Friday, September 28, 2012

Silver: 9/29 Uranus-Earth Conjunction

On August 24, Earth was conjunct Neptune near silver’s 72° harmonic, 4 days after its breakout from a very long consolidation.

Earth will conjunct Uranus tomorrow, September 29, near silver’s 36° harmonic. This is near gold’s 72° harmonic.
9/29/2012: Heliocentric Uranus-Earth Conjunction and Silver Harmonics

The last Uranus-Earth conjunction was September 26, 2011, a major bottom for silver and gold. (See graph here.)

On October 28 there will be a geocentric Jupiter-Mars opposition, with Mars near silver’s 72° (gold’s 36°) and Jupiter near silver’s 36° (gold’s 72°).
10/28/12: Geocentric Jupiter-Mars Opposition and Silver Harmonics

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Armstrong's Warning about August 2013

My long time readers know that I closely follow the work of Martin Armstrong. One of my readers recently posted the following question:
Martin seems to be in an especially owly mood lately. Could you post at least 1 astro (geo or solarcentric) of around this time?:

“This means August 7th, 2013 we must be very careful about next year. We will be looking at the global markets at the upcoming conferences (San Diego-Bangkok-Berlin) around the world. So yes! This is a very serious development. We may not last until 2015.75 and that could be the complete economic meltdown.”
One of my first posts from more than a year ago pointed to this time period: Planet Forecaster: Jupiter-Mars Cycle’s Effect on the Current Stock Market Rally from 2009. This post referred to a heliocentric Jupiter-Mars conjunction at the Nasdaq’s 72° harmonic on August 17, 2013. On July 22, 2013, the same planets conjunct geocentrically at 72°.

Let’s take a look at the charts. First let’s see the heliocentric chart:
8/17/2013: Heliocentric Jupiter-Mars Conjunction and Nasdaq Harmonics

Venus is near 72° (crossing the next day), and Saturn is very near 18°. This Jupiter-Mars conjunction will mark the completion of Mars’ travels through all 5 points of the pentagram (in 144° movements) that began on 3/7/2009, a major bottom in the markets.

Now let’s see the geocentric chart:

7/22/2013: Geocentric Jupiter-Mars Conjunction and Nasdaq Harmonics

Not only do we have a 72° Jupiter-Mars conjunction but Ceres is near 36° squaring the Moon’s nodes.

There is no question but that this will be a very important time for the markets.
But there is something else very important about this time period I want to show you. Let’s forget about the stock market for a moment and look at the July 25 geocentric chart:

There is a triangle formed by Neptune/Moon, Jupiter/Mars and Saturn/North node, and another upside-down triangle formed by the Galactic Center/Pluto, South node, and Venus. Susan Seymour Hedke, on whose work this analysis is based, refers to this configuration as the Star of David and it is exceptionally dangerous. The combination of the Moon and Neptune in Pisces hints to a water disaster. Pluto in Capricorn hints to an earthquake. But there are so many planets involved it is difficult to pin down the type of disaster that could occur and even more difficult to even guess at the location.

This configuration remains active from late July through early September (with the Sun taking Venus’ place in latter August) so there is likely to be a major disaster during this time.

The Astrological Cause of QE3

We saw in an earlier post, that QE1 was announced when Uranus was at an exact 18° harmonic to the Federal Reserve’s natal chart. QE2 was announced as Saturn, Mars, Venus and Earth formed a 36° harmonic Golden Triangle. So what was the astrological cause of QE3?

Let’s look back at what happened during Bernanke’s speech at Jackson Hole on August 31. While Bernanke did not announce QE3 at that time, the financial news interpreted the speech as a nod that it was coming and leaked the probability that it would be announced at the FOMC meeting and there were even rumors that QE3 had already begun.

Recall that August 31 was a very important planetary event, the conjunction of Ceres with Jupiter at the Nadaq’s 36° harmonic (this is near the FED’s 18° harmonic).
8/31/2012: Jupiter-Ceres Conjunction and Nasdaq Harmonics

As explained in this post, the Jupiter-Ceres conjunction caused a bottom in the markets, reversing what would have otherwise been a major top due to the August 17 Jupiter-Mars opposition.

Furthermore, the September Moon’s Nodes square Neptune gave energy to the markets to rise out of consolidation, and after all, the astrological involvement of the nodes is sometimes associated with leaks!
9/6/2012: Moons’ Nodes Square Neptune and Nasdaq Harmonics

The impact of these events is shown below.

So although QE3 was not officially announced at Jackson Hole, the psychological impact that Bernanke’s speech and the news following it had on investors was as powerful as if it had been.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Joining the Change-In-Trend Team

I am very excited to tell you that I am joining the Change-In-Trend team at!

Anthony and ZigZag ( are extraordinary analysts who I have admired for some time. Anthony has many years experience in both traditional and non-traditional technical analysis and a focus more on shorter term expectations. ZigZag has an outstanding record of forecasting directional changes far in advance. These skills complement what I have been doing here at Planet Forecaster perfectly and solve the most frustrating problem with the type of analysis I do, since I cannot forecast direction or amounts, but only approximate trend change dates.

