Monday, December 31, 2012

S&P: January 1 Mars 36° Cycle

As suggested in this post, equities have turned back up due to the December 28 S&P Ceres 36° cycle. However, the uptrend will probably not last long because there is a geocentric Mars 36° cycle on January 1 (markets closed that day) that is likely to reverse the markets back down either today or Wednesday.

1/1/2013: S&P Geocentric Mars 36° Cycle

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Major January Turn Dates

The important 12/21/12 Mayan alignment of  heliocentric Saturn-Venus conjunction trine Neptune and Earth has apparently reversed both equities and metals.

On this day we saw the flash crash in equities that took almost 50 points off S&P futures in about an hour, reversing a bull run that had begun in mid-November. Also at this time, metals finally ended a major multi-day decline.

12/21/2012: Nasdaq and Saturn-Venus Conjunction near 36° trine Earth near 72° and Neptune.
December 28 was an S&P Ceres 36° cycle so we should get a bump up here but the major trend is probably still down.

12/28/12: S&P Ceres 36° Cycle

January should be very interesting as we have several important dates coming up.


January 1, S&P: Geocentric Mars 36° cycle.

January 3, S&P: Geocentric Ceres 36° opposes Venus 72°.

January 9, Nasdaq: Geocentric Mars 72° cycle.

Mars cycles are usually pretty reliable short to medium-term trend change indicators, and probably more important to equities than the Ceres-Venus opposition, which may be more important to metals. My guess is a move up into Dec 31 or Jan 2 (markets are closed Jan 1) as a counter-move to the Dec 28 Ceres cycle low before moving back down.

Next we have 2 major turn windows, January 16-18 and January 23-25.

January 16, S&P: Heliocentric Saturn 18° cycle trine Neptune, Mars and Ceres. Also Jupiter 36° opposes Venus 72°

January 18, S&P: Neptune-Mars conjunction near 72° trine Saturn and Ceres. The conjunction makes a Great Triangle with Venus and Earth.

January 18, Nasdaq: Geocentric Uranus 18° cycle. The last 2 Nasdaq Uranus 18° cycles were both 2 days late and marked an important top and bottom, respectively. Uranus is very slow moving so an exact date is hard to pinpoint.

January 23, Nasdaq: Heliocentric Ceres 72° cycle Trine Saturn, Mars/Neptune.

January 25, S&P: Heliocentric Mars, Earth and Venus form a 72° Golden Triangle. The same day on the geocentric chart, the Moon's nodes are at major harmonics square Mars. This is a very powerful configuration.

The important 12/21/12 Mayan alignment of  heliocentric Saturn-Venus conjunction near Nasdaq's 36° trine Neptune and Earth has apparently reversed the equities bull run, so it appears likely that the trend will remain down into the mid to late January turn windows, where a double bottom would make sense.

I would like to add here a chart from one of my long time anonymous readers, who uses the Seasonal Chain Relative method with historic DOW values and Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus heliocentric longitudes to approximate future behavior. Please refer to the comments in this thread to see the amazing track record of this reader. In this model, the next low occurs January 10, although because of the slow moving planets, the dates can be off by up to 2 weeks. (The graph is meant to highlight directional changes with time, so values in price may not be accurate.)

This implies an alternate scenario where equities bottom near the January 9 Nasdaq geocentric Mars 72° cycle and then move up into the January 16-18 turn window.


January 3, gold and silver: Geocentric Ceres-Venus opposition at major harmonics.

January 6, silver: Geocentric Ceres 36°.

January 9, gold: Geocentric Ceres 72°.

January 16, gold and silver: Heliocentric Jupiter-Venus opposition at major harmonics.

In the near term I think it makes sense to see a small spike down on January 3 (stop kicking double bottom with December 20) that would mark the beginning of a small bull run into mid-January.

Next is a major turn window, January 18-21:

January 18, gold and silver: Heliocentric Neptune-Mars Conjunction at silver's 72° (gold's 36°) harmonic trine Saturn, Ceres; at the same time, Earth is 144° away at silver's 72° (gold's 36°).

