Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gold/Silver December Turn Dates

Gold made a high on October 28, silver on October 30. This was 4 days before the November 1 Uranus-Pluto square for gold (also discussed here), and 2 days before for silver, within the +/- 5 day window for this aspect.

The November 24 Uranus-Pluto square gave a low for both gold and silver, which may be re-tested before a significant rally. The graph below shows the effect of the Uranus-Pluto squares so far on gold and silver.

Gold/Silver Futures: Uranus-Pluto Squares

The December turn dates are given below. The most significant dates are the December 16 silver Neptune 72° crossing and December 17 when Uranus turns direct. The proximity of these events adds to the significance of this turn window, which as shown here is likely to be a major low if the same trend continues.

December 1: Saturn-Venus Opposition
December 1: Gold Ceres 18°
December 5: G S Node, Jupiter, Sun Golden Triangle
December 14: Uranus, Saturn, Earth Golden Triangle
December 16: Silver Neptune 72°
December 17: Uranus Direct
December 21: Venus Rx
December 24: Uranus, Saturn, Venus Golden Triangle
December 25: G Uranus-Mars Opposition
December 30: Neptune-Mars Opposition
December 30: Uranus, Saturn, Mars Golden Triangle


  1. Well, the H/S formation I have been touting for a few weeks...

    SLV 17.. which is spot Silver 18.
    That'd be GLD 110...about $100 lower than current levels.

    A mid-December low? Seems viable..but I don't believe that will be the ultimate low. We're only in month'8 down..since the main trend broke in April.

    Next week should be busy. Have a good week Platy.

  2. Platy love that chart. I am pretty old school when it comes to analysing markets.
    I still believe a dead giveaway for a major bottom in gold and silver will be higher lows and positive divergence in the PM stocks.
    Mid December could be the sart of such a scenario. Looking for lower lows in metals and higher lows in shares.


    1. Thanks Beetlejuice, keep us updated with what your signals are indicating.

  3. Friday is going to be a big day, and see a reversal in precious metals. Down I think.
    Both the astro graph and cycle analysis are pointing to a reversal.
    Charts are available free in the "OSS Newsletter and Forecast." Google it if you are interested.

  4. how would the taper affect the gold price ?

    1. The QE money is largely flowing into stocks for now. If they taper, it would put a scare into the markets and that money would need to flow somewhere else. Gold is cheap and should benefit.

  5. The 1929 analogy is showing a major DOW low December 19, which makes me think that gold/silver should make a high in mid December rather than a low.