Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nasdaq, Silver Update


The last call on silver was made here with a Uranus-Venus conjunction on January 1, 2012. There was a major bottom made 2 trading days earlier on December 29, 2011. Since January 1 was a holiday and a long weekend we can't know what might have happened had the markets been open that day, and with the light holiday trading, I'm going to call this one inconclusive. We have a better opportunity for a real test coming up on 1/26/12 with a Jupiter-Venus conjunction near 72°. This should produce a significant turn.


Since the last Mars 36° cycle we had a Uranus-Venus Conjunction 18° and Venus 72° opposed Saturn 36° squared Earth 18°. I incorrectly called the Venus 72° cycle as a high, when it turned out to be a low. The affect of each of these harmonic events is shown below.

Nasdaq's Recent Turn Dates

There is a Venus 18° harmonic today, but more relevant I think is the same 1/26/12 Jupiter-Venus conjunction mentioned above that occurs at a Nasdaq 18° harmonic and could produce a significant (temporary) turn. Geocentrically, Venus, Vesta and the Moon are all in near conjunction near 36° and squaring the Moon's nodes this same day.

There is also a Venus 36° harmonic (geocentric) on the 28th and Earth 36° on the 31st, so we may see a bit of volatility in the next several days.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Natural Gas

What caused the reversal today in Natural Gas?

First we have to look at the natal chart. Natural Gas began trading on the NYMEX on 4/3/1990.

Natural Gas Natal Chart (Heliocentric): 4/3/1990
There is a Mars-Neptune conjunction opposing Jupiter and squaring the Earth. I placed the pentagram using Jupiter's location at 14° Cancer.

 Here is today's geocentric chart, with the same pentagram applied:
1/23/2012 (Geocentric) with Natural Gas Natal Pentagram
Jupiter and Mars are at 72° harmonics. Saturn is opposing Jupiter at 36°. There is a New Moon at 18° squaring Jupiter and Saturn. The perfect set up for a major reversal. Here is the impact so far:

Natural Gas Futures
In fact, zooming in on the 1-min chart, the low occurred just about 1 hour after the New Moon, which happened at 11:39pm on the 22nd, Pacific time.

Natural Gas Futures: New Moon 1 Hour Before Low

Given the planets involved I'd be surprised if this low doesn't hold.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Geocentric Harmonics

Reader Buffee made a very important observation today. I had been focused entirely on heliocentric harmonics because that's what I thought Cowan did, based on his work in Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory. In fact, I stated here:

It should be noted that there was a geocentric (with the Earth in the middle) Mars-Jupiter conjunction on May 1, however, Cowan specifically states that the heliocentric, not the geocentric configuration should be used. So we must not be tempted to attribute the geocentric conjunction to the actual cause of this historic market turn.

But Buffee realized from studying Cowan's website, http://www.cycle-trader.com, that he uses BOTH heliocentric and geocentric harmonics, and that geocentric Mars harmonics are responsible for several recent major turn dates. This is a fantastic realization because it fills in a lot of blanks - now many previously unexplainable turn dates are explainable!

In the graph below, heliocentric harmonics are labeled in purple, and geocentric in green. Beautiful!

Nasdaq Futures: Heliocentric Harmonics in Purple; Geocentric Harmonics in Green
We are now adding geocentric harmonics to the watch list.

Great work Buffee!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 188-Day Quake Cycle

Much has been made of the supposed 188-day quake cycle. The quakes belonging to this cycle include:
  • 2/27/10 8.8 Chile
  • 9/3/10 7.0 New Zealand 
  • 3/11/11 9.0 Japan 
  • 9/15/11 7.3 Fiji
Each of these are separated by 188 or 189 days. Going backwards there is nothing very convincing before the Chili quake unless you go back far enough, where you will find the 12/26/04 Indian Ocean quake and tsunami falls on this same cycle. This cycle became a big source of speculation on the Web even before the Fiji quake so when that one arrived it was time to take notice. Is there anything to this?

Let's look at the charts for the 4 quakes above.

2/27/10 8.8 Chile

2/27/10 8.8 Chile Heliocentric/Geocentric
Looking at the heliocentric chart on the left, Pluto & the Galactic Center are squared Venus and Saturn. Also, Juipiter is opposed Earth, and Uranus is opposed Saturn.

From the Geocentric chart we see that the latitude of the Chili quake is directly opposite the Jupiter-Sun conjunction.

9/3/10 7.0 New Zealand
9/3/10 7.0 New Zealand Heliocentric/Geocentric
The New Zealand quake was caused by the completed square: Pluto/GC - Uranus/Jupiter - Moon/South Node - Saturn. Both the latitude and longitude of the quake are near Saturn's location and opposite Uranus and Jupiter.

3/11/11 9.0 Japan
3/11/11 9.0 Japan Heliocentric/Geocentric
In both the Japan quake's Heliocentric and Geocentric charts, Saturn is opposing Jupiter. In the geocentric chart Uranus is squaring the Moon's nodes and the GC. The latitude is near Jupiter's location, opposite Saturn.

9/15/11 7.3 Fiji
9/15/11 7.3 Fiji Heliocentric/Geocentric
Pluto/GC are seen squaring Uranus and Venus in both Fiji's heliocentric and geocentric charts. The longitude of the quake is at Venus' location opposite Uranus.


Is there anything that ties these quakes together? If there is I don't see it. Some people have suggested there may be something "out there" like an asteroid that is helping to cause this cycle. I really don't know. If it is something "out there", then certainly that something is not acting alone to cause the quakes. There is enough evidence above to see that several hard aspects were in place for each of the quakes to have played at least a major part. But let's play this out in case it is real.

