Thursday, September 6, 2012

Early October Turn Window

Before we get to the next turn window let's first look back on the past few months of Nasdaq predictions.

The Nasdaq topped on April 3, 2 days before the geocentric Uranus 18° cycle discussed here.

It then made a bottom on May 21, just after the Earth 72° cycle and 36° solar eclipse, and 2 days before the heliocentric Uranus 18° cycle we told you about here.

It reversed on May 30, a heliocentric Mars 36° cycle, and then made another bottom on June 4, at the Lunar Eclipse in the confluence of geocentric cycles discussed here that included Mars 72°, Jupiter 36° and Saturn 36°. The Moon being closest to the Earth gave the perfect timing at the eclipse.

Another turn was made at the geocentric Ceres 36° Cycle on June 21, discussed here and here.

Then there were geocentric Saturn 36° and Juipter 36° cycles discussed here. Attempts to improve the timing window in this case were not successful.

We then had a very important turn date with the 36° Jupiter-72° Mars opposition square Neptune, discussed here and here. Attempts to improve the timing window again failed, and the market topped 2 trading days after the opposition, on August 21. I will probably give up on trying to improve timing for a while.

Next we discussed here the 36° Jupiter-Ceres conjunction on August 31 which we said was even more important than the Jupiter-Mars opposition. This date gave a bottom to the markets, thus reversing the top made on the 21st.

Finally, we mentioned here the Moon's Nodes 72°/36° square Neptune on September 6 which gave energy to the markets to rise strongly out of consolidation.

Nasdaq Futures

Since the Moon's nodes seem to have a proven effect I will add here that they turn direct tomorrow (September 7) and then just after crossing the 72°/36° harmonics again on they 8th they turn back retrograde, so we may see some more volatility as a result.

The next timing window to watch for will be early October, with the following three important geocentric events:

10/2/12: G Mars Conj N Node 72° Sq Neptune, Venus
10/4/12: G
Jupiter Rx 18°
10/5/12: G Mars 72°


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