Saturday, October 25, 2014

November Gold/Silver Turn Dates

The metals made a major low October 6, 1 day before the Earth-Uranus conjunction square Pluto, highlighted here. The low was made at long term Uranus support. I expected another important turn near the 15th due to the near quadruple conjunction but a high was not made until the 21st.

In November the most important date is likely to be the 16th when Neptune turns direct. The 10th may also be important as Mars conjuncts Pluto bringing energy to the Uranus-Pluto square.

11/1/14: Mercury enters Leo

11/6/14: Geocentric gold Ceres 18°
11/7/14: Mercury enters Vir
11/8/14: Geocentric silver Ceres 18°
11/8/14: Geocentric Mercury enters Sco
11/9/14: Saturn-Venus conjunction
11/10/14: Geocentric Mars-Pluto conjunction square Uranus
11/11/14: Venus enters Sag

11/13/14: Geocentric Venus-Saturn conjunction
11/14/14: Mercury enters Lib
11/16/14: Geocentric Neptune turns direct ***
11/16/14: Geocentric Venus enters Sag

11/18/14: Geocentric Sun-Saturn conjunction

11/20/14: Venus-Ceres conjunction trine Uranus/Jupiter

11/22/14: Geocentric Sun enters Sag
11/22/14: Mercury enters Sco

11/26/14: Geocentric Venus-Ceres conjunction

11/28/14: Geocentric Mercury enters Sag


  1. It seems gold/silver have been making lows on the last trading days of the month for sometime now. think it will be a repeat this time as well? Thanks!

    1. Certainly possible especially with the Jupiter-Mars opposition tomorrow.

  2. So we had this low on Friday. Could this have been a long term low or still more downside risk?

    @Rajat Ray: some weeks ago you posted that Indian vedic astrologers have called the beginning of a bull race in gold and silver that would take it near alltime highs till years end. What do they say now?

    It seems that most of the big astrologers made false predictions about gold and silver in the last few months including Ray Merriman who said on June 12th 2014:
    "I expect a big rally later this summer in both."

  3. Low in gold could be 1163.68,1138.25, gold will rally when stocks start to fall, my prediction for the end of the rally in the S&P is 7-9th November and a price level of 2032.79, if this level is hit on the date and rejected that will be the top of the market,two other levels are 2072.81 and 2079.20

    1. Looks like you might have hit it just right Daytrader, we'll see!

  4. I wrote a comment but it disappeared when I clicked "publish." I don't know where it went.

    Well, we think there is a good change gold prices could rally because of some market geometry thing completed with a PTV of length 2x144. If this PTV is not complete it could be in the next few days around the same 1150-1160ish mark.

    Another possibility is that prices could decline much lower until a PTV length of 407 is completed. But right now it looks very good for a rally.

    1. Great, thanks Nadiel! Nodes currently giving support at 1159.2.

  5. And once again a new sell-off and low on month's end.

    Could this now the turning point for gold and silver or more downward pressure to be expected next week (especially if the Swiss gold referendum fails)?

    1. Yeah really interesting the end-of-month turns!

  6. Hi expect precious metals to reverse higher on Monday due to Jupiter rx? Thanks!

    1. Yes I think they are at an important support level.