Friday, November 30, 2012

A Roadmap for Silver

Let’s review silver’s behavior for November.

On 11/1, silver made a top as Uranus at 36° opposed Venus at 72°, discussed here.
In the same thread we showed a 36° Mars-Jupiter-Saturn Golden Triangle, which caused a major bottom for the metals.

Silver then rallied until Neptune turned direct at 36° on 11/11, also shown in the thread above.

A low was then made on 11/13 when Neptune at 36° opposed Venus at 72°, discussed here.

A strong rally was made until Venus conjuncted Saturn at 36° on 11/27, mentioned here.

A major top was put in on 11/29 with a Ceres 36° harmonic crossing, also discussed in the thread above.

Since then we have been looking for a bottom to be made as Earth conjuncts Jupiter at 36° on 12/3, or Venus at 72° opposes Uranus at 36°.

The following is an outline of possible future behavior. It may need to be adjusted as it plays out.

It appears that the bottom will be put in on the 3rd with the Jupiter-Earth conjunction at around $33 (38.2% retracement). At this point silver will have broken out of its trend channel. Then a sharp reversal should be made for a re-test of the channel, forming a top (right shoulder of a head and shoulders) at around $34.2 on about 12/4 with the Uranus-Venus opposition. We should then see a long drop to the 50% retracement at around $32.6 on about 12/13 as Uranus turns direct at 36°. This will be eagerly bought but then a larger drop should bring silver down to the 68.2% retracement level at about $32.1 on about 12/18 with a Ceres-Earth conjunction at 36°, and then double bottom on about 12/21 when Venus conjuncts Saturn at 72°. At this point silver should make a strong rally for new highs. See roadmap below.
Silver Futures

(Note: For some reason the bottom dates on the TOS chart above are off by 2 days. Please ignore the TOS dates and look at the dates labeled in white instead.)

Notice the date for the final low, 12/21/12. My long time readers will recognize this as a very important planetary alignment.

Addendum: Fibonacci retracement chart, requested by a reader.
Silver Futures

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gold/Silver: 12/3 Jupiter-Earth Conjunction 12/4 Uranus-Venus Opposition

We suggested here that the metals may be topping due to the 11/27 Saturn-Venus conjunction and gold's Ceres 72° cycle. (Silver's Ceres 36° cycle occurs on the 29th.) If we do in fact see follow-through for a correction, it may complete on about December 3 when heliocentric Jupiter conjuncts the Earth, or December 4 as Uranus opposes Venus, all at major harmonics for the metals. (Gold's 36° harmonics are approximately silver's 72°, and vice versa.)
12/3/2012: Jupiter-Earth Conjunction and Gold Harmonics
12/4/2012: Uranus-Venus Opposition and Gold Harmonics

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gold: 11/27 Ceres Cycle and Saturn-Venus Conjunction

Metals have been on a nice bullish run since the 11/2 Golden Triangle near gold’s 72° harmonics discussed here. We may see a temporary top next week due to heliocentric Ceres crossing gold’s 72° harmonic on November 27, and silver’s 36° on the 29th.
11/27/2012: Heliocentric Ceres and Gold Harmonics
There is also a geocentric Saturn-Venus conjunction on the 27th near gold’s 72° and silver’s 36°, increasing the likelihood that the 27th will be important especially to gold.
11/27/2012: Geocentric Saturn-Venus Conjunction and Gold Harmonics

Gold Pattern Inversion Update

In this post we saw that gold is following a nice invertible pattern, which may help us to look ahead at future behavior. The graph can be rotated about the pivot point to extrapolate a similar shape in the future as that from the past. The pattern can be followed roughly both in time and shape.

An update is shown below. We are currently at the blue circle, which correlates to the small correction at the end of 2007. If the pattern continues to hold, we should see gold remaining very bullish for the next few months, then slowing down after a re-test of the high but remaining bullish for the next few years.
Gold Futures

Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/23: Nasdaq Mars 36° Cycle

We saw here that the S&P responds well to Mars harmonic cycles, and from this earlier post that the Nasdaq does the same. In fact, the S&P bottomed 1 day after the predicted November 15 reversal. (The Nasdaq had a Mars 18° cycle on the 16th.)

