Friday, January 3, 2014


Next week is the Jupiter-Earth-Venus near triple conjunction opposite Pluto square Uranus, an almost perfect upside-down mirror of the planetary configuration at the 1932 low, discussed here, with Jupiter substituting for Ceres.

I have been using ~January 7 for the date of this near triple conjunction, but in actuality (because it is not a perfect triple conjunction) it spans the dates January 5-11.

On January 5 Earth conjuncts Jupiter; on the 8th Venus conjuncts Jupiter; and on the 11th, Venus conjuncts Earth.

The 1932 low came at the Venus-Ceres conjunction, so the closest analogy is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the 8th.

1/8/2014: Jupiter-Venus Conjunction (Heliocentric)

The diminishing fractal continues to play out on smaller and smaller time scales. We are down to 1-hour bars now. When it runs out of time the top will be in.
SPX Diminishing Fractal

Furthermore, all the requirements of this post have now been met, including a completion of the inversion pattern from the 2009 low with blow-off-top.
SPX Inversion Pattern

Also a completion of the DOW inversion pattern from the 1932 low first mentioned here...

...with the expectation of a 3-year correction (possibly ending at the next NYSE Uranus 72° cycle) similar to the 1929-1932 drop, seen above in the inversion graph and also the next step in the Fibonacci series discussed here, which culminates in (3+2+1+1=) 7 years at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021.

Is the Tribulation about to begin?


  1. Thanks Platy, I think we are all anxious to see what the outcome is.

  2. Can this date extend to the 16-17th? I see the spx down to 1815ish and then up to 1860-1870 by the 16-17th.. That should be the top.... Then down to 1745-1750 by about feb opex

    1. I was thinking about that too Eddy. I'm not finished working out the January turn dates but I know a lot of people are looking at that time frame. There is a heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn trine January 19th which interacts with the Jupiter-Earth-Venus conjunctions next week. Jupiter sextile/Saturn opposition are currently giving resistance at 1846 (heliocentric) and geocentric Saturn opposition at 1851. On the 19th the resistance level for all 3 of these aspects will be 1852, which could act as a magnet on that date.

      If it breaks above 1852 we need to look at the next resistance levels.

      I'll try to get the rest of the January analysis out next week. Sorry for the delay, I have been sick.

  3. I mentioned your comments regarding the planetary similarity to 1932 in my week newsletter: OSS NEWSLETTER & FORECAST. I to have been mentioning this similarity for almost a year now.

  4. Hello Platy, I've been following your blog for a while and I must say thanks for all the excellent information you and many others contribute !... its greatly appreciated.

    Now, I thought I'd note a few dates etc that maybe of interest considering we're expecting the end of the 13 Year cycle anytime now and the start of 3 years of Bearish action - - would appreciate any feedback

    1929 DJIA High before mkt crash, Sept 3, 1929 was 381.17pts + a full Uranus cycle (time wise I mean) = 30 Dec 2013... So I was expecting a top here but not the final top.

    then...Oct 29, 1929 Crash + a full Uranus cycle (again time wise only) = 24 February, 2014.
    interestingly the 2001 DJIA High on May 21 @ 11,337.92 + 666 Weeks = approx the week of 24 Feb, 2014.

    Also, have you noted how close the major planets are to aligning on 3 points of the NYSE Pentagram forming the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ on Feb 24 ??.. not exact, but at least in the right ballpark would you agree?.

    And finally for this my 1st comment on your blog, I’ve also noticed Saturn’s 180 deg movement from year 2000 High & Low compared to the dates I mentioned above... plus a late Feb plunge to expected completion of move in Nov/Dec 2016 = approx Sq 12 in weeks

    Be good to hear your comments Platy or from anyone else on here.
    Here’s to an eventful 2014 !!

    1. Hi OSH, great observations - I'm still a little under the weather but will try to look at this more carefully in the next couple days.