January 21, gold and silver: Earth, Mars/Neptune, Venus Golden Triangle 72°

It is interesting that the major turn window for metals coincides approximately with the major turn windows of equities above. Since equities have been trending counter to metals we can logically guess then that this time period will mark a major top in metals. Combining this with the gold roadmap, we might expect one of the early January dates for metals to make a double bottom with the December 20 low before rising into the January 18-21 turn window, then falling back down to major long time support in the Spring.

My anonymous reader has provided us with a chart for gold (see comments) using the Seasonal Chain Relative method and Mars, Ceres and Jupiter longitudes. In this model, gold bottoms in late May just as equities are topping in the earlier graph.

If the equities alternate scenario plays out, then we may see metals topping at their Ceres cycles (silver on Jan 6, gold on Jan 9) and moving down into the January 18-21 time frame.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Roadmap for Gold

I have to say, last week's brutal attack on the metals really took me by surprise. I had been convinced that they were headed to new highs. I apologize to those I misled with my conviction.

We have to figure out what this means now.

When major supports are lost there is usually a bounce up to re-test the supports. Both metals have dropped to 61.8% retracement, a logical place for a bounce. So my expectation now is perhaps a 38.2% retracement back up to either the October or November highs. But then what?

Gold has dropped to horizonal support above the previous consolidation level. It is possible that this level is strong enough to hold it, though it is likely to be at least retested after this short bounce. I don't see a similar support for silver yet however.

Gold Futures

If this level does not hold we have to consider the possibility of a return to the bottom of the 1520ish-1800 rectangle. With this in mind let's refer back to gold's long term chart.

Gold Futures
Gold's major movement have been primarily driven by Jupiter and Saturn harmonics for years. The next such harmonic is a Jupiter 72° cycle in April 2013. Since Jupiter's harmonics have been showing a pattern of HLLHLL, I was expecting April to be a major high. But now I must consider that it may be a major low, the final low in this long rectangle before gold finally resumes its bull path.

In this scenario, I would imagine that gold would fall all the way to the bottom of the rectangle, then make a final bounce for a re-test of the low in April, something like this:

Gold Futures
At this point the Jupiter would finally provide the energy needed to fuel gold to new highs.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nasdaq: 12/15 Mars 72° and Venus 72°/36° Cycles

Our last important turn date was December 9, an S&P Ceres 36° cycle, discussed here. I expected a significant top at this time, but it did not happen. This reminds me of early this year when I kept trying to find a reversal point but the market ignored my normally reliable turn indicators and stubbornly refused to make a significant correction. I realized later that the cause of this was that we were approaching a Uranus 18° cycle, discussed here.

I believe we are in a similar situation now. There is a very important turn date I have coming up in January (it is close to ZigZag’s predicted top), and I think the market is being pull up strongly into this date.

Today is a heliocentric Mars 72° and Venus 36° cycle, as well as a geocentric Venus 72° cycle. Since we have a dip here I plan to use the opportunity to take a long position in equities. Because the turn date is a Saturday, this means that the bottom may have been put in already on Friday, or it could come on Monday. There are some interesting supports in all 3 markets right now so it looks like a reasonable place for a turn and a good place to put a stop. (If I get time I will post some charts.) Today is also a low on ZigZag’s correlation chart.
12/15/2012: Heliocentric Mars 72°/Venus 36° and Nasdaq Harmonics

12/15/2012: Geocentric Venus 72° and Nasdaq Harmonics

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gold/Silver: 12/13 Uranus Turns Direct

Gold and silver topped when Ceres crossed their important harmonic points, discussed here and here. We then anticipated a significant correction for the metals. In the second link I showed a potential roadmap for silver based on this expectation. Since that time we have indeed seen a correction play out similar to the one drawn but on a faster timescale. So the question is, is the correction finished? This is a tricky game we play so let’s look at the clues.

From a cycle theory perspective, gold is near the end of its timing band for a low. Here is a great site that uses cycle theory, showing gold potentially bottoming on day 22 of an expected 18-28 day cycle. Because we had a new low on Friday, that puts us at day 24. So there is not much time left for gold to complete its correction. Here is another excellent analysis, also using cycle theory.

