venus near gold's 36° (silver's 72°).

1/16/2013: Heliocentric Jupiter-Venus Opposition and Gold Harmonics

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Equities: Major January 16-18 Turn Window

The January 9 Mars cycle, although it seemed subtle at the time, reversed a downtrend and prevented markets from filling their January 1 gap. We have 2 major turn windows approaching (first discussed here), at least one of which is likely to result in a significant high. This post covers only the first of these 2 major January turn windows.

On January 16, Saturn will be at the S&P's 18° harmonic, trine Mars/Neptune and Ceres. Venus will be opposing Jupiter at the same time.

1/16/2013: S&P Heliocentric Saturn 18° Harmonic Trine Mars/Neptune and Ceres, Jupiter-Venus Opposition
On January 18, Mars joins Neptune in the trine with Saturn and Ceres. This will be addressed further in a future post about metals.

Also on January 18, geocentric Uranus is at Nasdaq's 18° harmonic, and 144° from Saturn.

1/18/2013: Nasdaq Geocentric Uranus 18° Cycle, 144° from Saturn
Uranus 18° cycles are very important. The previous 2 Nasdaq Uranus cycles were first mentioned here, and both occurred 2 days after significant turns. Uranus is very slow moving, so the exact turn date is difficult to pinpoint. For this reason, this turn window should probably be expanded to January 16-21.

The other major January turn window, Jan 23-25, will be explored in a separate thread.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nasdaq: January 9 Mars Cycle

January 9 is a Nasdaq geocentric Mars 72° cycle, pretty reliable for a significant turn.

1/9/2013: Nasdaq Geocentric Mars 72°

Friday, January 4, 2013

Silver/Gold: January 6/9 Ceres Cycles

Yesterday's Ceres-Venus opposition appears to have resulted in a high for metals, which means we should look for a bottom with the upcoming Ceres cycles.

It was the Ceres cycles that were responsible for metals topping in November, discussed here, so this is a very important aspect.

Silver has a geocentric Ceres 36° cycle on January 6. Gold's geocentric Ceres 72° cycle is January 9.

1/6/2013: Silver Geocentric Ceres 36° Cycle

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gold/Silver: January 3 Ceres-Venus Opposition

It appears that today's Ceres-Venus opposition (first mentioned here) will be a low for metals as they fill their gap from yesterday.

1/3/2013: Geocentric Ceres-Venus Opposition and Gold Harmonics