Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Bill Foster's natal date for cotton is 3/22/1967. Here is the heliocentric natal chart:

3/22/1967: Cotton Natal Chart
Jupiter is at 04Leo25'12", or about 124° from 0° Aries.

Using these harmonics we can explain cotton's movements.

Cotton Futures
There is a heliocentric Ceres 72° cycle on July 12.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rock of Ages

I just watched Rock of Ages and although we do not do a lot on symbology here (definitely not our expertise), I could not help but notice what I believe are repeated references to Cowan's (Biblical) Beast cycle. I'm not recommending the movie by the way; it was not my taste, but I find the symbolism interesting.

First of all, the movie takes place in 1987, one of the Beast cycle years. Early in the movie was a line "I haven't charged a girl money [for drinks] since 1973", noting a cultural shift from 1973 to 1974, another Beast cycle year. (2000 was also a Beast cycle, and the next one occurs in 2013.)

The first scene with Stacee Jaxx features a Baphomet prominently on his crotch. This is a reference to the Mars-Earth-Venus Golden Triangle that defines the Beast cycle. Sherrie works at the Venus Club.

The Bourbon Room audience showed their approval of the performers by using the  Sign of the Horns hand gesture, symbolically synonymous with the Baphomet.

Each time Patricia Whitmore is interviewed by Channel 6, there is a clear double red 6 on the microphone, combined with a large red 6 in the banner at lower right, making 666, a reference to the 666 weeks of the Beast cycle.

The title "Rock of Ages" is an obvious reference to Jesus Christ, and Whitmore's campaign against rock & roll is akin to the Christain recognition of the Satanic Christ embodied by Stacee Jaxx (Satan-Jesus, or anti-Christ). The name Stacee Jaxx adds to 666 in the Gematria calculator if one of the a's is removed.

Of course this is only my interpretation. What did you see?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gold's Natal Chart

Reader Timer suggests April 1, 1968 for gold's natal chart.
On the 15th March 1968, the authorities closed the London gold market for two weeks, following an unprecedented three-day speculative surge of gold buying. When the London gold market re-opened on the 1st of April 1968, it fixed the price in dollars not sterling, with the gold price no longer set, but free to float and with prices set twice a day, both in the morning and afternoon.  (Source)
Here is the heliocentric chart:

4/1/1968: Gold Natal Chart
As usual, we orient the pentagram from Jupiter's position, at 4° Virgo 2'34", or about 154° from 0° Aries. This is exactly one of the points identified earlier in our proposed reverse-engineered gold pentagram. Perfect!

Here is a longer term heliocentric gold harmonics chart I made a while ago based on these harmonics:

Gold Futures and Heliocentric Harmonics
Thank you Timer!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Silver: Moon's Nodes Square Neptune

I may have (again) overlooked something important. The Moon's nodes are currently near silver's 18°. These are very slow moving "objects" (actually not objects but locations) and I don't typically pay much attention to them for market analysis, but they may be very important in this case because the nodes are currently square Neptune, a very important planet for silver.

July 3 will be exact 18° crossing, which is also a Full Moon near 18° square Uranus near 36° and the same date pinpointed in the previous post. So the case for a major turn on this date is intensifying.

7/3/12: Silver Geocentric Harmonics

7/3/12: Silver Heliocentric Harmonics

Silver: Saturn/Jupiter 18°

Silver and gold topped on 6/6, when heliocentric Earth was conjunct Venus near 72°. Although I was looking for Earth and Venus 72° harmonics in the last post about metals, I neglected to note the day of their conjunction, which was a big mistake because conjunctions are more important than single planet harmonics. But it was not simply the Earth-Venus conjunction that caused the reversal; it was its combination with Ceres 72°. It is also noteworthy that geocentric Neptune turned retrograde near 72° on 6/5.

Looking ahead, there is a heliocentric Saturn 18° harmonic on June 30, and geocentric Jupiter 18° on July 2. Heliocentric Venus 36° square Saturn on 7/3 may improve the timing. Are these significant enough to finally end the silver bear? If not, I'll be looking for the geocentric Jupiter-Ceres conjunction at 18° on July 10 as the next opportunity. However, it may require the influence of Neptune to finally wake silver up, and we have some Neptune conjunctions coming up.

[I may not have time to post charts, sorry.]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Geocentric Ceres 36°

The market reversed at the heliocentric Mars 36° cycle on May 30, then bottomed last week on the day of the lunar eclipse.
Nasdaq Futures
The eclipse was part of a major confluence of geocentric cycles, all occurring on different days last week. If all of these cycles together form a single turn event, then it is the fastest moving object - the Moon in this case - that provides the best timing for the turn. This method of narrowing the timing window is somewhat experimental so we will have to wait to see for sure whether all 5 cycles were actually close enough in time to make a single event. (If not then Monday's low should be broken very soon.)

There is a geocentric Ceres 36° cycle on June 21. Here is another opportunity to test the timing window experiment, because on June 25, Saturn turns direct very close to 36°, and 144° from Ceres. [Note that Cowan does not address retrograde/direct planets so this also should be taken as observational for now.] If these 2 events constitute a single turn window, then Ceres is the closer object and should give the better turn date. But the 26th is a geocentric Sun 72° cycle (heliocentric Earth 36°), and the closest object, the Moon, joins Ceres at 36°on the 17th, the Sun (as New Moon) at 72°on the 19th, and Saturn at 36° on the 28th.
6/28/12: Geocentric Cycles
This gives us a very undesirable 12 day window to look for the next turn date, but in the interest of trying to learn something let's see how this plays out. I'm not even confident enough to put an educated guess on this one.

The next major turn window is mid-July.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gold/Silver Heliocentric Ceres Cycle

Silver bottomed on 5/16, 5 days before the geocentric Ceres 72° cycle discussed here. This is further off than we would have liked but still within the range of a reasonable explanation of a turn and the best explanation I have.

Silver's heliocentric Ceres 72° cycle is on 6/14.

6/14/2012: Silver Heliocentric Ceres 72° Cycle
Earth's 72° cycle on the 13th or Venus' 72° cycle on the 10th, both 144° away from Ceres, like the minute and second hands of a clock may provide more precise timing for this turn. (Unless they are separate events? We are still learning here.) There is also a Saturn-Mars conjunction on the 10th near 18°.

For gold (still experimental), Ceres' heliocentric 36° cycle occurs on 6/12 with possible refinements the same as silver's.