Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gold/Silver January Turn Dates

Gold and silver put in a major low on December 31, 2 trading days before the gold Saturn 72° cycle. Silver's corresponding 36° cycle occurs later this month as well as a gold Neptune 36° cycle.

January 1: Geocentric Sun-Pluto conjunction square Uranus, Mars
January 3: Gold Saturn 72°

January 5: Jupiter-Earth conjunction   \
January 8: Jupiter-Venus conjunction     — Near triple conjunction opposite Pluto square Uranus
January 11: Earth-Venus conjunction  /

January 22: Silver Saturn 36°
January 22: Geocentric Sun square Moon's Nodes

January 26: Silver geocentric Ceres 18°

January 27: Gold geocentric Neptune 36°

January 31: Geocentric Venus turns direct near conjunction with Pluto opposite Jupiter square Uranus

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  1. Today's high closed slightly above 1260 which sits on the NC on the square of 9 with 20 as the starting price. If prices break through this resistance the next resistance comes in at 1287, which is the time/price resistance level for the 6/6/13H to 6/28/13L and the 12/10/13H and 12/31/13L.
    1300 is on the NED.