Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Closer Look at the March 2009 Bottom and May 2011 Top

We saw before that the March '09 bottom began with a Jupiter-Mars conjunction at a 72° harmonic point. Cowan had predicted a major bottom on this date, but his prediction was not based solely on the Jupiter-Mars aspect. Let's look again at the chart.
3/7/2009 Planetary Aspects
There is another important conjunction with Earth and Saturn at the 72° harmonic in Virgo, opposing Uranus in Pisces. The Saturn-Uranus cycle is more powerful than Jupiter-Mars since planets further from the Sun have more power to turn the markets. This explains why this market reversal was so significant. Now let's revisit the May 2011 top.
5/19/2011 Planetary Aspects
Not only was there a Jupiter-Mars conjunction at a 72° harmonic, but it was opposing Saturn. There was also an Earth 72° crossing. Was this configuration significant enough to end the bull run from 2009? It may be. I am still researching.

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