Saturday, November 23, 2013

December 16: Silver Heliocentric Neptune 72° Cycle

Neptune was last near silver's 36° harmonic in 1997. It made 3 geocentric and 1 heliocentric pass of 36°:

2/18/1997 (Geocentric)
7/18/1997 (Geocentric)
8/1/1997 (Heliocentric)
12/23/1997 (Geocentric)

The effect of each of these events is shown below. The low was made on July 16, 2 days from the middle (retrograde) geocentric pass.
997 Silver Neptune 36° Cycles
Here is a long term chart showing the significance of this major low.
Silver Futures: 7/16/1997 Major Low

7/18/1997: Silver Geocentric Neptune 36°

In 2013-2014, Neptune is near the next 72° harmonic. The 72° crossings are:

4/15/2013 (Geocentric)
8/1/2013 (Geocentric)
12/16/2013 (Heliocentric)
2/12/2013 (Geocentric)
2013 Silver Neptune 72° Cycles

The next 72° crossing is on December 16, 2013:
12/16/2013: Silver Heliocentric Neptune 72°

Notice that Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Earth are near 36° (in Golden Triangle formation); this increases the significance of the turn, and their harmonics often cause important turns as well. The heliocentric Uranus 72° crossing was on October 13, discussed here. Earth crosses 36° on December 14, 2013; Mars on December 31, 2013 (opposing Neptune); Saturn on January 22, 2014.

See also this post which shows that gold Neptune 36° cycles are giving highs while silver Neptune 72° cycles are giving lows.


  1. Thanks Platy, very interesting. I do know that Eric Hadik is looking for a majr bottom in gold NOW and today Aussie gold stocks plunged to their lowest levels relative to gold as far back as you can check, ie decades!

    Many are selling at far less than plant and equipment thus valuing their reserves at nil.
    This has now reached absurd levels and just goes to show how inept investors are at making rational decisions.
    This will in history be looked back upon as the opportunity of a lifetime imo. Much as the gold market in 1976 made people millions, this will be similar.

    BTW in regards to markets, Trannies and small cap continue to lead, not until we see the trannies at least start to diverge are we at a top.


  2. Ceres is square Pluto today opposite Uranus, which I didn't mention before. This could be important in addition to the Jupiter-Venus opposition and Comet Ison at perihelion.

    S&P futures are very close to the 1811 target (could go higher) and Nasdaq looks like it wants to go to 3490-3500.

    Some very bad news is about to make headlines.

  3. Hey Platy.

    Interesting post on the shiny Silver ! Certainly, if you look at the big monthly gold/silver charts, December looks likely for further downside.

    It will be VERY interesting to see where the metals are in mid December.

    One final flush out wave...before a multi-month ramp. across most of 2014.

    However, I'd still be looking for marginally lower lows in late 2014/early 2015.

    Gold 1050/950..with Silver 12/10.

    *the mining stocks will be similarly extremely attractive around such a price level.

    1. Interesting. Why do you think they'll go lower in a year?