Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jupiter-Mars Cycle's Effect on the Current Stock Market Rally from 2009

The rally from March 2009 has been driven primarily by the Jupiter-Mars cycle. The rally began with a Jupiter-Mars conjunction at a 72° harmonic. The conjunction occurred at 8° in Aquarius, or 308° from 0° Aries, shown below. This is very close to the fixed 72° harmonic point at 311°. All of the fixed 72° harmonic points are shown by the dashed yellow pentagram, each point being 72° from the next.
3/7/2009 Jupiter-Mars Conjunction

 A major correction occurred on 4/19/10 at a Jupiter-Mars opposition, with Mars at a 72° harmonic (near the fixed point at 167°, or 17° Virgo) and Jupiter at a 36° harmonic. The 36° fixed harmonic points occur half-way between the 72° points. Notice that Mars traces out the points of the pentagram in time. The movement of the planets is clockwise. At this time, Mars has traveled 216° from its position in the image above, and Jupiter has traveled 36°.
4/19/2010 Jupiter-Mars Opposition
The latest major correction we are in was caused by the Jupiter-Mars conjunction at the 72° harmonic near the fixed pentagram point at 23° Aries. At this point, 3 points of the pentagram have been traced by Mars.

5/19/2011 Jupiter-Mars Conjunction
The impact of each of these events on the Nasdaq futures is shown below.

Jupiter-Mars Cycle Impact on Nasdaq Futures
This correction should be at or near completion now. We can expect the markets to continue their rally from here, with the next major correction, possibly a major top, to begin on about 8/17/12, with Mars at a 72° harmonic opposed by Jupiter at 36°, shown below. When this occurs, 4 of the 5 pentagram points will have been traced by Mars.
8/17/2012 Jupiter-Mars Opposition
A failure of the ensuing  rally to break to new highs would indicate that the 8/17/2012 opposition is more likely a bottom than a top.

Notice that each 216° movement of Mars corresponds to a 36° movement of Jupiter. This is because the planets are synchronized. We will see more of this type of synchronization in later posts.