Monday, October 8, 2012

The Pentagon

In my post about the New York stock exchange natal chart an anonymous reader writes:
In regards to your question about the origination of the pentagram, I too am curious to know more. Although this is 150 years after the NYSE, it implies to me that the roots predate it. Within an orb of two or three degrees... if you browse around about the accuracy of Google Earth's North orientation you will find discussions regarding errors which could account for some of the orb. Look at Geo and Helio for 9/11/1941 the building's natal date. Spooky? Yes I think so. The rabbit hole is way too deep!
Here is the image the reader created, overlaying the NYSE natal chart with the Pentagon:

A few degrees off, yes, but very intriguing! Is Google Earth skewed a little? Or is the orientation correct and trying to tell us something else? These are questions for perhaps another time. But since the reader prompted me to investigate the Pentagon's natal date, I have some interesting findings to share.

The Pentagon's construction began on 9/11/1941. As suggested by the reader we will use this as our natal date, and set the harmonics according to Jupiter's heliocentric position, 8Gem36'49", or 68.5° from 0°Aries.

9/11/1941: Pentagon Natal Chart
Notice that besides Jupiter, Mars and Ceres are at 72° harmonics and Neptune is at 36°.

A bomb was set off in a women's restroom of the Pentagon by the Weather Underground on May 19, 1972 in retaliation for Nixon's bombing of Hanoi. At this time geocentric Saturn and Ceres were both at 72°. (Saturn's exact 72° crossing was the next day.)
5/19/1972: Pentagon Restroom Bombing
The 9/11/2001 attacks, in addition to being on the 60 year anniversary, have heliocentric Saturn at the same position (exact crossing 6 days later).

9/11/2011: Pentagon Attacked
But it is not only the Pentagon structure that is impacted by planetary harmonics to its natal chart. For example, the Gulf War began as heliocentric Neptune, Ceres and Mars formed a 72° Golden Triangle.

8/2/1990: Gulf War Begins
And sometimes these aspects indicate peace. The 1990 Chemical Weapons Accord was signed on June 1 with heliocentric Neptune at 72° and Jupiter, Mars and Earth forming a 36° Golden Triangle.

6/1/1990: Chemical Weapons Accord

So what lies ahead? On November 2, 2012, heliocentric Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will form a 72° Golden Triangle with Jupiter at its natal position. (Venus joins 72° on the 6th.)

If there is an event involving the Pentagon around this time, let's hope it is for peace.


  1. Im assuming this date comes before the presidential election?

  2. Kudos Platy that is really really cool, and a little eerie....
    I'm nervous for Nov 2nd now....

    BTW wouldnt it make more sense to use mars as the pentagram point for the Pentagon (and it apparently fits as mars was on a 72 harmonic)

    Keep up the good work, I love stuff like this!!!

    1. I always use Jupiter because that's what seems to work. But I bet it's not a coincidence that Mars fits too for this one!

  3. Its me again. Does something in this image look familiar? Dang rabbit hole...

    sorry about that

    1. Yes... How about this?