Saturday, October 27, 2012

Platinum: Ceres Planetary Price

We have a CIT coming up for platinum on October 31 due to Ceres turning retrograde at platinum’s 72° harmonic. Inspired by Peggy’s work on planetary prices, I wondered if we can use this method to predict platinum’s value at the turn.

In the previous post about platinum, we noted that platinum is particularly sensitive to Ceres. This was an important clue. For this exercise we will focus solely on Ceres directional changes and planetary prices.

To find the planetary price of Ceres for a particular day, we first find the distance (in degrees) of Ceres to 0° Aries (the point that would be West on a compass). For example, on 4/12/09, Ceres went direct 150° from 0° Aries. (Each tick on the chart is 1°. There are 30° for each astrological sign.)
4/12/09: Ceres Direct at 150°

The value 150° can now be used as either positive or negative. We add this value to multiples of 360° until we get a number which is close to the price traded for platinum that day.

April 12 was on a weekend, so we have to look at the nearest trading days. On the 9th, platinum traded between 1172 and 1216. On the 13th it traded between 1204 and 1248.

360 x 3 = 1080 + 150 = 1230. This value was traded on the 13th, and was 18 points from an important top.

Using this method, we find that since 2009, 4 of the 6 days that Ceres changed direction, the Ceres planetary price was in the trading range for that day.

Platinum Futures

Also, as Peggy noted earlier, Ceres directional changes tend to occur at highs. So we might predict something like the light blue arrows in the chart above playing out. Ceres is 94° from 0° Aries on the 31st, so it is likely that 1534 will be traded that day. (1534 = 360 x 4 + 94)

(The analysis above is only a very simple application of the planetary price method, and near the limit of my knowledge on the subject. Peggy’s work is more complex.)


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    1. Hi Anil, Yes the techniques in PTCT absolutely work. I have spent more than a year tracking this method. If it didn't work I would have shut down my blog long ago! :)