Saturday, April 5, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and God/Christ

It was reported today that a Chinese search team has detected a signal that could be from the missing 777. There is a lot of symbolism taking place with this which is very interesting.

First, "7" is the Biblical number of God. Therefore, 777 is a redundant "God" message; maybe something like the passengers of the plane being (symbolically, or fractally) "raptured" to heaven to be with God?

The location of the signal detected by the Chinese team is 25°S, 101°E, off the coast of Australia.

25°S, 101°E

Let's look at where the planets are positioned.

In the geocentric view, Jupiter (== Zeus == Jesus) is at 102° E longitude, only 1° from the detected signal! So we have a strong God message coupled with a nearly perfect Jesus message!

4/5/2014, Geocentric Longitude

In the heliocentric view, there are no planets at the 25°S latitude, but Jupiter is the closest planet at 11°S latitude.

4/5/2014, Heliocentric Latitude

The location pinpointed by Jupiter's current geocentric longitude and heliocentric latitude (102°E, 11°S) is only about 200 miles West of Christmas Island, which wouldn't even be worth mentioning except that the other God/Christ signals are so strong.

11°S, 102°E

Now let's look back at when the plane disappeared on March 8.

The geocentric location of Jupiter was 101°E, an exact hit!

3/8/2014, Geocentric Longitude

The corresponding geocentric latitude is 5°S.

3/8/2014, Geocentric Latitude

This location sends us to the sparsely populated islands just off the coast of Sumatra.

5°S, 101°E

Which is close to the flight's originating airport in Kuala Lumpur and also reminiscent of the 2004 Sumatra earthquake and tsunami which resulted in over 230,000 deaths...

12/26/2004 Sumatra Earthquake

...the day after Christmas!


  1. Interesting! Just like with the blood moons, someone up there is trying to get our attention...

  2. blood moon days are good or bad for the market or gold ?

    1. Sorry Zane I did not go back and study that.

  3. When this happened I couldn't help but think that song "Say Something" was a pre-signal to this event. It just hit me today that Christina Agullera was added last year as a duet to that song, another "Christ" signal!

    The song was released November 4, 2013, three days from a geocentric Uranus-Pluto square. The video was released November 19, 2013, five days form the heliocentric U-P square.

    There is another U-P square coming up April 21... will this tie in to the story somehow?

  4. Gold got stopped at 1325 Neptune resistance. If it can manage to break above that the next resistance is1332 Uranus. Important turn dates on the 12th-14th so I think we will see a major reversal soon.

    1. Platy, are you thinking that 12th-14th will mark a high for gold?

  5. Hello Folks, we are looking for a 4/11-14 swing Low

    1. Thanks Raj, Pluto turning Rx Monday could shake things up.

    2. Thanks Platy, it should be an interesting couple of weeks ahead

  6. Does some one know on where Steven J Williams is posting his Market Outlook now. It has been 3 years since he has posted on his blog.