Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Equities Turn Dates

June major turn dates were 1, 9, 12-15 and 21. All but the 1st were important turn dates.

July equities turn dates are given below.

7/1/14: Jupiter enters Leo
7/1/14: Geocentric Mercury turns direct
7/1/14: Heliocentric Jupiter enters Leo
7/2/14: Heliocentric Mars enters Sagittarius
7/4/14: Earth-Pluto Conjunction

7/8/14: DOW Mars 36°

7/11/14: NYSE geocentric Ceres 36°        \
7/12/14: NYSE Geocentric Mars 36°         Near Triple Conjunction square Sun, Jupiter
7/14/14: Ceres conjunct Nodes                  /
7/15/14: DOW Ceres 18°
7/16/14: Geocentric Jupiter enters Leo
7/16/14: Sun square Moon's Nodes
7/16/14: Bradley turn date (major)

7/20/14: Geocentric Saturn turns direct
7/21/14: Geocentric Uranus turns retrograde

7/22/14: DOW Geocentric Mars 72°
7/22/14: Sun enters Leo

7/24/14: NYSE Nodes 36°/72°  
7/24/14: Jupiter-Earth opposition

7/26/14: Geocentric Mars enters Scorpio
7/27/14: Geocentric Pluto-Venus opposition square Uranus


  1. thanks for all your great work platy, even though i dont understand most of it, i still check it for many times ~
    after this runup in gold price, are we expecting a higher high in gold until 21st?
    your thoughts on directions for gold nearterms?

    1. Jupiter cycle is pretty powerful, and the Earth-Pluto conjunction on the 4th was not enough to turn the overall trend bearish. So I think the long term trend for gold is up. I think it can go higher before a larger correction takes hold.

  2. Hi you think the triple conjunction over the weekend will lead to a sharp turnaround lower in gold/silver and along with that a turn higher in stocks during next week? GDX closed very bearish on Thursday in spite of the strong move up in gold. GDX is often considered to be a forerunner for gold/silver prices. Thanks!

    1. Yeah GDX Thursday looked bad but today we got some recovery.

  3. Was looking for a 7/3H and 7/10-11L...

  4. I now believe the market top could be in. Here's why.
    For the purpose of this exercise I used the S&P index natal date at the NYC of 3/4/1957.
    The average of the 9 planets on this date turns out to be 219.409.
    1978.25/219.409 = 9.016. Or 9 x 219.409 = 1974.68. Now what did Gann say about the number 9?
    Anchoring an octave 192CD cycle from this natal date on 8/3/2013 (open 1542.75) and constructing a 144 x 72 chart we have 6 x 72 at a price of 1974.75.
    Alternatively, starting the natal date on the date the S&P opened on the CME on 4/21/1974 and constructing a 144 x 72 chart from the 192 cycle on 24/6/2013 (open 1583.75) 5.5 x 72 price levels is 1979.75.
    More amazingly, doing the same thing but from the high on 9/19/2013 (high 1726.25) 3.5 x 72 price levels is 1978.25.
    The top was 1978.25. An EXACT hit.

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  6. Truly sorry for those that lost their life on the Malaysian flight today.

    The first plane that went missing flight 370 disappeared in the early hours of March 8. (3/8 on 1:20 am)

    The second plane recently took off on July 17th and flight number is MH 17.

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  8. hi to all ...:)
    great work platy !!
    check this :
    03.07.14 helio Mars enters sag squaring helio Jupiter entering leo, while Pluto,Mars,Jupiter in parallel - contra parallel.
    Furthermore, Venus, the queen of pentagon, conjuncts Rx zone 20.11.13.
    20.11.13 :
    T square Uranus - Pluto -Jupiter exact.
    Mars - Jupiter 36deg.
    A property of pentagon : interior angle 108 deg.
    Check the triangle Venus,Mars,Pluto: 108+108+144, and how Jupiter in leo (in the midpoint Mars-Jupiter 20.11.13 18deg x 2) activates the T square by forming 108 deg with Uranus and (144+18) with Pluto 20.11.13.
    but what about price? although i dont understand what chris said I agree :)

    1. "Mars enters sag squaring helio Jupiter" correct triangle ...and i forgot to mention Sun - Earth activating T square ...

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