Saturday, December 21, 2013

SPX, Gold Planetary Price

Please see here for background on using planetary price. I have not used this method much and it should be considered exploratory.

The SPX met with strong resistance at 1811 in November due to the Uranus' position, reinforced by the square to Pluto and Jupiter and opposition to Mercury. This price level was first rejected on November 29, then re-tested on December 9, 18, 19, finally breaking through on the 20th. Neptune gave previous resistance at 1775.

11/29/2013 (Heliocentric)

We may see a re-test of 1811 before a continuation higher, since prior resistance levels often get re-tested as support.

The next strong resistance comes from the Moon's nodes, currently at 1836 and slowly falling. On the important January 7 date we are watching, the South Node coincides with heliocentric Neptune sextile resistance at 1834.75.

12/21/2013 (Geocentric)

Gold hit resistance from Pluto on October 28 at 1361, reinforced by the square to Uranus and opposition to Jupiter.

10/28/2013 (Heliocentric)

My guess is that gold will find support at Neptune's square at 1145, which is reinforced by the Mars opposition on December 30. The Uranus-Saturn-Mars Golden Triangle at gold's 72° harmonics adds to the significance of this turn date. These aspects are also discussed here.

12/30/2013 (Heliocentric)
This is only a guess at this time since other support levels exist (for example the current low is at Jupiter's position, 1185; Uranus-Pluto support is at 1181; 1175 is trine to Neptune). Hopefully it will become clearer as we get closer.

Saturn reaches gold's 72° harmonic January 3 and may give more clues at that time.


  1. Hi Platy
    Just wondering what program you use to make all the cool squares and sometimes pentagrams in the above charts.
    Regards Vince

    1. The planetary aspects come with the Kairon astrology software I use. I think it only works on a Mac.

      I have to draw in the dotted pentagrams by hand, as well as the square on the bottom chart above. I do that using Preview.

    2. Thanks Platy.
      I dont have a Mac so I could probably use excel or some painting program.

  2. In the first six months following a new appointment, the [DJIA] (the S&P 500 wasn’t around until 1929) has always had at least a 7% correction, with the largest being 33% (the 1987 crash).

    1. Wow. Greate post... Elliott wave predicts a wave 4 drop of about that real soon.... I figure 14% to 1550ish..starting after the santa rally finishes on Jan 3rd.. So on or soon after Jan 6th..

  3. Merry Christmas Platy thanks for this Webb site

    1. Thanks Enzo, Merry Christmas to you too and best wishes for the New Year!

  4. At a price of 1182, Gold will exactly conform to the AB=AD pattern. From the 8/28/13H-10/15/13L = 180. 10/28/13H-180 = 1182.

    But the 1186 low rebounded off the 1.618% Fibonnaci extension. So, the question remains, will Gold fall the extra 4-5 points?

    I echo enzo's comment.

  5. 1845-6 is next resistance, from Saturn opposition/Jupiter sextile.

  6. A calculation using the Expanding Geometric Ratio Series (which is another methodology for determining Time & Price) using historical highs and lows gives a potential date for a major CIT (top?? although not necessarily THE top) of between 1/6/14 - 1/9/14, which is between 570 to 573TD's from the 10/4/11L:
    • 451H (actual 454) x 1.272 = 573
    • 352L x 1.618 = 569
    • 278 x 2.058 = 572
    • 219H (actual 223) x 2.618 = 573
    • 173H x 3.33 = 576
    The Harmonic Series gives:
    • (454H x .250) + 454 = 568. 454 was the actual high for the first calculation above
    • (412H x .382) + 412 = 569
    • (383H x .5) + 383 = 574
    And more ...:
    • 285L (major low) x 2 = 570
    • 190H x 3 = 570
    In summary it appears we should a CIT in the second week of January 2014.

    1. Just before the year ends , Iwould like to say Thank you to Platy for all the time and effort put in to this blog , many thanks , and also to the people who showed their analyses
      also many thanks

    2. You're welcome Pieter and I agree, thanks for all the great contributors here!

    3. Holy Bleep Bleep Batman... I see via EW the end of long term W3 coming up sometime mid Jan... say around the 8th-17th.. That would bring us long term W4 down to 1550... then a bounce to new highs before the crash....
      Something similar to this

      Also these points..
      - I noticed that the fractal of July 2007 looks the same as the one we are in..
      - we hit the top of the 2009 trendline just like we did in july 2007
      - my very slow oscillatiors confirm some kind bear flag is approaching

      Great site Platy.. Keep up the good work.

