Sunday, February 23, 2014

March Silver/Gold Turn Dates

Gold made a major high at its Uranus 72° cycle, February 15. (See here for February turn dates.)

Today (February 23)  is a Neptune-Earth opposition, a configuration that occurs approximately once a year because of Neptune's slow motion. In 2012 this occurred February 19, 4 days from a major high. In 2013 it occurred February 21, a low. It appears that this year it will be a high.

Gold's movement has been mostly constrained by the Uranus and Neptune support/resistance levels.

Neptune Support/Resistance Levels

Uranus Support/Resistance Levels

The Uranus and Neptune support/resistance levels are:

1055 Neptune
1092 Uranus-Pluto
1115 Neptune
1145 Neptune
1152 Uranus
1175 Neptune
1182 Uranus-Pluto
1212 Uranus
1235 Neptune
1272 Uranus
1295 Neptune
1325 Neptune
1332 Uranus  <--- Current major resistance
1355 Neptune
1362 Uranus-Pluto
1392 Uranus

Gold Futures

February 27 will be a silver Uranus 36° cycle, and Ceres turns retrograde.

The March gold/silver turn dates are given below.

March 1: Geocentric Mars turns retrograde
March 2: Geocentric Saturn turns retrograde
March 2: Uranus-Venus opposition Square Pluto

March 4: Venus-Ceres conjunction
March 5: Geocentric Venus square Moon's Nodes
March 6: Geocentric Jupiter turns direct

March 16: Silver geocentric Moon's Nodes 18°
March 17: Silver geocentric Jupiter 18°

March 25: Uranus-Mars opposition square Pluto
March 25: Saturn-Venus conjunction

March 30: Silver geocentric Ceres 18°
March 31: Geocentric Ceres conjunct North Node


  1. thanks Platy i have a question how you calculate the resistant levels example how you know 1392 is Uranus level thank you ciao

    1. This is shown on the charts at the top. You can see that Uranus is at the position 1092 on the 2nd chart, so this is one of the support/resistance levels. The sextile, trine, square, and opposition positions also give support/resistance, so we simply add and subtract 60, 90, 120, and 180 to 1092. We can also add and subtract a full circle of 360 to each of these values.

      So we have in this case 1092 - 60 = 1032. 1032 + 360 = 1392.

    2. Thank you.
      Learn something new everyday

  2. hi platy, is there a correction coming for the metals in march?then a bounce for higher high in apr?

    1. I think we have a high either today or Thursday.

      I'm not good at long term forecasts. I think the most important date for March is probably the 16th, so we have to see how it looks as we get close to that.

  3. 26th Market continued reversal to downside?

  4. In there is an article which follows McWhirter's system of using the new moon for CIT dates. I have found McWhirter's system complex and confusing however, this is relatively simple.

    Essentially, you look for aspects on the dates of new moons. When the moon passes the longitude of the planets in the aspects a CIT is possible. The last new moon was on Jan 30. On that date Mercury was 45 (G) Venus. Mercury was at 328.56 and Venus was 282.6.

    The moon will cross these points on 26 and 28 February. We shall see.

    1. This is very interesting Chris. Also at the last New Moon, Uranus is square Jupiter and Pluto. The Moon passed by these points Feb 3, Feb 11, and Feb 25 (today). Certainly Feb 3 was a major turn, and Feb 11 (or better 12) was minor.

    2. moon sq sun exact on Monday on silver chart all lining up on the 3rd with gold drop ?! great article thanks :)



  6. March 25: Uranus-Mars opposition square Pluto
    March 25: Saturn-Venus conjunction

    March 30: Silver geocentric Ceres 18°
    March 31: Geocentric Ceres conjunct North Node

    Hi platy. give me some detail in above days.

    1. Hi Van, all of these aspects are important, and their significance is raised when they are clustered. So there is a good chance to see a reversal on March 25 (+/- 1 day), and another on March 30-31 (+/- 1 day). Unfortunately I cannot tell you in advance whether these dates will give highs or lows.

    2. Tks Platy. Today, Gold reaches top 1392.Will watch to see on 25 and March. Keep update your work on April and so on.