Next let’s look at some moving averages. Silver is supported by the important 10, 20 and 75 weekly moving averages. It also double bottomed off of 50% retracement from its November low to its high. This looks very good for silver
Silver Futures

But we see a little trouble when we look at gold. Gold is trapped between its 10 and 75 week MA’s. The critical 200 week MA should save us from catastrophe, but it is pretty far below.
Gold Futures
Gold is likely to be held back in the short term by its 10 day MA. If it can’t break through here, a touch of the 300 DMA below would make sense, making a double bottom with the November low, which in and of itself should be strong support.
Gold Futures
Silver is about to run into the same problem with its 10 DMA.
Silver Futures

Let’s look at some trend channels. Gold is stuck in a down-sloping green channel, but has strong support from the purple channel. You can see it bouncing with force off this purple line.
Gold Futures

This middle purple trend line above is very important because it goes all the way back to 2008. While this line provides strong support and resistance, it is typically (but not always) pierced a little.
Gold Futures

Silver has a nice strong trend line that I would like to see touched. This could be accomplished by a trip to 61.8% retracement.
Silver Futures

There is also the problem that gold made a lower low on Friday. The previous low was Wednesday, one day later than my last turn date. Since my turn dates can be +/- 1 day, I considered Wednesday a valid day to bottom. But I had no turn date for Friday. This does not mean that the bottom cannot be in – I don’t catch every turn. But the chances are much better when there is a planetary explanation for such a significant turn.

Considering all of the pieces together, I have a suspicion that the correction is not finished, and if so the next date I will look for is December 13th, when Uranus turns direct. Uranus is currently very important to both gold and silver because it is near gold’s 72° harmonic and silver’s 36°. I just noticed there is also a new moon on the 13th at gold’s 36° which you can see in the chart below.
12/13/2012: Uranus Turns Direct Near Gold’s 72° Harmonic
Uranus turned retrograde on July 13, 2012, discussed here and here.

A bottom for the metals on December 13 would put it at day 28, the very last day of their expected timing band for a low from cycle theory.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

S&P: 12/9 Ceres 36° Cycle

We saw here that heliocentric Ceres caused gold to top on 11/27 and silver to top 2 days later as Ceres reached gold’s 72° and silver’s 36° harmonic, respectively.

On December 9, a similar configuration will occur for the S&P, as geocentric Ceres crosses the S&P’s 36° harmonic. This should cause a significant reversal.
12/9/2012: S&P Geocentric Ceres 36° Harmonic

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Roadmap for Silver

Let’s review silver’s behavior for November.

On 11/1, silver made a top as Uranus at 36° opposed Venus at 72°, discussed here.
In the same thread we showed a 36° Mars-Jupiter-Saturn Golden Triangle, which caused a major bottom for the metals.

Silver then rallied until Neptune turned direct at 36° on 11/11, also shown in the thread above.

A low was then made on 11/13 when Neptune at 36° opposed Venus at 72°, discussed here.

A strong rally was made until Venus conjuncted Saturn at 36° on 11/27, mentioned here.

A major top was put in on 11/29 with a Ceres 36° harmonic crossing, also discussed in the thread above.

Since then we have been looking for a bottom to be made as Earth conjuncts Jupiter at 36° on 12/3, or Venus at 72° opposes Uranus at 36°.

The following is an outline of possible future behavior. It may need to be adjusted as it plays out.

It appears that the bottom will be put in on the 3rd with the Jupiter-Earth conjunction at around $33 (38.2% retracement). At this point silver will have broken out of its trend channel. Then a sharp reversal should be made for a re-test of the channel, forming a top (right shoulder of a head and shoulders) at around $34.2 on about 12/4 with the Uranus-Venus opposition. We should then see a long drop to the 50% retracement at around $32.6 on about 12/13 as Uranus turns direct at 36°. This will be eagerly bought but then a larger drop should bring silver down to the 68.2% retracement level at about $32.1 on about 12/18 with a Ceres-Earth conjunction at 36°, and then double bottom on about 12/21 when Venus conjuncts Saturn at 72°. At this point silver should make a strong rally for new highs. See roadmap below.
Silver Futures

(Note: For some reason the bottom dates on the TOS chart above are off by 2 days. Please ignore the TOS dates and look at the dates labeled in white instead.)

