Monday, March 26, 2012


[5/6/12 Note: I had previously identified Gold's natal chart as 12/21/74. However, this is not the harmonic chart that I had used when I generated the chart below. The 1974 natal chart does not produce good harmonics for gold. So I have removed the section in this post regarding the natal chart. The chart below is actually based on a reverse-engeneering of harmonic cycles from gold's historic turn dates, with pentagram points at about 10°, 82°, 154°, 226°, and 298° from 0° Aries. This is about a 35.5° rotation of Silver's harmonics.]

I made this chart some time ago explaining gold's movements [based on the harmonic above] but for some reason got distracted and did not post it. Only the heliocentric orientation was used in this analysis.

2011 Gold Futures

Sunday, March 25, 2012

3/25: Chili Quake - 7.2

Talca in central Chile was hit by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake today.

This was caused by the same Neptune/Moon's Nodes/Mars square responsible for the Mexico quake on the 20th. The Moon has moved from the square position to the trine position with Jupiter which is still trine Pluto and Mars. Here is the chart for the quake:
3/25/2012: Chili 7.2 Quake
Mars gives the approximate latitude of the quake, and the longitude is near the midpoint of the square.

No damage or injuries reported so far but a tsunami alert was issued.

The threat from the Neptune/Moon's Nodes/Mars square remains through May 22.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/22 - 3/24 New Moon, Jupiter & Ceres Cycles, Uranus-Sun Conjunction

We have some important cycles coming up, all of them geocentric. (Thanks to Buffee for pointing out Jupiter 18° tomorrow.)

3/22/12: G New Moon 18°
3/22/12: G Jupiter 18°
3/23/12: G Ceres 72°

3/24/12: G Uranus-Sun Conj 18°

This tight clustering of important events should be heeded.  I may not do the charts as I am pretty consumed with taxes.

Here is a weekly graph (thanks to Graham) showing the effect on the Dow of geocentric Jupiter 18° harmonics anchored to the 9/24/05 return to natal position:

Notice that the next Jupiter harmonic also occurs in a similar important clustering:

6/5/12: G Sun-Venus Transit 18°
6/6/12: G Mars 72° 

6/7/12: G Jupiter 36°
6/8/12: G Saturn 36° (Retro)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20: Mexico Quake - 7.6

In this post we warned of a possible March 14th disaster. In fact, we did see some increased earthquake activity that day, the largest being a magnitude 6.9 off the East coast of Japan near last year's devistating 9.0 quake and tsunami.

But we warned that there was something potentially more dangerous lurking on the 20th (today), because of Neptune and the Moon completing the square with Mars and the Moon's nodes, and the Moon creating a "bow and arrow" configuration in addition to the square, and because of the potential validity of the 188-day quake cycle.

Today we had a Magnitude 7.6 quake in Guerrero, Mexico.

Here is the astrological chart for the quake:

3/20/2012: Guerrero, Mexico Quake
I don't see anything in this chart that would have led me to suspect Mexico as a possible target, but locations are very difficult to predict and recall that solstices and equinoxes generally have an increased likelihood of disaster because of the Sun's aspects to the Galactic Center, and in this case, the longitude of the quake is indeed close to the GC.

Fortunately, there have been no deaths reported.

The Neptune/Moon's nodes/Mars square remains intact through May 22, so the potential exists for more large quakes or other disasters during this time, especially any time one of the planets or the moon conjuncts one of the points of the square.

The April 6th full moon could also be a trigger because of the added stress of such an aspect and its location at the midpoints of the square. April 10 has Venus conjunct the  South node and the Moon conjunct the North node. Southern California could potentially be affected as the Sun will be at that latitude range on those dates.

Friday, March 16, 2012

3/20: Natural Gas

The last post on natural gas predicted a change in direction on February 26, a Sunday. The following day, natural gas put in a large topping tail and headed down.

Natural Gas Futures

We have another potential trend change coming next Tuesday. Geocentric Mars (in retrograde) will be at natural gas' 18° harmonic opposing the Moon and squaring the Moon's nodes at 72° and 36°; a completed square (and also a possible disaster threat).

3/20/2012: Geocentric Mars and Moon Squaring Moon's Nodes at Natural Gas Harmonics

Notice also that today is an Expiration Friday (marked by vertical dashed red lines in the top chart), which also often brings trend changes, and that natural gas is currently at a possible double bottom with February 26th's low.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3/14 Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

Next Wednesday morning there is a geocentric conjunction of Jupiter and Venus near Nasdaq's 18° harmonic, and forming a nearly perfect Grand Trine with Pluto and Mars.

