Saturday, December 21, 2013

SPX, Gold Planetary Price

Please see here for background on using planetary price. I have not used this method much and it should be considered exploratory.

The SPX met with strong resistance at 1811 in November due to the Uranus' position, reinforced by the square to Pluto and Jupiter and opposition to Mercury. This price level was first rejected on November 29, then re-tested on December 9, 18, 19, finally breaking through on the 20th. Neptune gave previous resistance at 1775.

11/29/2013 (Heliocentric)

We may see a re-test of 1811 before a continuation higher, since prior resistance levels often get re-tested as support.

The next strong resistance comes from the Moon's nodes, currently at 1836 and slowly falling. On the important January 7 date we are watching, the South Node coincides with heliocentric Neptune sextile resistance at 1834.75.

12/21/2013 (Geocentric)

Gold hit resistance from Pluto on October 28 at 1361, reinforced by the square to Uranus and opposition to Jupiter.

10/28/2013 (Heliocentric)

My guess is that gold will find support at Neptune's square at 1145, which is reinforced by the Mars opposition on December 30. The Uranus-Saturn-Mars Golden Triangle at gold's 72° harmonics adds to the significance of this turn date. These aspects are also discussed here.

12/30/2013 (Heliocentric)
This is only a guess at this time since other support levels exist (for example the current low is at Jupiter's position, 1185; Uranus-Pluto support is at 1181; 1175 is trine to Neptune). Hopefully it will become clearer as we get closer.

Saturn reaches gold's 72° harmonic January 3 and may give more clues at that time.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Equities December Turn Dates

Equities made a major high on October 30, 2 days before the November 1 Uranus-Pluto square. They turned back up on November 8, the day after Jupiter turned retrograde. Another major high was made November 29, 5 days after the November 24 heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square, within the +/- 5 days we give this aspect.

The December turn dates are given below. December 5 is a DOW geocentric Pluto 72° cycle. I have never tracked Pluto cycles before but even if this is important it is probably not accurate.

December 2: New Moon
December 2: DOW Ceres 36°
December 5: DOW Geocentric Pluto 72°
December 14: DOW Uranus, Earth, Saturn Golden Triangle 18°
December 17: Full Moon
December 17: Uranus turns direct
December 17: NYSE Mars 18°
December 18: S&P Geocentric Ceres 72°
December 21: Venus turns Retrograde
December 29: DOW Mars 18° Opposite Neptune
December 29: DOW Geocentric Mars 18°
December 31: S&P Ceres 18°

Also of note, December 23 will be the 100 year anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gold/Silver December Turn Dates

Gold made a high on October 28, silver on October 30. This was 4 days before the November 1 Uranus-Pluto square for gold (also discussed here), and 2 days before for silver, within the +/- 5 day window for this aspect.

The November 24 Uranus-Pluto square gave a low for both gold and silver, which may be re-tested before a significant rally. The graph below shows the effect of the Uranus-Pluto squares so far on gold and silver.

Gold/Silver Futures: Uranus-Pluto Squares

The December turn dates are given below. The most significant dates are the December 16 silver Neptune 72° crossing and December 17 when Uranus turns direct. The proximity of these events adds to the significance of this turn window, which as shown here is likely to be a major low if the same trend continues.

December 1: Saturn-Venus Opposition
December 1: Gold Ceres 18°
December 5: G S Node, Jupiter, Sun Golden Triangle
December 14: Uranus, Saturn, Earth Golden Triangle
December 16: Silver Neptune 72°
December 17: Uranus Direct
December 21: Venus Rx
December 24: Uranus, Saturn, Venus Golden Triangle
December 25: G Uranus-Mars Opposition
December 30: Neptune-Mars Opposition
December 30: Uranus, Saturn, Mars Golden Triangle

Saturday, November 23, 2013

December 16: Silver Heliocentric Neptune 72° Cycle

Neptune was last near silver's 36° harmonic in 1997. It made 3 geocentric and 1 heliocentric pass of 36°:

2/18/1997 (Geocentric)
7/18/1997 (Geocentric)
8/1/1997 (Heliocentric)
12/23/1997 (Geocentric)

The effect of each of these events is shown below. The low was made on July 16, 2 days from the middle (retrograde) geocentric pass.
997 Silver Neptune 36° Cycles
Here is a long term chart showing the significance of this major low.
Silver Futures: 7/16/1997 Major Low

7/18/1997: Silver Geocentric Neptune 36°

In 2013-2014, Neptune is near the next 72° harmonic. The 72° crossings are:

4/15/2013 (Geocentric)
8/1/2013 (Geocentric)
12/16/2013 (Heliocentric)
2/12/2013 (Geocentric)
2013 Silver Neptune 72° Cycles

The next 72° crossing is on December 16, 2013:
12/16/2013: Silver Heliocentric Neptune 72°

Notice that Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Earth are near 36° (in Golden Triangle formation); this increases the significance of the turn, and their harmonics often cause important turns as well. The heliocentric Uranus 72° crossing was on October 13, discussed here. Earth crosses 36° on December 14, 2013; Mars on December 31, 2013 (opposing Neptune); Saturn on January 22, 2014.