Notice the date for the final low, 12/21/12. My long time readers will recognize this as a very important planetary alignment.

Addendum: Fibonacci retracement chart, requested by a reader.
Silver Futures

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gold/Silver: 12/3 Jupiter-Earth Conjunction 12/4 Uranus-Venus Opposition

We suggested here that the metals may be topping due to the 11/27 Saturn-Venus conjunction and gold's Ceres 72° cycle. (Silver's Ceres 36° cycle occurs on the 29th.) If we do in fact see follow-through for a correction, it may complete on about December 3 when heliocentric Jupiter conjuncts the Earth, or December 4 as Uranus opposes Venus, all at major harmonics for the metals. (Gold's 36° harmonics are approximately silver's 72°, and vice versa.)
12/3/2012: Jupiter-Earth Conjunction and Gold Harmonics
12/4/2012: Uranus-Venus Opposition and Gold Harmonics

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gold: 11/27 Ceres Cycle and Saturn-Venus Conjunction

Metals have been on a nice bullish run since the 11/2 Golden Triangle near gold’s 72° harmonics discussed here. We may see a temporary top next week due to heliocentric Ceres crossing gold’s 72° harmonic on November 27, and silver’s 36° on the 29th.
11/27/2012: Heliocentric Ceres and Gold Harmonics
There is also a geocentric Saturn-Venus conjunction on the 27th near gold’s 72° and silver’s 36°, increasing the likelihood that the 27th will be important especially to gold.
11/27/2012: Geocentric Saturn-Venus Conjunction and Gold Harmonics

Gold Pattern Inversion Update

In this post we saw that gold is following a nice invertible pattern, which may help us to look ahead at future behavior. The graph can be rotated about the pivot point to extrapolate a similar shape in the future as that from the past. The pattern can be followed roughly both in time and shape.

An update is shown below. We are currently at the blue circle, which correlates to the small correction at the end of 2007. If the pattern continues to hold, we should see gold remaining very bullish for the next few months, then slowing down after a re-test of the high but remaining bullish for the next few years.
Gold Futures

Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/23: Nasdaq Mars 36° Cycle

We saw here that the S&P responds well to Mars harmonic cycles, and from this earlier post that the Nasdaq does the same. In fact, the S&P bottomed 1 day after the predicted November 15 reversal. (The Nasdaq had a Mars 18° cycle on the 16th.)

Below is an update for Nasdaq showing Mars harmonics for the past year. Of course the Nasdaq and S&P can be used as proxies for each other, so this increases the number of times we can use this indicator for CIT dates.
Nasdaq Futures
November 23 is a geocentric Nasdaq 36° cycle.
11/23/2012 Geocentric Mars at 36° Nasdaq Harmonics
While not every Mars cycle results in a significant CIT, the odds are pretty good generally, and in this case even better since Anthony is looking for a reversal at this time as well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11/15: S&P Mars 72° Cycle

Mars cycles are one of the most reliable short to medium term CIT indicators, as seen in this post about the Nasdaq. This is my first analysis of Mars cycles on the S&P, and it looks to work equally well.

S&P Futures

November 15 is a geocentric 72° Mars cycle for the S&P, which could mark an important low.
11/15/2012: Mars 72° S&P Harmonic

Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/13: Total Solar Eclipse

Pentagon Update

In our post about the Pentagon, we thought their might be an event near the November 2 Saturn-Jupiter-Mars Golden Triangle at the Pentagon's 72° harmonic.

11/2/2012: Saturn-Jupiter-Mars Golden Triangle and Pentagon Harmonics

We saw this same Golden Triangle interacting with Hurricane Sandy and with a significant bottom of gold and silver prices.

It is interesting that the Pentagon began providing military relief for Hurricane Sandy on November 1.

