Sunday, March 23, 2014

April Gold/Silver Turn Dates

Gold and silver made a major reversal on March 17 when the Moon's Nodes crossed silver's 18° harmonics (actually hitting Sunday, March 16). Gold's high came in 1392.6, right at Uranus major resistance. March turn dates and support/resistance levels are explained here. The nodes will cross gold's 18° harmonics in mid May.

There is perhaps an even more important turn date coming up on June 14. I will make a separate post to explain this.

The April gold/silver turn dates are given below.

4/2/14: geocentric Uranus-Sun conjunction square Pluto, Jupiter
4/2/14: Gold geocentric Ceres 18°

4/8/14: Earth-Mars conjunction

4/12/14: geocentric Neptune-Venus conjunction
4/14/14: geocentric Pluto turns retrograde
4/14/14: Earth-Ceres conjunction

4/18/14: geocentric Sun-South Node conjunction
4/20/14: geocentric Jupiter-Pluto opposition square Uranus
4/21/14: geocentric Uranus-Pluto square
4/22/14: geocentric Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars complete squareMars-Neptune and Uranus-Saturn 144°

4/29/14: Mars-Ceres conjunction

The importance of Uranus-Pluto squares for gold/silver and the general markets has been discussed here and here and here and here and here and here. (More will be said later in the April Equities post.) The one in April has additional importance because the square is completed by the positions of Jupiter and Mars.

4/22/14, Geocentric
In addition, 2 of the planets in the square are also 144° from other major planets (Uranus 144° Saturn and Mars 144° Neptune), creating a symmetry about the Pluto-Jupiter opposition. The few days near this configuration are likely to be important not only for the markets, but also the Earth as it is caught in the middle, in the form of an earthquake or other disaster.


  1. Tomorrow is a Saturn-Venus conjunction @ 1308.5. Gold may catch some support here. Neptune support at 1295.

    1. Saturn-Venus support for SPX is 1848.5.

    2. Your calculation is correct in Gold these day. Really suprise and interesting. I want to know how to understand about your chart. Where do i start?

    3. For a discussion on planetary price, please see these posts:

      I'm not sure if this is what you are asking though?

  2. the miners are really hammered hard today. esp the junior. Do you think they might bounce tomorrow with gold finding support?

    1. Yes usually they are fairly coordinated.

  3. Sorry, I am again getting ahead of things, but I thought I would post it anyhow.
    Gold made a low on 12/19/13 of 1186 and then the final low on 12/31/13 of 1181. It has rallied since then. Gold (GC) commenced trading on 12/31/74. On that date the Sun (G) was at 279.17*
    On 12/27/13 Mars was at 189.49 or 90* off the Sun's Natal. On March 1 Mars went retrograde. It will turn direct on May 20 when it will be 189.02. But it will again be square the Sun's Natal on May 15.
    If history repeats, gold might have another CIT in around May 15.
    I have a CIT for the ES on May 9-10.

    1. Thanks Chris! Yes I mentioned that the Nodes cross gold's 18° harmonics in mid May, the date is May 19. That should be pretty important and is close to your May 15 date.

      There is a Bradley turn date May 6 for ES.

      Always appreciate your inputs!

  4. Thanks Platy, but not half as much as I learn from your analysis. It is really appreciated.

    1. That's a huge compliment coming from you Chris. Thank you. :)

  5. We may see some gold/silver support on April 2 with the Uranus-Sun conjunction. Gold is currently testing 50% retracement, next major support is 1272. Last year the Uranus-Sun conjunction occurred March 28, a high for gold/silver, and a sharp reversal for oil.

    1. Tks platy. Gold sell off 100$., within 10 days. Heavy manipulated. All eyes see the S at 126x. Hope to see the reversal for Gold.

  6. Thanks for all the info platy. I just started following Astrology closely and seems like for long term investors it might work. Wondering if its possible to have long term view on gold. Like 6 months to a year or two?

    Thanks once again for the amazing insight.

    1. I think we will bottom this year, very possibly on June 14. Then I expect gold to go much higher highs in the next few years.

  7. Cool ! Will it be safe to assume that gold might touch its all time high of $1921 in the next couple of years?

  8. Pluto goes retrograde on 4/14. This will have an effect on gold's price. See what happened last year when Pluto went retrograde on 4/12. It wasn't the sole reason for the CIT because Jupiter was 90* to gold's natal Jupiter position.

    This is not a prediction however, whilst I feel gold is at a high, I feel it could rally up to 1344 with the next CIT on 3/17-9. One of my gold vibration lines passes over 1344. Additionally, inserting 1181 as the starting price in the Sof9, we have 1344 sitting on the SC as does 4/17 from the 12/31/13 high.
    On Thursday and Friday prices failed to overcome the time/price resistance level from the 3/17/14H and 4/1/14L at 1324. Friday's close was 1319. The zero line on the circle of 24 is 1320. On 4/15 the Sun will pass over this zero line. Changes of trend occur at the levels.
    Using McWhirter's analysis, on 4/13 the moon was at 90* of the Sun's natal position. And on 4/14, it will be 90* to Pluto's natal. So a CIT is certainly possible.

    On 4/19, Mars will be 90* to Saturn's natal and on 4/25 the moon will be 0* to Jupiter's natal, though this later aspect is generally bearish.

    Using Platy's pentagonal theory, on 4/18 Mercury will be 72* Jupiter's natal and on 4/19 the earth will be 72* Jupiter.

    My guess is that each of these dates will be an acceleration to the downside, although we do have the conflict in Ukraine as we speak.

    Expect some fireworks.

  9. Bingo!! Pluto does it again!!

    My analysis has identified that Moon 0* Jupiter's natal is bearish by more than 2 to 1.

    Unless Russia invades Ukraine, I think lower prices will continue to print.

    safe trading.

  10. Well done Chris. Keep posting any updates of gold. Tks