See also this post which shows that gold Neptune 36° cycles are giving highs while silver Neptune 72° cycles are giving lows.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


It is appropriate that the planets are completing a mirror reversal from the 1932 low ("doing a 180") at the same time that the stock market is completing its inversion over the same time frame.

7/6/1932: Ceres/Earth/Venus Conjunction Opposite Pluto Square Uranus

1/7/2014: Jupiter/Earth/Venus Conjunction Opposite Pluto Square Uranus

We are approaching point 3 in the chart below, expected sometime within the next few months. (Maybe even on ~January 7, but could it be that easy?) This point corresponds to the 1932 low shown also as point 3 in the upside-down chart below. The impending Fibonacci 3 year crash is the upside-down equivalent of the 3 year crash from 1929 to 1932.

During the time since the 1932 low the U.S. was transformed from the darkest period of the Great Depression into the world's leader. Racial relations took a 180 as well. 1932 was the year of the Tuskegee Study, one of the worst atrocities to blacks by the U.S. government since slavery itself; today the U.S. is lead by a black man. Indeed, opposites abound. Gender reversal is evidenced by the popularization of long hair and earrings for men and pants for women. The starvation of the Great Depression is replaced by a 35% obesity rate today.

The morals of the country have inverted as well with the attack on the 10 commandments aided by the popularity of "wholesome" TV shows as far back as I Love Lucy (which humorized lying) and including American Idol (worship of false idols) and The Bachelor (romanticizing adultery). Every decade breaks new barriers. Many popular shows today targeting teen audiences (Glee, 90210, etc.) are anything but wholesome. Even the seemingly innocent catch phrase "Oh my God!" is cutely anagrammed as OMG for easy texting.

It is not surprising that China is emerging as a major world power just as the U.S. is setting up for failure. China is longitudinally 180° from the U.S., with the important 90° West line running through the U.S. and 90° East through China.

In the next 3 years the U.S. will rapidly be pulled back into another great depression (another 180), peaking at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017, at the end of Obama's 2nd term, as a result likely setting off a new period of racial tension along with the return to mass poverty and starvation.

Monday, November 11, 2013

December 16, 2016

The last time heliocentric Uranus was at a NYSE 72° harmonic was September 9, 1998. This was a few days after the first bottom of the major 1998 low below (DOW). A close-up of the double bottom is also shown (SPX).

1998 Major Low

1998 Double Bottom

9/9/1998: NYSE Uranus 72° Cycle

The next NYSE 72° harmonic for Uranus will occur December 16, 2016. This is Fibonacci 3 years after the major top expected late 2013/early 2014 and in the timeframe for the next expected Fibonacci major low, discussed here.

12/16/2016: NYSE Uranus 72° Cycle

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fibonacci Countdown to 2020

As we saw here, the stock market bottomed July 8, 1932 with a near triple conjunction of Venus, Ceres and Earth opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.

7/8/1932: Venus, Ceres, Earth Opposing Pluto Square Uranus

It rose strongly for 34 years until January 7, 1966 when Uranus conjuncted Pluto opposing Saturn, and leveled off for more than a decade.

1/7/1966: Uranus-Pluto Conjunction Opposing Saturn

Then 21 years later was the 1987 crash, one of Cowan's Beast cycles. Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are in loose conjunction.

10/17/1987: Beast Cycle

The SPX topped 13 years later on March 24, 2000, with a near triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars squaring Uranus, and double topped later that year in August.

3/24/2000: Uranus square Jupiter/Saturn/Mars

Geocentric Saturn opposed Uranus 8 years later when the Nasdaq made its major low on November 21, 2008. The S&P and DOW bottomed in March, 2009.

11/21/2008: Geocentric Uranus-Saturn Opposition

Another 5 years brings us to the present time frame of late 2013 to early 2014, with Pluto opposing Jupiter squaring Uranus, discussed in detail here. A major market top is expected within this time frame.

Curiously, on January 7, 2014, Jupiter will be in near triple conjunction with Earth and Venus, opposing Pluto and square Uranus, an almost perfect mirror of the July 8, 1932 configuration shown above, with Jupiter substituting for Ceres. Breaking a mirror is 7 years bad luck!

