Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11 Sumatra Quake - 8.6

Today's megaquake in Sumatra was caused in part by the same Neptune-Moon's nodes-Mars square responsible for March 20th's 7.6 quake in Mexico and  March 25th's 7.2 quake in Chili first discussed here. Let's look at the astrological chart.

4/11/2012: Sumatra Quake

Venus is conjunct the South node. Mars has moved retrograde (backwards) and is now closer to direct opposition with Neptune. (Mars will reach its maximum opposition with Neptune on the 14th when it turns direct.) The Sun is now almost at direct opposition with Saturn. (It will be at opposition on the 15th.) There may be more activity on the 14th/15th, but hopefully most of the stress has been relieved already.

The Moon is near the Galactic Center. The location of the quake is opposite the Moon/GC/Pluto. Sumatra takes the brunt of many disasters because of its location opposite the GC.

Later this month the Sun moves into the trine position with Pluto and Mars, replacing Jupiter's role in March's Mexico and Chili quakes, with the Neptune/Moon's nodes/Mars square still intact.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Uranus 18° Cycle

Cowan calls Uranus the "market master". Indeed, we saw here that it is Uranus' 72° harmonics that drive the 17-year stock market cycle.

Thursday (April 5) will be a geocentric Uranus 18° cycle, a minor cycle but a major planet.

Uranus makes its heliocentric 18° harmonic on May 23.

Be warned however that Uranus is a very slow moving planet, so the dates should be taken only as approximations. I have seen a few Cowan researchers pinpoint the heliocentric date to May 15 based on modern market extremes.