  5. I have been computing some weekly, monthly and quarterly time/price projections. The results are interesting.
    Firstly, the weekly:
    1. 7/9/10L - 2/18/11H = Resistance (R) @ 1860.
    2. 10/7/11L - 3/30/12H = R @ 1829. Now (1860+1829)/2 = 1844.5. The 1/3/14H = 1846.5.
    3. 6/8/12L - 9/14/12H = R @ 1697, which was close to the H on 8/2/13.
    4. 6/28/13L - 9/20/13H = R @ 1914. More on 1914 shortly.
    And the monthly:
    1. 7/10L - 3/12H = R @ 1865
    2. 6/06L - 7/07H = R @ 1858. It should be noted that the price of 1852 sits at the 6/8ths of the Gann equinox square chart.
    And the quarterly:
    1. 3/09L - 6/11H = R @ 1919.
    It appears that 1904 to 1919 is an extremely strong resistance level because:
    1. 1918 is 150% of the range from 6/24/13L and 8/2/13H.
    2. From the 2009 low of 665.75, 1918 is 18 cycles away. To refine the price, from the low to 1918 it is close to 35 x 35 = 1890. The mean of these 2 prices is 1904.
    3. 1915 is on the NC and is 7/8ths of the equinox square chart.
    4. The True Node sits at 1918 and uranus square and Pluto opposite are at 1901.
    However, before we get to the potential high, prices need to rally through 1884. In my view, 1884 is likely to be a key resistance level because the high for the Emini's natal trade was 942. 942 x 2 = 1884.
    A CIT should occur next week for no other reason that the True node crosses the true Node inverse next week. these intersection points often result in a CIT. And whilst timing is difficult to judge, Mercury has just hit its max S declination and is turning up. Moreover, in around !/24 Venus will be parallel with Mercury.

  6. Hi Platy, the Jan.7 was the clodest day here in Canada (toronto), the weather I belive is influenced by that triple conjunction.that Cold was kind of uniqe.Thanks.HM2535

    1. Very interesting. There's also a huge sunspot pointed at Earth ( Hopefully the worst of the freaky weather is behind us now.

    2. -9 degrees tonight in Toronto. I walked my garbage out in my sweater... lol Its like fall weather when you compare it to -35 deg.

    3. yes, now is better, but on 7th evening, I could not stand outside to fill the gas even for 1 minute, huge wind made it around -36 and super cold !!! at least the Weather is not Manipulated yet and follows the rule of nature :)

  7. Suck it up!! We currently have 96.8 degrees, with about 80% humidity.

    After further analysis, I am forming a view that a major top could well form higher than my initial projection to around 1902-1914. In addition to this please see the above post as well.

    1. Neptune square sits at 1910. Neptune square stopped the rallies in 2000 and 2007. It also found the low in 2009.

    2. The inverse of the average of the 5 outer planets comes in at 1902 in the first week in March.

    3. Using 666 as the starting price in the square of 9, 1908 sits on the WC.

    4. And 13 cycles away from 942 (the natal high) averaged with the square root is 1905.

    5. 1907 sits on the 7/8 horizontal line of the Equinox chart from March 2013.

    Any ideas?

    1. Ideas? Here is my Elliott Wave count.. Basically up to about 1870.. down to 1748 ..then up to 1898

      WAVE 1 1560.00 1710.00 150.00
      WAVE 2 1710.00 1627.00 83.00
      WAVE 3 1627.00 1869.70 242.70 Near top of daily BB
      WAVE 4 1869.70 1748.35 121.35 June trendline and 0.5 fib
      WAVE 5 1748.35 1898.35 150.00 Top of LT int W3?? If so its a major event (15% down event) maybe april/may top...

      Company earnings warnings are at record-highs

  8. Emini Nasdaq has a time/price resistance level of 3607 based on the 10/9/13L and 10/30/13H

  9. DOW transports broke to new highs. Expect market to follow suit.