The next date on the cycle is 3/21/12. This date is significant in and of itself just because it is the Spring Equinox. Just as the Winter Solstice increases the likelihood of disaster (discussed briefly here) because the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Center, the same is true of Summer Solstice with the sun opposing the GC, and the Equinoxes with the sun squaring the GC. The charts below though are for 3/20, a day early, but a little more threatening it seems to me than the 21st.


3/20/12 Heliocentric/Geocentric
In the heliocentric chart the GC is squaring Uranus and Earth. In the geocentric chart there is a square between the Moon's nodes, Neptune and Mars that lasts through most of May. I picked March 20th rather than the 21st because 1) it is the day that this square becomes complete, and sometimes the completion of a square triggers quakes, and 2) the Moon's position makes a more perfect square and adds another dangerous aspect, which Hedke calls the "bow and arrow". In this aspect, you can see a trine with Jupiter, Pluto and Mars, and the Moon is half-way between Jupiter and Pluto. It is as if Mars is pulling the string of the bow and the Moon is the tip of the arrow. The combination of the completed square and the bow & arrow configuration makes this day particularly dangerous. I don't like to predict locations, especially with so many planets involved, but if there is a disaster on this day, the likelihood is that either the Pisces zone or the Virgo zone is involved, with the highest probability being Iceland or New Zealand.

The persistent square between the Moon's nodes, Neptune and Mars is a continued threat for several weeks. More on that later.

1/13 Venus Cycle

The market has risen sharply since the 12/20/11 Mars 36° harmonic discussed here. (The low was put in on the 19th.) There was a Uranus-Venus conjunction on January 1 at an 18° harmonic mentioned here after which the Nasdaq popped up and left a gap that remains unfilled.

Nasdaq Futures and Mars/Venus Cycles

If the Nasdaq is going to take a break, the chances are good that Friday's Venus 72° harmonic will be the reason. Venus' turn dates are stronger when associated with other planetary harmonics/aspects, and this one opposes Saturn at 36° and squares Earth at 18°. As explained here the Saturn 36° harmonic itself was not significant but Saturn may be more influential in its role as opposition to Venus.
1/13/2012: Venus 72° Opposed Saturn 36° Squared Earth 18°

Although I see high chances for a significant pull-back beginning 1/13/12, my long-term outlook remains bullish as this event does not seem enough to top the markets for good.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Score Card

This blog has only been going a few months and there have not been many predictions. Since some of what we do here is experimental it is important review the predictions for the year to see what we have learned.


Mars 72° Cycle Approaches
Here we warned of the October 3rd Mars 72° harmonic crossing which could be significant enough to end the 2011 bear. The following day the markets put in their bottom and began a solid 9 day rally. The low so far has held.
Result: Success

Upcoming Mars 36° Cycle
Mars made a 36° harmonic crossing on December 20. On that date an 8-day drop in the Nasdaq was reversed and so far this bottom has held.
Result: Success

December 18 Jupiter-Mars Square
In this post we talked about the Jupiter-Mars square that formed on December 18/19. We were not sure whether this aspect would act independently of the Mars 36° cycle on the 20th (and the Jupiter 18° cycle on the 29th), or whether they would work together. Because the events were so close together it really is difficult to say but it appears that even if the square by itself had an affect it was quickly overpowered by Mars on the 20th. Jupiter's 18° crossing didn't seem important enough to warrant its own post; there was a reversal on the 29th but it's hard to say how significant this was with light trading during the holidays. Cowan does not address squares, so as a prediction it was experimental and I'm going to call it failed.
Result: Fail

Five Fixed Turn Dates Every Year
We listed December 26 as one of the 5 fixed turn dates every year. Again it is hard to make a judgement with the light trading.
Result: Indeterminate

Here we found a planetary link between the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the royal wedding, the Virginia earthquake, and the Mayan end date. From this we found a related configuration near Goro's phi point that resulted in a deadly quake in Mexico. However, Goro's original phi date was actually correct from a multi-contextual standpoint (which is not what we do here) so we did not improve on Goro's phi date.
Result: Mixed

We predicted a disaster triggered by either the geocentric Jupiter-Saturn opposition squared by the Moon on the 26th, or the heliocentric Pluto/GC, Uranus, Earth, Mercury square on the 25-26th. The Mount Lokon eruption was demonstrably linked to the Moon squaring Jupiter and Saturn.
Result: Success


I think this is a pretty good track record so far. There is a trade-off between making gutsy predictions that may fail and making only safe predictions to keep a good score card. I kind of prefer the gutsy ones because we learn so much from our mistakes. As Cowan says at the end of his book:
I hope the effort has provided the reader with additional knowledge and tools to improve his investing decisions. As with my previous writings, I hope it leads other researchers to expand on it, improve it, and to pass the torch on to the next level.
So that is what we hope to do here. If all we did was to make predictions based on Cowan's findings then nothing new would be learned.

Something important we have in exploration is silver's behavior based on its natal chart. It is one thing to find (or think you have found) a correlation between certain events and past behavior, but another to be able to make future predictions. So this is one of those "risky" areas I am willing to be wrong about for the sake of progress.

If you find the information in this blog interesting, I hope you will buy Cowan's book. (To be clear, the disaster predictions made here are unrelated to Cowan's work.) It is packed with so much information that has not been touched on in this blog. I don't say this with any monetary intent; Cowan and I have no relationship to each other except that I once bought his book. But I have surprisingly not found this type of research anywhere else, and I want to encourage others to explore this technique so that we can work together to expand on it, improve it, and bring it to the next level.

Happy New Year!