Jupiter and Venus are currently visible in the western night sky (Venus is the brighter one). At their closest approach they will be only 3° apart.

From a financial standpoint, I'm not really sure how important this conjunction is. Venus tends to give good turn dates especially when aspecting another planet, and Jupiter is major for us. Furthermore, Pluto is near silver's 18° harmonic, and Mars is near Natural Gas' 18° harmonic, so if it is important, it could affect all the instruments we typically watch. But 18° is a minor harmonic. And while Cowan does talk about 120° harmonics, he does not talk about trines at all. But there does seem to be something important about this particular configuration, so we will have to wait and see how significant it is for the markets.

3/14/12: Geocentric Jupiter-Venus Conjunction Trine Pluto and Mars

Symbolically, Venus is represented by Mary and Jesus = Zeus = Jupiter. There are some who theorize that the Star of Bethlehem was actually a Jupiter-Venus conjunction. But Jupiter and Venus conjoin about once a year on average, so what makes this conjunction special? The 3° proximity is one reason. (Occultations are much rarer.) But the Grand Trine with Pluto and Mars is what warrants special attention to this event. Mars of course is the war planet, and despite its tiny size, Pluto represents power, especially on a global scale. Jupiter is also the planet of expansion and abundance (in contrast to Saturn, the planet of contraction and destruction.)

And Goro (on his paid site) has had his eye on this conjunction for some time, foreshadowed by December's Christmas Comet Lovejoy as Venus = Love and Jupiter = Joy. (Possible conception date for the Royal Couple?)

In terms of  disasters, although this is not a prediction, this configuration has the potential to bring on some sort of event, because of the perfectness of the trine, the importance of the planets involved, and the combination with Mars squaring the Moon's nodes. The Virgo zone is the most likely focus if a disaster happens, with Mars in Virgo being at the apex of both the trine and the square. But Neptune completing the square later this month brings on an even more dangerous element as discussed here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/7-12 Earth Cycle, Full Moon, Venus and Mars Cycles

Yesterday was a heliocentric Earth 72° harmonic, one of the Five Fixed Turn Dates Every Year. [Note: I had previously incorrectly identified this date as 3/8 but it should be 3/7.]

3/7/12: Heliocentric Earth 72°
However, this event may have been trumped by the Mars-Earth conjunction just a few days ago. It seems that when conjunctions occur near a harmonic (both in space and time), the conjunction becomes the turn indicator rather than (or perhaps in addition to?) the individual planets. At any rate, the Mars-Earth combination is certainly more powerful than either Mars or Earth alone.

Today is a geocentric Full Moon at 72° with Sun at 36°.

3/8/12: Geocentric Full Moon

Tomorrow Venus is at a heliocentric 18° harmonic squaring Saturn near 36° and Ceres near 72°.

3/9/12: Heliocentric Venus 18° Square Saturn, Ceres
Early on Monday Mars reaches the same 72° harmonic as Earth did yesterday. As seen here, Mars harmonics are a pretty big deal and this one is more than a week after the Mars-Earth conjunction on the 3rd which could be far enough in time to create another distinct significant turn.

3/12/12: Heliocentric Mars 72°

Thursday, March 1, 2012

3/3 Mars-Earth Conjunction

This weekend is a heliocentric Mars-Earth conjunction at a 72° harmonic for the Nasdaq and 36° for crude. Conjunctions are often more significant than single planet harmonics, so this could produce a meaningful turn.

3/3/2012: Mars-Earth Conjunction

Silver - What Happened?

I had March 5th down for a major reversal in silver due to a Jupiter 72° harmonic in this post. It seems that we got our reversal yesterday (February 29th) instead. So what happened?

Mostly this was my fault. My method for making predictions involves visually overlaying one grid with another, and to make things simpler I had been rounding to the nearest degree. Most of the time this works fine since for the faster inner planets the error is at most a few hours. But in the case of silver, the error was almost a half a degree, and for slow moving Jupiter that error translates to a few days.

Jupiter's natal position is 28Can37'59". The precise 72° harmonic from that is 16Tau37'59". Jupiter reaches this position later today, still a day later than the actual peak.

3/1/12: Jupiter at Silver 72° Harmonic

Why did the reversal happen yesterday? I can't think of any reason. (Maybe one of my readers has an idea?) But as a prediction, if it had been done correctly, 1 day of error would not have been bad. This was the first outer planet harmonic prediction on this blog so we learned an important lesson.

Of course the possibility exists that today will mark a major low rather than a major high that we had been looking for but I see this as a lower probability. Time will tell.