From this point forward I will be posting my stock market analysis at the Change-In-Trend site, but will continue to update this site with other topics I hope you find interesting.

I really appreciate your interest and hope you find this collaboration useful.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Dollar

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was signed by President Woodrow Wilson at 6:02pm on December 23, 1913. (Source)

Here is the heliocentric natal chart, with Jupiter's position establishing the harmonics. Jupiter is at 27°Cap25'21", or 297.5° from 0° Aries. (This is only 1/2° clockwise from gold's natal chart.) Neptune is directly opposite Jupiter at 36°.

12/23/1913: Federal Reserve (Dollar) Natal Chart

On November 24, 2008, the Fed announced QE1, the quantitative easing program to buy $500 billion in mortgage bonds . Uranus on this date is at 21.5° Pisces, an exact 18° harmonic. Jupiter is near its natal return at 72°.

11/24/2008: QE1

On November 3, 2010, QE2 was announced, adding $600 billion into circulation. At this time, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Earth are in a 36° harmonic Golden Triangle configuration.

11/3/2010: QE2

July 23, 2012 was the Neptune-Venus conjunction discussed here, which occurred near the Fed's 36° and was responsible for the major top in the dollar the following day, and kicked off the bull run for gold and silver.


There will be a Uranus-Earth conjunction on September 29, 2012 near the Fed's 72° harmonic. This is near gold's 72° and silver's 36° so this event should be important to the dollar and to metals. Venus crosses the Fed's 72° the following day.


Neptune will cross the Fed's 36° harmonic on May 20, 2013. This is 1 day before Cowan's Beast Cycle and Uranus' return to its position at the top of the 1929 stock market discussed here.


Uranus crosses the Fed's 72° the following month, on June 23, 2013.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Early October Turn Window

Before we get to the next turn window let's first look back on the past few months of Nasdaq predictions.

The Nasdaq topped on April 3, 2 days before the geocentric Uranus 18° cycle discussed here.

It then made a bottom on May 21, just after the Earth 72° cycle and 36° solar eclipse, and 2 days before the heliocentric Uranus 18° cycle we told you about here.

It reversed on May 30, a heliocentric Mars 36° cycle, and then made another bottom on June 4, at the Lunar Eclipse in the confluence of geocentric cycles discussed here that included Mars 72°, Jupiter 36° and Saturn 36°. The Moon being closest to the Earth gave the perfect timing at the eclipse.

Another turn was made at the geocentric Ceres 36° Cycle on June 21, discussed here and here.

Then there were geocentric Saturn 36° and Juipter 36° cycles discussed here. Attempts to improve the timing window in this case were not successful.

We then had a very important turn date with the 36° Jupiter-72° Mars opposition square Neptune, discussed here and here. Attempts to improve the timing window again failed, and the market topped 2 trading days after the opposition, on August 21. I will probably give up on trying to improve timing for a while.

Next we discussed here the 36° Jupiter-Ceres conjunction on August 31 which we said was even more important than the Jupiter-Mars opposition. This date gave a bottom to the markets, thus reversing the top made on the 21st.

Finally, we mentioned here the Moon's Nodes 72°/36° square Neptune on September 6 which gave energy to the markets to rise strongly out of consolidation.

Nasdaq Futures

Since the Moon's nodes seem to have a proven effect I will add here that they turn direct tomorrow (September 7) and then just after crossing the 72°/36° harmonics again on they 8th they turn back retrograde, so we may see some more volatility as a result.

The next timing window to watch for will be early October, with the following three important geocentric events:

10/2/12: G Mars Conj N Node 72° Sq Neptune, Venus
10/4/12: G
Jupiter Rx 18°
10/5/12: G Mars 72°

Monday, September 3, 2012

May 21, 2013: A Very Important Date

Cowan's 13 year/666 week Beast Cycle is a heliocentric Golden Triangle configuration between Mars, Earth and Venus. A discussion of this cycle can be found here.

The next Beast Cycle is set to trigger on May 21, 2013. Venus being the closest planet to the Sun triggers the cycle.

5/21/2013: Mark of the Beast
There is something else very important about this date. Let's take a look back at the crash of 1929. The peak of the markets occurred on September 3, 1929.

Here is the heliocentric chart for that day.

9/3/1929: Stock Market Peak

Notice there is a Mars/Earth/Venus Golden Triangle at the 36° harmonics that had completed 5 days earlier as Venus passed by the lower triangle point. (Not a Mark of the Beast cycle because Mars is at the sharpest angle instead of the Earth.)

Here's the kicker. Uranus' position on the 9/3/1929 chart is 09Ari04'14". Now look again at the chart above for 5/21/2013. Exactly the same.

It is interesting that Pluto and Neptune are at nearly opposite points on the charts as well.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moon's Nodes Square Neptune

On September 6 the North Node crosses the Nasdaq's 72°, and South Node 36°. The nodes are still square Neptune near 18°. We saw here that a similar configuration was important for silver, as it created the counter-trend peak between the summer double bottom.
9/6/2012: Moon's Nodes Square Neptune and Nasdaq Harmonics
On the 7th the Moon joins the South Node at 36°. The Sun reaches 72° on the 9th.