Thursday, February 23, 2012

Natural Gas Move Coming?

The newest addition to our watch lists is natural gas. (I don't bother to make a watch list for crude oil because it is essentially the same as for the Nasdaq except 36° and 72° harmonics are switched.) We found an explanation for last month's natural gas bottom based on the natal chart, but have not yet made any predictions, so this is our first trial.

On Sunday, February 26, the Sun will cross an 18° harmonic of our proposed natural gas pentagram, squaring the Moon's nodes at 36° and 72° (geocentric).

2/26/2012: Natural Gas Harmonics

This seems a good set-up for a significant move.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2/24 Mars 72° Cycle

Friday the 24th is a geocentric Mars 72° harmonic (in retrograde) for the Nasdaq.

Mars 72° Harmonic (Geocentric)

Mars is an extremely reliable turn indicator. Past warnings about Mars include Mars 72° Cycle Approaches and Upcoming Mars 36° Cycle. A nice graph with all the Mars turns for the past year is found in the post on Geocentric Harmonics. The next heliocentric Mars 72° cycle is not far off, on March 11.

The Mars cycle is a sub-cycle of the Jupiter-Mars cycle, first talked about here. Jupiter crosses the heliocentric 36° harmonic point on July 17, 2012. The next Jupiter-Mars opposition, occurring near heliocentric 36°, will be August 17, 2012,. This should be a major event especially as it is square Neptune.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Silver Update

Yesterday was a Ceres-Venus conjunction at silver's 72° harmonic discussed here. So far the low appears to be holding. It came in almost exactly 1 hour after the conjunction, which occurred at 4:54am Pacific time.

Silver 1-min Chart
This is reminiscent of the recent Natural Gas bottom which also occurred 1 hour after its nominal reversal time.

2/18/2012 update

Markets are closed on Monday, and Tuesday there is a New Moon near a silver harmonic which could produce another turn.

2/21/2012 New Moon (Geocentric) and Silver's Pentagram
Thursday's bottom was about 9 cents shy of a 23.6% retracement from the high and we typically see a little follow through below the retracement levels so it is reasonable to expect another dip down. A 38.2% retracement would be more common. Tuesday's New Moon provides the right opportunity if this is to happen.

Silver 1-hour Chart
The New Moon occurs at 2:35pm Pacific time on the 21st.

2/17 Ceres Cycle

Today we have a heliocentric Ceres 72° harmonic. This should have a significant impact on the Nasdaq.

2/17/2012 Ceres 72° Harmonic

There is also an important Mars cycle next week. A separate post will be made for that.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Silver: 2/16 Ceres-Venus Conjunction

There was a Jupiter-Venus conjunction on 1/26/12 at Silver's 72° harmonic discussed here. Changes in trend do not always imply strictly a top or a bottom; the trend can change between an up or down and a sideways movement, and that is exactly what we have seen. There had been a steep climb up into late January, and since the 26th Jupiter-Venus conjunction silver has done nothing but consolidate.

Silver: Consolidation Since Jupiter-Venus Conjunction
Silver's next significant turn is likely to come with the geocentric Ceres-Venus conjunction on February 16th. This conjunction occurs at silver's 36° harmonic.

2/16/2012: Ceres-Venus Conjunction (Geocentric) and Silver's Pentagram
In addition, Mercury is at a 72° harmonic, and Pluto and Saturn are near 18° harmonics on this date.

There is a major turn date coming up for silver on March 5 with a heliocentric Jupiter 72° harmonic. Previous Jupiter harmonic impacts on silver are seen in this post.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/5 Double Squares

Venus at 36° squares Mars and Neptune at 18° on the 5th. At the same time, Jupiter 18° is squaring Mercury at 72° and Earth at 36°. This has the potential of being a significant top.

2/5/2012: Venus and Jupiter Squares

Crude Oil

We may see a swift drop (to around 89-90?) & recovery in oil due to this same configuration. The natal chart and harmonic analysis is shown below.

9/14/1960: OPEC Natal Chart
OPEC natal information is from The pentagram is aligned with Jupiter, which is always my first choice. I back-tested these harmonics with several major tops and bottoms and it seems to work well.

2/5/2012: Venus and Jupiter Squares

Above is the same chart that was shown at the top for Nasdaq, but this time with the OPEC pentagram applied. Pluto and Saturn are at 72°. Venus is at 72° squaring Neptune and Mars at 18°. Jupiter is at 18° squaring Mars at 72° and Mercury at 36°.

Crude Light Futures Anticipated Path

The above chart shows the anticipated path for crude. For the past 2 months oil has following beautifully a fractal from late October last year. Oil should bottom Sunday February 5th theoretically.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Changing Times

Dear Readers,

I will be cutting back on my postings to this blog. It has become clear that the world is undergoing an important change, and so we are planning for our future a more simple life. Like Marty would say, "it's just time".

Most of the readers I'm sure know how to use this blog by now. If you are not clear, please read through previous posts and ask questions. I'm not going away completely, and will try to respond to questions promptly, and also alert you when there is something really significant to pay attention to. I will try to keep the harmonic cycle watch lists up to date.

Thanks for your interest in this blog and best of luck to all of you!