Saturday, June 28, 2014

July Gold/Silver Turn Dates

Gold bottomed on June 3 and made a double bottom June 5, 2 days before the heliocentric Jupiter cycle. (See here for June turn dates.) It rallied into the June 14 (Saturday) silver heliocentric Jupiter cycle and double pentagram, which was confusing because I was expecting a LOW to match gold's major low. This made me question whether June would hold as a multi-month low. Then it made a sharp high on Monday followed by a sharp low Tuesday, and resumed an even stronger uptrend. Breaking the 150 DMA it became clear (in retrospect) that the silver cycle was in fact a LOW that came 1 day late on Tuesday (nominally would have been Friday or Monday). Gold then rallied into the Uranus-Venus conjunction on the 24th which has so far held as a high.

Jupiter cycles typically mark multi-month lows (see graph here), and this one was reinforced by the double pentagram, a much stronger signal, so it is highly likely that a multi-year low is in place. The more important the planetary signal, the harder the date is to pinpoint. The double pentagram occurred 8 trading days after the major low (if it holds), not bad for a multi-year signal. This low was a higher low than the December 31 low (Saturn cycle), which is fine. The most important low (or high) from a planetary standpoint is not necessarily the lowest low (or high) as shown several times in Cowan's book.

Furthermore, the new Islamic bogey man ISIS began making headline news at the time of the double pentagram.

The major gold December 31, 2013 low (double bottom with June 28, 2013) reinforces the idea given here, here and elsewhere that entering the year 2014 was a major economic shift and time marker leading to important (not just financial) future events.

The effect of the most important planetary turn dates of 2014 so far are shown below.
Gold Major Turn Dates for 2014
 There were Neptune and Uranus cycles in December, January, and February, which have not proven useful for pinpointing timing although they do indicate we are near a multi-year reversal. The long term gold chart shows the effect of Neptune. The 1980 double top was within 3 weeks of the geocentric and heliocentric 72° cycles. The 36° cycles were in 1997, although 2 years from gold's low, it was a major low year for silver.
Gold Long Term Chart and Neptune Cycles
The most recent gold Neptune cycles are shown below.
Gold Futures and Neptune Cycles
Silver's long term chart is shown with silver's Neptune cycles below.

Silver Long Term Chart and Neptune Cycles
Looking at the heliocentric chart, with the gold pentagram in yellow and silver in grey, we can see that all major planets have now crossed the major harmonic points, leaving no future opportunity from this point of view to cause another multi-month trend change for many months, or multi-year trend change for many years. (Pluto is also past the 18° harmonic point.)
6/29/2014 Heliocentric Gold/Silver Pentagrams
In the geocentric view, all major planets except Jupiter have passed the major harmonics.
6/29/2014 Geocentric Gold/Silver Pentagrams

Geocentric Jupiter will cross the gold 36° harmonic on July 7 and the corresponding silver 72° harmonic July 9, at which time all major planets will be past the major harmonic points.

Saturn is in retrograde but will not reach the major harmonic point before it reverses to direct July 20; Neptune is also in retrograde but will also not reach the major harmonic point before it reverses to direct November 16. Pluto is also retrograde and turns direct September 22 very close to but without crossing 18°. (Because these reversals occur very close to major harmonics these are potential major reversal dates.) Note also that Uranus goes retrograde July 21 and then direct December 21 without crossing (but while close to) a major harmonic.

The Moon's Nodes also give major reversals. The last 36°/72° crossing occurred in June 2013 (both gold and silver), a major low for the metals. The last 18° crossing occurred in March (silver) and May (gold) this year, important highs (see graph above). The next 36°/72° crossings will occur in early 2015.

In conclusion, the opportunity for the planets to cause a multi-year reversal is almost certainly behind us with both heliocentric and geocentric Neptune, Uranus and Saturn as well as heliocentric Jupiter now on the other side of their major harmonic points, and with geocentric Jupiter about to cross this point in the next couple of weeks.

My guess is that the metals will pull back into one of the geocentric Jupiter cycles before resuming their rally. There is a near triple conjunction of Mars, Ceres and the North Node square the Sun and Jupiter on the 12-14th coinciding with a Ceres cycle which could also be important. Uranus is very important to metals and turns retrograde on the 21st, the day after Saturn turns direct.