1/7/2014: Venus-Jupiter-Earth Triple Conjunction Opposing Pluto Square Uranus

In summary:
1932: Low
1966: High
1987: Low
2000: High
2008-9: Low
2013-14: High
2016-17: Low?

A completion of the Fibonacci sequence, 3, 2, 1, 1, brings us to late 2020/early 2021. On December 21, 2020, Jupiter will conjunct Saturn geocentrically, squaring Uranus heliocentrically.

12/21/2020: Geocentric Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction
12/21/2020: Heliocentric Uranus Square Jupiter/Saturn
This date was first mentioned here in connection with the 2004 Sumatra and 2007 Peru mega quakes. I have been fascinated with this date for a long time and believe this or very close to it could be one of if not the most important turn date of our generation.

Equities November Turn Dates

Equities bottomed on October 9, 2 days after the DOW geocentric 18° cycle and 2 days before the NYSE geocentric 18° cycle highlighted here. They then rose sharply into the November 1 Uranus-Pluto square, possibly topping 2 days early. If the top is not yet in, it is probably very close. The heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square occurs late this month.

The November turn dates are given below. It is a busy month! Clusters of important events raise their significance.

November 1: Geocentric Uranus-Pluto square
November 2: DOW Neptune 18°
November 2: S&P geocentric Ceres 18°
November 3: Hybrid solar eclipse
November 3: S&P geocentric Mars 36°

November 6: DOW Jupiter 36°
November 6: Saturn-Earth opposition
November 6: NYSE Mars 36°
November 7: Jupiter turns retrograde

November 10: Mercury turns direct
November 10: Venus conjunct Uranus square Pluto & Jupiter

November 12: NYSE Ceres 72°
November 13: Jupiter-Pluto opposition square Uranus
November 13: Neptune turns direct
November 14: NYSE geocentric Mars 72°
November 15: NYSE geocentric Ceres 18°

November 18: DOW Mars 72°

November 23: DOW geocentric Mars 36°
November 24: Heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square
November 24: DOW geocentric Saturn 18°

November 28: Comet ISON at perihelion
November 28: DOW geocentric Ceres 18°

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Silver/Gold November Turn Dates

Silver and gold double bottomed in October on the 1st and 15th, the days of the silver Neptune cycle and gold Uranus cycle highlighted here.

The metals may be impacted by the November 1 geocentric Uranus-Pluto square. The Uranus-Pluto squares are major turn signals and since the planets are very slow the date can be off by a few days. The only heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square of the series occurs November 24.

The November turn dates for silver and gold are given below.

November 1: Geocentric Uranus-Pluto square
November 2: Gold Jupiter 18°
November 3: Solar eclipse

November 6: Saturn-Earth opposition
November 7: Jupiter turns retrograde

November 10: Uranus-Venus conjunction square Pluto, Jupiter
November 10: Silver Jupiter 18°
November 10: Mercury turns direct

November 13: Jupiter-Pluto opposition square Uranus
November 13: Neptune turns direct

November 21: Gold geocentric Saturn 72°

November 24: Uranus-Pluto square
November 25: Geocentric Uranus-Ceres Opposition
November 26: Silver geocentric Saturn 36°

November 28: Gold geocentric Ceres 36°
November 28: Geocentric Jupiter-Venus Opposition
November 29: Silver geocentric Ceres 72°

Friday, October 11, 2013

November 1: Uranus-Pluto Square

We saw in this post that the Uranus-Pluto square is gaining influence as a market mover. This aspect was present at last year's September high, and this year's May high.
SPX: Uranus-Pluto Squares
Also discussed here, the full list of Uranus-Pluto squares in the present time frame includes:

June 24, 2012 (geocentric)
Sep 19, 2012 (geocentric)
May 20, 2013 (geocentric)
Nov 01, 2013 (geocentric)
Nov 24, 2013 (heliocentric)
Apr 21, 2014 (geocentric)
Dec 15, 2014 (geocentric)
Mar 17, 2015 (geocentric)

This square impacts the metals markets as well, as it marked the major June low in silver last year and one of the double tops in September last year for both gold and silver, as well as the huge doji that occurred in silver in May this year.
Gold/Silver Futures: Uranus-Pluto Squares
The November 1, 2013 square is the middle of all the geocentric squares and may be the most important of the geocentric squares: according to Raymond Merriman regarding the November 1 square, "It is usually the time leading up to the middle passage...that is the most intense." The only heliocentric square in the group occurs later in the month, on the 24th. These events are likely to have a crucial  impact on the markets.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Equities October Turn Dates

Important message:From now on I will be referring to the harmonics derived from the NYSE natal chart as NYSE turn dates, not Nasdaq turn dates. Harmonics derived from the Nasdaq natal date will be added to the analysis, which I will refer to as Nasdaq turn dates. Derivation of Nasdaq harmonics will be covered in a separate post.