Below is an update for Nasdaq showing Mars harmonics for the past year. Of course the Nasdaq and S&P can be used as proxies for each other, so this increases the number of times we can use this indicator for CIT dates.
Nasdaq Futures
November 23 is a geocentric Nasdaq 36° cycle.
11/23/2012 Geocentric Mars at 36° Nasdaq Harmonics
While not every Mars cycle results in a significant CIT, the odds are pretty good generally, and in this case even better since Anthony is looking for a reversal at this time as well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11/15: S&P Mars 72° Cycle

Mars cycles are one of the most reliable short to medium term CIT indicators, as seen in this post about the Nasdaq. This is my first analysis of Mars cycles on the S&P, and it looks to work equally well.

S&P Futures

November 15 is a geocentric 72° Mars cycle for the S&P, which could mark an important low.
11/15/2012: Mars 72° S&P Harmonic

Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/13: Total Solar Eclipse

Pentagon Update

In our post about the Pentagon, we thought their might be an event near the November 2 Saturn-Jupiter-Mars Golden Triangle at the Pentagon's 72° harmonic.

11/2/2012: Saturn-Jupiter-Mars Golden Triangle and Pentagon Harmonics

We saw this same Golden Triangle interacting with Hurricane Sandy and with a significant bottom of gold and silver prices.

It is interesting that the Pentagon began providing military relief for Hurricane Sandy on November 1.

Perhaps of more significance (to the Pentagon) however is an attack by Iran on an unarmed U.S. military drone on the same day. This news was delayed until after the election. While Iran claims the drone was over Iranian airspace, the Pentagon says it was over the Persian Gulf in international airspace. The drone was unharmed in the attack.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Silver: 11/13 Neptune-Venus Opposition

In the previous post about silver, we saw that the metals bottomed at the November 2 Golden Triangle, and then moved up into the next turn date, Neptune turning direct on 11/11, this weekend.

The next date to watch for is November 13, a Neptune-Venus opposition, with Neptune at silver’s 72° (gold’s 36°) harmonic, and Venus at silver’s 36° (gold’s 72°). Venus, Uranus, Mars and Ceres are all near silvers 36° (gold’s 72°) around this time, adding to the importance of this time period.
11/13/2012: Neptune-Venus Opposition and Silver Harmonics

The last Neptune-Venus opposition was April 1, 2012, an important high.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Silver: 11/11 Neptune Goes Direct

In our last post about silver, we were looking for a top near the 9/29 Uranus-Earth conjunction. In fact, 9/29 was a Saturday, and silver peaked the following Monday.

Also mentioned in that post was a 10/28 Jupiter-Mars opposition, which resulted in a near-term top.
On November 1, geocentric Venus near gold’s 36° was opposite Uranus near 72°, and the metals reversed a multi-day uptrend.
11/1/12: Geocentric Uranus-Venus Opposition and Gold Harmonics

On November 2, we had a very important Jupiter-Saturn-Mars Golden Triangle, discussed here and here, but I neglected to talk about its impact on the markets. This configuration occurred near gold’s 72° and silver’s 36° harmonics and we saw some panic selling for the metals.
11/2/2012: Heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn-Mars Golden Triangle and Gold Harmonics

It looks likely that we are near a bottom for the metals. But we should be careful to watch for Neptune going direct on 11/11. We know from past analysis that Neptune is very important to silver, being very close to one of its 72° (gold’s 36°) harmonic points. So this event may also mark an important turn for the metals.
11/11/12: Neptune Goes Direct Near Silver 72° Harmonics

(Neptune last went retrograde on June 4, 2012, and direct on November 9, 2011. If I get some extra time I will update this post with a short analysis of the impact of Neptune directional changes on silver.)