The Earth-Pluto Cycle

I have been studying the long term gold chart to determine other causes of multi-month reversals. First let's review from this post the affects of Jupiter and Saturn (heliocentric shown). This chart does not show the June 7, 2014 Jupiter 36° cycle low.

Gold Futures and Jupiter/Saturn Harmonics
I was curious about the cause of what looks to be a 6 month cycle occurring in late June and late December. I believe this cycle is caused by Earth-Pluto conjunctions and oppositions. These aspects appear to be increasing in significance especially since June, 2011, probably because of the Uranus-Pluto square which began in June, 2012 and continues through March, 2015. In recent years these aspects are as important as Jupiter and Saturn in determining major turnsJuly 4 was a conjunction, likely to be near a significant high.

Gold Futures and Earth-Pluto Conjunctions (White) and Oppositions (Orange)
So we are at an important juncture bounded by the June heliocentric Jupiter low of 1240 (and expected July geocentric Jupiter low) and the recent 1335 high. The failure of geocentric Jupiter to hold price could mean a re-test of 1200.

Gold/silver turn dates are given below.

7/1/14: Geocentric Mercury turns direct
7/1/14: Heliocentric Jupiter enters Leo
7/2/14: Heliocentric Mars enters Sagittarius 
7/414: Earth-Pluto Conjunction

7/7/14: Geocentric gold Jupiter 36°
7/9/14: Geocentric silver Jupiter 72°

7/12/14: G Mars Conjunct Ceres     \
7/13/14: G Mars Conjunct North Node      Near Triple Conjunction Square Sun, Jupiter
7/14/14: G Ceres Conjunct North Node  / 
7/14/14: Ceres-Venus Opposition
7/14/14: Heliocentric gold Ceres 72°
7/15-16: Silver 72° Neptune, Venus, Jupiter golden gnomon triangle 
7/16/14: Jupiter enters Leo
7/16/14: Sun square Moon's Nodes
7/16/14: Heliocentric silver Ceres 36°

7/18/14: Saturn-Venus Opposition
7/20/14: Geocentric Saturn turns Direct
7/21/14: Uranus turns retrograde
7/22/14: Geocentric Sun enters Leo

7/24/14: Jupiter-Earth Opposition
7/24/14: Gold 72° Earth, Uranus, Ceres golden gnomon triangle
7/26/14: Geocentric Mars enters Scorpio
7/27/14: Geocentric Pluto-Venus Opposition Square Uranus

7/31/14: Geocentric gold Ceres 18°


  1. Additionally, July is a seasonal month for extreme low prices in gold.

    I am also looking forward for a rally in gold, and much higher prices given that the recent bottoms of June and December 2013 seem to be final bottoms.

    Looking forward for your next posts in metals,

  2. Hi Platy...this Friday we have a Sun/Pluto conjunction and Thursday (as Friday is a holiday) at the start of the US session we have the non-farm payroll release. Do you think the sun/Pluto signature will have a strong bearing on gold/silver during the Thursday trading session? Thanks!

    1. Yes it interacts with the Uranus-Pluto square, similar to and maybe more important than the Uranus-Venus conjunction on June 24.

  3. So far gold is finding it difficult to close below 1300$ in spite of a super-strong nfp release. You think 1260/1280$ next week is realistic?

  4. Who knows if this is correct, but I have been running some maths for a potential high and get a cluster of prices around 1998.

    Pivot points:
    Weekly R3 = 1986.
    Monthly R2 = 1993
    1st R2 = 1984
    2nd R1 = 2007

    (√ 1574.25) + 5 = 1996.
    (√ 767.25) + 17 = 1998.
    (√ 1586.75) + 5 = 2010.
    (√ 665.75) + 19 = 2007.
    2000H - 2002L x 50% = 1977
    2007H - 2002L x 50% = 1996
    2007L + 35^2 = 1992
    The trendline from the open of the last 192 cycles to the open on the current cycle placed on the mid-point of the range and at 144 CD's crosses 2000 on 7/15.
    My Node chart has (5.25 x 360) + 106.645 = 1997
    And from the open on the current 192 cycles of 1827.25 as DO, RE = 1992. The next cycle commences on 7/15.

  5. Hey Matt whats your major prediction this month?, ive read some are predicting from July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015 for it to increase. Also we have the World Gold council meeting on the 7th ( im not expecting too much to come from this?) Whats your maths saying or gut feeling? just another standard month or

    1. Adam,

      IMO, the call for summer low is outdated. I look from various dimension EW esp.