On October 3, Earth will conjunct Uranus, squaring Pluto and Jupiter. This event has also been mentioned here and here. Events involving Uranus are often "surprising".
10/3/2013: Earth Conjunct Uranus Square Pluto and Jupiter
Reader PimaCanyon points out that October 4 is Uranus 18° from the March 6, 2009 low.

October 5 is a NYSE geocentric Ceres 72° cycle and a new moon.
10/5/13: NYSE Geocentric Ceres 72° Cycle; New Moon
October 7 is a DOW geocentric Uranus 18° Cycle.
10/7/2013: DOW Geocentric Uranus 18° Cycle
October 11 is an NYSE geocentric Saturn 18° cycle.
10/11/13: NYSE Geocentric Saturn 18° Cycle

The remaining turn dates include 2 Ceres cycles and a Sun-North Node conjunction. Sun-North Node interactions often occur at significant turns, including the November 17, 2012 conjunction at a major low, and the August 4, 2013 square, a major high.

October 14: NYSE geocentric Mars 18°
October 16: DOW geocentric Ceres 36°
October 18: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
October 20: S&P Ceres 36°
October 24: S&P Mars 72°
October 31: Geocentric Sun-North Node Conjunction

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Silver/Gold October Turn Dates

Neptune cycles have turned out to be very good predictors for major turns in gold and silver. There have been 5 Neptune cycles already this year (also discussed here):

March 26: Gold G Neptune 36°
April 15: Silver G Neptune 72°
August 1: G Silver Neptune 72°
August 24: G Gold Neptune 36°
September 9: Gold Neptune 36°

The impact of these is shown below. So far, each of the gold Neptune cycles has marked a high, while silver has given a low, but this pattern may not continue. It must be noted that Neptune is extremely slow, and the accuracy appears to be about +/- 5 trading days.
Gold/Silver Futures and Neptune Cycles
October 1 is a silver geocentric Neptune 72° cycle.
10/1/2013: Silver Geocentric Neptune 72° Cycle

Earth conjuncts Uranus October 3 near gold's 72°/silver's 36°. The Uranus-Earth conjunction last year caused major highs in silver and gold. This year the event is strengthened by the square to Pluto and Jupiter, and the proximity to the Neptune cycle above. Note also that Saturn and Ceres are near gold's 72° (and silver's 36°) harmonics.
10/3/2013: Uranus-Earth Conjunction Square Pluto, Jupiter and Gold Harmonics
Another important cluster of events occurs in mid-October, with a silver Uranus 36° cycle on the 13th and a gold geocentric Uranus 72° cycle on the 15th. The last Uranus cycle was for gold on August 19, a high.

October 12: Mars Enters Leo
October 13: Silver Uranus 36°
October 15: Gold Geocentric Uranus 72°; G Mars Enters Virgo
October 16: Gold Geocentric Ceres 18°
October 17: Silver Geocentric Ceres 18°
October 18: Neptune-Venus Conjunction
10/15/2013: Gold Geocentric Uranus 72° Cycle; Mars Enters Virgo
The remaining turn dates for October are below, probably not as important as the ones above.

October 20: G Neptune-Mars Opposition; S Node/Moon, Jupiter, Venus Golden Triangle
October 21: Mercury Rx
October 22: Ceres-Venus Opposition

October 31: G Sun-N Node Conjunction

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Late September

September 5 was the top of the first leg up from the August 28 low for SPX and also the beginning of the 2nd leg. It looks like the 2nd leg is exhausting so a correction may come soon before continuing higher.

A low was made for gold with the September 6 Ceres cycle but reversed on September 9 when heliocentric Neptune crossed the 36° harmonic. It has since lost major support but should be close to a brief relief rally before dropping further.

September 17-18 is a near triple conjunction of Saturn, Venus and the North Node. This may affect all assets.
9/18/2013: Saturn, Venus, North Node Near Triple Conjunction
Pluto turns direct September 20, also possibly affecting all assets.


