Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/31/12: Ceres Turns Retrograde

In our last post about the Nasdaq, we were looking for a turn in October due to the following cluster of geocentric events:

10/2/12: G Mars Conj N Node 72° Sq Neptune, Venus
10/4/12: G Jupiter Rx 18°
10/5/12: G Mars 72°

In fact, October 2nd turned out to be a low, and the 5th was an important high. I have to admit that I was surprised at how far the Nasdaq has fallen since this turn date. I had been confident that the lows from the 8/31 Jupiter-Ceres conjunction would hold. But since these support levels have been broken we are looking now for the even that could reverse the markets back up.

On October 25, geocentric Saturn is conjunct the Sun near Nasdaq’s 36°. This could result in a significant turn.
10/25/12: Geocentric Saturn-Sun Conjunction Near Nasdaq 36°
Probably more significant is the next important turn date on 10/31, when Ceres will turn retrograde near Nasdaq’s 72° harmonic.
10/31/12: Ceres Turns Retrograde Near Nasdaq 72°
We saw earlier that this event is also important to platinum, which has harmonics very similar to the Nasdaq. It is also near the S&P’s 36° harmonic.
Looking at Anthony and ZigZag’s charts, we can see that it is too early for a major bottom, so these are likely to be an intermediate turns only.

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