      The new bull actually started on Jan 2 but wave i of 1 is always skeptical and deceptive. wave ii of 1 completed at 1243. We are now doing iii and gold should rise until early October in this 18 months wave 1.

      Chinese astrology also suggest Gold going on offensive and no holding back. Sept we might see huge spikes.

      Divali is 23 Oct.

      I am loading. Gold isn't going to get taking down yet despite positive new for USD etc etc. which usually counter trend gold.

      So will July be a major low as some jokers who charge 13k a year is ranting. Well, I would think July is stacking time. SPX is peaking and exhausting itself. July is neutral and neutrality in the light of USD bullishness is great for gold.

      GSR might hold back. read Seeking Alfa for TA and FA.

      It seems to me 10 and 15 this month might be a pull back. Gold is stable in July.

      IMO if one is investing, then keep stacking but if trading or leverage, it can be dangerous. I am not a trader at all so I keep stack for this 18 months wave 1 calf till it turns into a raging bull and enjoy my ride of a lifetime. Rarely occasion for generation wealth IMO.

      Jupiter is the planet I am watching along with Chinese five elements which seems to have a good correlation with metals rising and falling.

      Jupiter will leave mid 2015 and that coincides with this 18 months bull by fibo counts from 6 Sept 2011. We are in the 377 CD period

      I will keep updating my chart for wave iii, iv and v into June 2015, the time which Jupiter leaves

      The love trade is on; Ramadan (end July), Divali (23 Oct), Christmas, Chinese New Year (19 Feb 2015). Shanghai SE has flattened out and should start a suspicious wave i going for the long haul too as commodities pick up. I would think Sell next may and reenter after a 5-6 months wave 2. .

    2. also mate thanks for your post reply on this really good detailed information i appreciate it. Cheers. Im also got some interest in silver / gold and beleive also mayb junior silver miners might be a good value trade for mid term when the price recovers

  6. Post updated. Thanks everyone for your inputs!

  7. are we expecting a pullback in gold any time soon?
    or consolidate above 1300 to 1330 and breakout ?

    1. I don't think the correction is finished yet.


    When time is right, price will correct. Time is near so better not be left

    TA, Astrology etc.........are pointing ONE direction..........its a matter of time. Did Martin Armstrong algos work around the planets just as WDGant did?

    Anyway, I would say Jupiter as Gold's planet will transit its home start in 2014 after 12 years? Leo (23/7 - 22/8) get ready to rise and shine of luck this summer for Jupiter, the planet of fame and fortune moves into its home star Leo, catapulting Gold to cloud 9. For those who have used the first half of 2014 to stack, the second half promises to rock beyond imagination.

    No wonder, gold failed to be taken down despite absence of positive news and good news had favored SPX and DJIA which dream to make it to orbit; a good mid-summer night dream at its best? Buy at the lowest bottom? Keep dreaming. OTOH.......I might be so wrong too.

  9. Hi Platy

    Thank you for your analysis and thought. I have been following your blog and enjoy reading it very much. I have a question for you and other readers. I don't know anything about financial astrology so thinking about exploring. I'm thinking it might be good to read books by Bradley Cowan or Raymond Merriman. If you are familiar with them, what are your thought on them? Any suggestions or recommendations with other methods or books would be more than welcome.

    Thank you

    1. I recommend Cowan's Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory. Some people have told me it's hard to read. But before I found Cowan I tried other astrology books including some of Merriman's and to me those were so complicated I gave up on trying to learn them. Cowan's theory is simple once you understand what he's saying but maybe you need a strong mathematic background for it.

    2. Hi Platy

      Thank you for your suggestion.

  10. Strange....Chinese astro had 15 July on Beijing time as a low....and that is when the sun rise soon today...

    1. hey matt does chinese astro project anything around 19-21 july for a turn or bottom similar to platys next turn date

    2. If gold goes flat next three days, the next four would see positiveness

    3. and if gold is positive all 3 days, that would also mean a rise is on the way?

  11. I take that back its tracking flat as u said so looking for a Thursday positive

  12. Epic Research has updated this news that Gold fell after robust economic data from US, China and the euro zone deterred investors from safe-haven assets.