Saturday, November 2, 2013

Equities November Turn Dates

Equities bottomed on October 9, 2 days after the DOW geocentric 18° cycle and 2 days before the NYSE geocentric 18° cycle highlighted here. They then rose sharply into the November 1 Uranus-Pluto square, possibly topping 2 days early. If the top is not yet in, it is probably very close. The heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square occurs late this month.

The November turn dates are given below. It is a busy month! Clusters of important events raise their significance.

November 1: Geocentric Uranus-Pluto square
November 2: DOW Neptune 18°
November 2: S&P geocentric Ceres 18°
November 3: Hybrid solar eclipse
November 3: S&P geocentric Mars 36°

November 6: DOW Jupiter 36°
November 6: Saturn-Earth opposition
November 6: NYSE Mars 36°
November 7: Jupiter turns retrograde

November 10: Mercury turns direct
November 10: Venus conjunct Uranus square Pluto & Jupiter

November 12: NYSE Ceres 72°
November 13: Jupiter-Pluto opposition square Uranus
November 13: Neptune turns direct
November 14: NYSE geocentric Mars 72°
November 15: NYSE geocentric Ceres 18°

November 18: DOW Mars 72°

November 23: DOW geocentric Mars 36°
November 24: Heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square
November 24: DOW geocentric Saturn 18°

November 28: Comet ISON at perihelion
November 28: DOW geocentric Ceres 18°


  1. The Emini is at a crucial juncture as both price and time are currently sitting at the exact centre of a GANN Equinox square. If prices close above the GANN 1x1 angle, then the rally will continue until November 14. The next resistance level is 1789, which is where prices will meet the Mars 120 inverse line. A multitude of analysis tends to support a CIT in around 11/14 at 1786-9.

    My personal view is that prices will fall to around 1710-5 where price meets time based on the 9/19 high and the 10/9 low.

    Conversely, the following supports higher prices.

    1. Using the hexagon chart, the 3/6/2009 low price of 665.75 (spliced continuous contract) sits on 90 degrees (actual 664). 1786 is on 180 degrees. Prices tend to turn at 90 degree increments. So, for example, if a low formed at 757 (the 45 degree angle), future highs will most likely be located on the 135, 225 or 315 angle;
    2. 1786 is on the EC of the square of 9;
    3. Returning to GANN's equinox square, there are 5 angles which intersect on November 14. In particular, the downward sloping 1x4 angle intersects the upward sloping 1x1 angle at a price of 1789;
    4. PTV. From the 3/6/09 low to the high of 5/2/11 the PTV value was 1058. From the low of 10/4/11 to 11/14/13 (at a price of 1789) the PTV value will be 1056, or just 2 points shy;
    5. 16.5 squares from 665.75 is 1789;
    6. 11/14 will be 360 degrees from the 11/15/12 low, And 144 degrees from 6/24/13 will occur on 11/17;
    7. On 11/14, Saturn will be at 225 degrees on the Hexagonal chart. 90 degrees gives 1782 and Pluto will be at 1788;
    8. I understand the Emini natal date was 9/9/1997. On this date the Sun was at 166.58. On 11/13 Mars will be 166.97. I note also that Venus ingressed into Capricorn. Venus again enters Capricorn on 11/5. Mercury also turned Direct on the natal date. Mercury turns direct on 11/10, and on 11/18 Mercury will be 135 Pluto;
    9. Geometry gives a CIT on 11/15. It took 28TD's to get from the 6/24/13 low to the 8//2/13 high. A 1x1 angle drawn from the low intersects the 361.8 fibonacci extension at 102TD's, which is 11/15.
    Good luck

  2. The Emini must determine its next trend tonight because of the vertical line, which sits at half the GANN square.

    Notice the close has been influenced by both the upward 1x1 line and the downward sloping 1x1 line.

    The chart is here:

  3. We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but the attached is a current GANN square chart of the S&P based on the 2007 crash. To my mind the chart is signaling natural resistance for late March 2014 at a price in the vicinity of 1880. More than likely this may end up being the final high.

    Accordingly, we should expect higher prices, although the market needs to loose some steam over the short term.


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  4. Platy:

    The article written by Thomas S. Peacock had Venus conjunct Pluto opposition Jupiter Square Uranus on Nov. 15th. You have this date as Nov. 10th. Which date is correct? As according to Thomas Peacock, that is the triggering event leading into Uranus Square Pluto on Nov. 24th. I am expecting a correction starting next week around Nov. 14th/15th per Chris’s note also.

    1. Heliocentric Venus is conjunct Uranus on the 10th.
      Geocentric Venus is conjunct Pluto on the 15th.