Friday, October 14, 2011

A Few Quick Points

I see that I am getting a large increase in readership so I want to make a few quick points so that you know where we stand in the bigger picture.

  1. First, I will point out that the October 3rd Mars 72° crossing did in fact result in a major turn in the markets. The prediction was a day early, but the crossing actually occurred late in the day, so really it was only off by hours.
  2. I will stress again that the Jupiter-Mars cycle is significant primarily because it has been coinciding with the fixed 72° harmonics.
  3. The larger stock market cycle is driven by Uranus. Each 72° Uranus crossing results in a major top or bottom. This is explored in depth by Cowan. The Uranus orbital period is 84 years, so this results in a 17-year cycle. Interestingly, each 17-year cycle alternates so that a 17-year bull cycle is followed by a 17-year sideways-to-bear cycle, followed by a bull cycle, and so on. We are currently in a sideways-to-bear cycle that began around the year 2000. (But the Dow peaked in 2007 you say? This is why Cowan uses the Nasdaq whenever possible; the Nasdaq is a more reliable indicator of emotional trading.)
  4. Due to the synchronicity of the planets, the 17-year cycle can also be seen via other planets as well. There are other cycles in play too. This is obviously a complex problem.
  5. Every down-trending 17-year cycle contains a mid-cycle panic, occurring at Uranus 36° crossings (and seen also via other planetary configurations). This is the explanation for the 2008 crash.
  6. I do not believe the bull run since 2009 is over. I believe we need a higher order "event" to occur in order to reverse this bull run. However, I am still researching this and am not 100% confident about it.
  7. I apologize for the infrequency of the posts. I am very new to this and there is a lot of research involved in understanding Cowan's work, and then applying it to the current markets.


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for putting up this site. It's great for one who doesn't want or need all the details in Mr. Cowan's new book 2009.
    Question: Does Bradley explain in his book what causes the 13 Year Low Cycle also seen in major indexes like the $SPX?
    Is it another conjunction of some exact type?

    A very good chart is here on Mr. Bussiere's site:

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I forgot to check for comments so I missed a few of them! There is a *very* important 13 year cycle that Cowan addresses, but I'm not sure that it is the same cycle you are referring to. I will do a post on the 13 year cycle soon. Thanks so much for the links, I will definitely look into this!

  3. Hi again, I looked quickly at the chart you posted and I do believe it is the same 13 year cycle that Cowan talks about. I will try to get an explanation up soon!