The S&P has a geocentric Ceres 36° cycle on September 22, and a geocentric Jupiter 18° cycle on September 23.
9/22/2013: S&P Geocentric Ceres 36° Cycle

Also on the 23rd is a DOW geocentric Mars 72° cycle.
9/23/2013: DOW Geocentric Mars 72° Cycle

Heliocentric Ceres is at gold's 72° on September 21 opposite Neptune, and at silver's 36° on the 23rd.
9/21/2013: Gold Heliocentric Ceres 72° Opposite Neptune
Venus joins gold's 72° harmonic on the 25th, forming a Golden Triangle with Ceres and Uranus.
9/25/13: Venus, Ceres, Uranus Golden Triangle at Gold's 72° Harmonics
A major turn (low?) for gold and silver may occur in early October when geocentric Neptune crosses silver's 72° harmonic and Earth conjuncts Uranus, to be discussed in a separate post.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 5 Major CIT

Saturday, August 24 (the end of the Jackson Hole meeting) was highlighted as a CIT here. The markets made a short term peak (and Nasdaq double top) on the following Monday. Markets are now showing oversold so we should get a reversal back up soon.

This looks likely to occur on September 5 when Jupiter crosses the Nasdaq's 72° harmonic, opposing Pluto and square Uranus, also discussed here. There is also an Earth-Mars-Saturn trine and a New Moon.
9/5/2013: Nasdaq Heliocentric Jupiter 72° Cycle

The rally following this reversal should at least fill the SPX and VIX gaps, potentially creating the right shoulder of a H&S and the final (3rd) peak for 2013, although it is possible that it continues higher to new highs.


Gold and silver peaked on August 28, 2 days after the August 26 Neptune-Earth conjunction and geocentric Uranus-Venus opposition mentioned here. This was also 4 days after a gold geocentric Neptune 36° cycle, which can be off by several days.

There is a gold heliocentric Neptune 36° cycle on September 9 which looks likely to be another major high. Since Neptune is so far away the date is probably not accurate and we can look to the closer planets, in this case Ceres, to give a better estimate. There is a cluster of events involving Ceres occurring September 5-7, coinciding with the Nasdaq reversal mentioned above.

September 5 is a geocentric Neptune-Ceres opposition. Anything involving Neptune or Ceres is very important to the metals, so this combination magnifies the significance of this CIT.
9/5/2013: Geocentric Neptune-Ceres Opposition and Silver Harmonics
September 6 is a gold geocentric Ceres 72° cycle.
September 7 is a silver geocentric Ceres 36° cycle.

Friday, August 23, 2013

New World Currency

The fall of the Roman empire is blamed in part to the debasement of currency, accomplished by the clipping of their gold, silver and bronze coins.

Until 1964, a U.S. paper dollar could be exchanged for a silver dollar. U.S. coins lost their 90% silver content in 1964 except for the Eisenhower 40% silver dollar which was minted until 1976. A 90% silver dollar today is worth more than $17.

Having lost its silver backing, today's dollar is fiat, and as such its fate is to inflate itself out of existence. Furthermore, the dollar today is based on debt. The craziness of the fractional reserve banking system allows that the more money which is lent, the more money there is to lend. The expansion of the money supply has been accelerated by the global QE policies put in place after the 2008 crash, and for the first time in history, all currencies of the world are undergoing this fate simultaneously.

The inevitable outcome will be some form of world currency with a return to gold and/or silver backing. (Not necessarily a single worldwide currency, but if separate currencies are maintained they will all have the same backing, making them essentially equivalent.)

When will this happen?

Revelation 6:6 tells us that a loaf of bread will cost a day's wages, and we are a long way from that. But at the end of a fiat currency's lifetime there is an acceleration of inflation so it may not be that far off!

I came across this article which links the 7 year Biblical Shemitah cycle to the September 2001 and September 2008 crashes. The Shemitah cycle comes from Deuteronomy 15:

At the end of every seven years thou shalt make a release.
And this is the manner of the release: Every creditor that lendeth ought unto his neighbour shall release it; he shall not exact it of his neighbour, or of his brother; because it is called the Lord's release.

It would make sense that the end of the dollar would occur on a Shemitah cycle since it would be associated with a massive release of debt.

The next Shemitah cycle is September 13, 2015. It is an interesting date - let's look at the planets.

First recall as we saw here, that when the dollar was born with the Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913, Neptune was opposite Jupiter.
12/23/1913: Dollar Natal

On the next Shemitah cycle, September 13, 2015, there will be another Neptune-Jupiter opposition squaring Saturn, which is also trine Venus and Mars. Jupiter will be at the dollar's 72° harmonic, 144° from its natal position seen above.
Maybe this is too soon for a total collapse of the current monetary system, I don't know, but it should be a very important time for the dollar none the less.

8/24/13 Addendum

The planetary midpoint between the 2 charts above, that is, the Neptune-Jupiter opposition with Neptune at the dollar's 72° harmonic in Scorpio, occurred in 1964, the final year of 90% silver coinage.