Perhaps of more significance (to the Pentagon) however is an attack by Iran on an unarmed U.S. military drone on the same day. This news was delayed until after the election. While Iran claims the drone was over Iranian airspace, the Pentagon says it was over the Persian Gulf in international airspace. The drone was unharmed in the attack.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Silver: 11/13 Neptune-Venus Opposition

In the previous post about silver, we saw that the metals bottomed at the November 2 Golden Triangle, and then moved up into the next turn date, Neptune turning direct on 11/11, this weekend.

The next date to watch for is November 13, a Neptune-Venus opposition, with Neptune at silver’s 72° (gold’s 36°) harmonic, and Venus at silver’s 36° (gold’s 72°). Venus, Uranus, Mars and Ceres are all near silvers 36° (gold’s 72°) around this time, adding to the importance of this time period.
11/13/2012: Neptune-Venus Opposition and Silver Harmonics

The last Neptune-Venus opposition was April 1, 2012, an important high.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Silver: 11/11 Neptune Goes Direct

In our last post about silver, we were looking for a top near the 9/29 Uranus-Earth conjunction. In fact, 9/29 was a Saturday, and silver peaked the following Monday.

Also mentioned in that post was a 10/28 Jupiter-Mars opposition, which resulted in a near-term top.
On November 1, geocentric Venus near gold’s 36° was opposite Uranus near 72°, and the metals reversed a multi-day uptrend.
11/1/12: Geocentric Uranus-Venus Opposition and Gold Harmonics

On November 2, we had a very important Jupiter-Saturn-Mars Golden Triangle, discussed here and here, but I neglected to talk about its impact on the markets. This configuration occurred near gold’s 72° and silver’s 36° harmonics and we saw some panic selling for the metals.
11/2/2012: Heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn-Mars Golden Triangle and Gold Harmonics

It looks likely that we are near a bottom for the metals. But we should be careful to watch for Neptune going direct on 11/11. We know from past analysis that Neptune is very important to silver, being very close to one of its 72° (gold’s 36°) harmonic points. So this event may also mark an important turn for the metals.
11/11/12: Neptune Goes Direct Near Silver 72° Harmonics

(Neptune last went retrograde on June 4, 2012, and direct on November 9, 2011. If I get some extra time I will update this post with a short analysis of the impact of Neptune directional changes on silver.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New York City

New York City was first settled by Europeans on September 3, 1609. This is the city's "groundbreaking" and we will use it as our natal date. Harmonics are set by Jupiter's heliocentric position.
9/3/1609: NYC Natal

NYC's harmonics are exactly 36° from those of the World Trade Center. We saw here that the 9/11 attacks occurred with Uranus at 72° and Saturn at 36° harmonics of the WTC. This corresponds to 36° and 72° NYC harmonics respectively, which makes sense, as an attack on the WTC was also an attack on the city.

Hurricane Sandy made landfall on October 29, 2012. The geocentric chart reveals several dangerous planetary aspects.
10/29/2012: Sandy Makes Landfall (Geocentric)
Neptune is square the Moon's nodes and sextile the Moon and Galactic Center. Pluto is square Uranus and Venus. Jupiter and Mars are at opposition. All of these aspects bring stress to the Earth. Heavy involvement of Neptune points to a water disaster.

But even more ominous is that heliocentric Jupiter, Saturn and Mars form a 72° Golden Triangle to New York's natal chart, with Jupiter at its natal return, and Saturn 144° from its position during the 9/11 attacks.
10/29/2012: Sandy Makes Landfall (Heliocentric)
Revelation 13:1
And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

I've never before applied Earth latitude and longitude to a heliocentric chart for disaster analysis. But in this case, it works so well. Maybe I should? NYC coordinates shown on the heliocentric chart below.

10/29/2012: Heliocentric Chart with NYC Geographic Coordinates

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Platinum: Ceres Planetary Price

We have a CIT coming up for platinum on October 31 due to Ceres turning retrograde at platinum’s 72° harmonic. Inspired by Peggy’s work on planetary prices, I wondered if we can use this method to predict platinum’s value at the turn.

In the previous post about platinum, we noted that platinum is particularly sensitive to Ceres. This was an important clue. For this exercise we will focus solely on Ceres directional changes and planetary prices.