      Thanks to all and Happy Holidays!!

    4. Update... Here is my SPX count for the year based on Elliott Wave. Notice the big drop is further out in time vs my prior post

      1870 - 1748 - 1898 - 1580 - 1930 - Crash?

      OK This is where it gets interesting..
      1898 may take us to april/may where we normally have large corrections... 1930 could be in October... Both are puetz windows and typical market crash times..

      2014 should be a consolidation year but we should have good volatility to make $$... The result of this consolidation could be either a huge bull run or a huge bear run there are counts to support both. This year will be the inflection point. The key will be when the wave from the 1074 low completes sometime late this year(at 1930). The waves from 666 low to 1074 low can be counted as a bullish 1-2, 1-2 or as a bearish ABC. We will see, it will be interesting! Note: After 1930 a bearish count takes us sub 666 but in comparison, a bullish count takes SPX to 2400...

      Here is some interesting analysis
      Nouf on Dax and SPX

    5. Thanks for your analysis Eddy.

  7. I second that. Thank you guys and Platy for all you do. You helped me immensely this year. God bless everyone. Have a great New Year!

    1. You're welcome Tom, hope you have a great new year too!

  8. platy,
    i must also take this time to thank you for all you do to make this blog the greatest i have come across and thanks for all contribution by Chris and all other visitors on the site and i sincerely wish and pray for peace and A wonderful Happy newyear to All

    1. You're welcome Vick, best wishes to you too for the new year!

  9. Does anyone have the name and link of a good article discussing midpoints. Thanks in advance.

  10. On Oct 11, 2007, 1576.09 was the all-time high until April 2013. Friday, Dec 27, 2013 was the 1564th Trading Day from that top. Counting up 1 point per TD from zero the 45 degree angle is at 1564. In 13 Trading Days this angle will reach the Oct 11,2007 high, thus squaring itself. I have this as Jan 16th.

    Gann called this angle from a major high the "Death Angle". I would have to think that being an all time high gives it even more significance.

    Notice, at 1564 this angle has now moved above the June 24, 2013 low of 1560.33 and is advancing up I point per TD.

  11. Platy, All the best to you and your followers for 2014 and thankyou for all your effort throughout 2013!

    Just to add that back in early December I was seeing some positives emerge in the Aussie gold sector as it began to display any further downside selling realtive to gold price weakness.
    IMO the Aussie gold stock sector is a much better leading indicator of the metals market than North American gold stocks and as such I concentrate nost of my analysis on it.

    Today the Aussie gold sector had its best performance in 3 months and lthe Aussie gold index appears to be set to break an 18 month down trend.

    I believe that Aussie gold stocks have bottomed and indeed their North American counterparts are about to see impressive upside moves.


    1. And gold reacted beautifully to 1180 WC on the square of 9 using 20 as the initial price.

    2. Thanks a lot Beetlejuice!

      Nice call Chris!

  12. Happy New year to all and Platy, who has a great blog.

    My 2 cents : We made a 12/31 High, more here:

    1. Thanks Raj, happy new year to you too!

      Good call on the 12/31 high!

  13. Hi Platy, Happy New Year to one and all.

    I've come to cycles last in my trading journey - I avoid all Astrological analysis - it's just not for me, even if Gann did use it, but I have to say from what I've seen and researched Cowans work is probably the best out there - precise and accurate, but still with it's flaws. I've not read all blog posts so it may have been mentioned before - run projections of GANN's 5 year static cycle from 2009 low, now project 180 deg Saturn from 2000 top - pretty close match.
    So far the major turning points in this bearish deflationary depression have been in the months of March or October - lovely match for those cycles mentioned.

  14. Time/Price support levels for the S&P Emini are:

    From 11/29/13H - 12/16/13L = 1809
    From 12/16/13L - 12/31/13H = 1795

    For the Dow Emin for the same periods it is between 16095 to 16056.


  16. Regarding that dec 16t date interesting as I ran my normal astrology program and came up with jan 17 as really nasty 2 grand crosses form right along side the 3 t squares that started 1st jan and run pretty much to march that 17 date really stood out tho

  17. Sorry jan 16 I should say not dec

  18. Sorry for lack of postings but I've been sick with the flu. I might be able to get a post out today but the January turn dates will be a few more days.