To find the planetary price of Ceres for a particular day, we first find the distance (in degrees) of Ceres to 0° Aries (the point that would be West on a compass). For example, on 4/12/09, Ceres went direct 150° from 0° Aries. (Each tick on the chart is 1°. There are 30° for each astrological sign.)
4/12/09: Ceres Direct at 150°

The value 150° can now be used as either positive or negative. We add this value to multiples of 360° until we get a number which is close to the price traded for platinum that day.

April 12 was on a weekend, so we have to look at the nearest trading days. On the 9th, platinum traded between 1172 and 1216. On the 13th it traded between 1204 and 1248.

360 x 3 = 1080 + 150 = 1230. This value was traded on the 13th, and was 18 points from an important top.

Using this method, we find that since 2009, 4 of the 6 days that Ceres changed direction, the Ceres planetary price was in the trading range for that day.

Platinum Futures

Also, as Peggy noted earlier, Ceres directional changes tend to occur at highs. So we might predict something like the light blue arrows in the chart above playing out. Ceres is 94° from 0° Aries on the 31st, so it is likely that 1534 will be traded that day. (1534 = 360 x 4 + 94)

(The analysis above is only a very simple application of the planetary price method, and near the limit of my knowledge on the subject. Peggy’s work is more complex.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/31/12: Ceres Turns Retrograde

In our last post about the Nasdaq, we were looking for a turn in October due to the following cluster of geocentric events:

10/2/12: G Mars Conj N Node 72° Sq Neptune, Venus
10/4/12: G Jupiter Rx 18°
10/5/12: G Mars 72°

In fact, October 2nd turned out to be a low, and the 5th was an important high. I have to admit that I was surprised at how far the Nasdaq has fallen since this turn date. I had been confident that the lows from the 8/31 Jupiter-Ceres conjunction would hold. But since these support levels have been broken we are looking now for the even that could reverse the markets back up.

On October 25, geocentric Saturn is conjunct the Sun near Nasdaq’s 36°. This could result in a significant turn.
10/25/12: Geocentric Saturn-Sun Conjunction Near Nasdaq 36°
Probably more significant is the next important turn date on 10/31, when Ceres will turn retrograde near Nasdaq’s 72° harmonic.
10/31/12: Ceres Turns Retrograde Near Nasdaq 72°
We saw earlier that this event is also important to platinum, which has harmonics very similar to the Nasdaq. It is also near the S&P’s 36° harmonic.
Looking at Anthony and ZigZag’s charts, we can see that it is too early for a major bottom, so these are likely to be an intermediate turns only.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Bill Foster gives platinum’s natal date as 12/3/1956, 9:10am, NYC.
12/3/1956: Platinum Heliocentric Natal
Here is the heliocentric natal chart, showing the harmonics set at Jupiter’s position, 8Vir57’47″, or about 169° from 0°Aries.

Using these harmonics, we can explain platinum’s movements as follows:

Platinum Futures
Platinum seems to be especially sensitive to Ceres. Ceres goes retrograde on October 31 near platinum’s 72° harmonic. This is likely to produce a significant CIT.

10/31/12: Ceres Turns Retrograde
This is our first analysis of platinum, so we should consider it experimental for now.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The World Trade Center

We saw in the last post that the Pentagon is sensitive to its natal date, and even the 9/11 attacks occurred 6 days from a Saturn 72° crossing.

As a follow-up to this post let's explore the World Trade Center.

Groundbreaking on the WTC was on August 25, 1966. We will use that for our natal date. Harmonics are set by Jupiter's heliocentric position, 17Can20'48".

8/25/1966: WTC Heliocentric Natal Chart
On February 13, 1975, a fire gutted the 11th floor of the North Tower and spread to 6 other floors. On this day Neptune and Saturn were at 72°; Jupiter and Earth were at 36°.

2/13/1975: Major Fire
A truck bomb was set off in the parking garage of the WTC North Tower on February 26, 1993, killing 7 people. Heliocentric Saturn was at 72°, Neptune and Uranus were near 36°.

2/26/1993: North Tower Truck Bomb

The September 11, 2001 attacks occurred with Uranus at 72° and Saturn near 36°.

9/11/2001: Terrorist Attacks