Thursday, November 21, 2013


It is appropriate that the planets are completing a mirror reversal from the 1932 low ("doing a 180") at the same time that the stock market is completing its inversion over the same time frame.

7/6/1932: Ceres/Earth/Venus Conjunction Opposite Pluto Square Uranus

1/7/2014: Jupiter/Earth/Venus Conjunction Opposite Pluto Square Uranus

We are approaching point 3 in the chart below, expected sometime within the next few months. (Maybe even on ~January 7, but could it be that easy?) This point corresponds to the 1932 low shown also as point 3 in the upside-down chart below. The impending Fibonacci 3 year crash is the upside-down equivalent of the 3 year crash from 1929 to 1932.

During the time since the 1932 low the U.S. was transformed from the darkest period of the Great Depression into the world's leader. Racial relations took a 180 as well. 1932 was the year of the Tuskegee Study, one of the worst atrocities to blacks by the U.S. government since slavery itself; today the U.S. is lead by a black man. Indeed, opposites abound. Gender reversal is evidenced by the popularization of long hair and earrings for men and pants for women. The starvation of the Great Depression is replaced by a 35% obesity rate today.

The morals of the country have inverted as well with the attack on the 10 commandments aided by the popularity of "wholesome" TV shows as far back as I Love Lucy (which humorized lying) and including American Idol (worship of false idols) and The Bachelor (romanticizing adultery). Every decade breaks new barriers. Many popular shows today targeting teen audiences (Glee, 90210, etc.) are anything but wholesome. Even the seemingly innocent catch phrase "Oh my God!" is cutely anagrammed as OMG for easy texting.

It is not surprising that China is emerging as a major world power just as the U.S. is setting up for failure. China is longitudinally 180° from the U.S., with the important 90° West line running through the U.S. and 90° East through China.

In the next 3 years the U.S. will rapidly be pulled back into another great depression (another 180), peaking at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017, at the end of Obama's 2nd term, as a result likely setting off a new period of racial tension along with the return to mass poverty and starvation.


  1. Thanks a lot Platy, the point 3 looks like is 5 years far from 2010. what do you think? if we follow same scale from 2 to 3 on inverted chart and transfer it to now, we should see 5 years from 2010. Thanks again.

    1. Point 3 is 5 years from the 2008/2009 bottom, discussed here.

  2. There is an article in CBS Marketwatch today that overlays the recent S&P 500 index over the stock index in the late 1920s. A more relevant question is whether we have the signature log-periodic power law oscillations now like we had preceding the crash of 1929. Didier Sornette published several papers on this topic several years ago. There is a blog devoted to this topic and a reference to Sornette's original paper on the topic.

  3. Heliocentric Uranus-Pluto square is Sunday. We could see some major reversals next week.

    1. thank you Platy very nice stuff you have here would love to learn how you project this can you recommend some reading ciao

    2. Platy. How long would it take to learn?

    3. To understand the pentagonal affect of the planets on the markets I really recommend reading Brad Cowan's book "Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory". If you are mathematically inclined it is not too difficult to get through. Many other things I talk about on this blog are just observations. If there is something in particular you would like me to explain I am happy to do so.

    4. Platy,
      Major Reversal. I hope so.. But even on a short holiday week?

      BTW.. You keep mentioning 1811 as a target. How is that calculated?

    5. Please see this post.

      Uranus is currently at the 1811 position, reinforced by the square to Pluto.

      The method is hit and miss so don't take it too seriously.

    6. However, this is one of the methods Gann used.

    7. If it gets above 1811, there is another major resistance at 1837 with the South Node.

    8. Your comment above is unbelievably accurate. 1811 definitely acted as resistance so now too is 1837. Great job. Does Cowan's book teach you how to calculate this?

    9. No this is one of Gann's methods. I tried to explain it here.

  4. Platy, today is the 50th anniversary of JFKs death. In Cowan's book he talks about vibrations, musical frequency and cycles having intervals that have significance. Page 89 - 90. Is there something we might have overlooked for that Nov 22, 1963? 63yrs 270 deg. Uranus cycle?

    1. The only think obvious I see for that date is a Neptune-Ceres conjunction. Saturn is approaching the location of that conjunction, and should reach it in late December. Is there something you're expecting to happen that would relate to Kennedy's assassination?

    2. I was just thinking out loud. Didn't know if it would be a trigger for anything since it is a 50years ago. All this talk about bitcoin being used to solicit assassinations and stuff. Who knows.

  5. That's some outright mind blowing stuff platy. Thanks again

  6. In the event the next CIT on 11/26-28 fails to result in any meaningful retracement, or if prices rally above Platy's price of 1811, then the next CIT will potentially be December 18-20.
    Looking at time, Solstice is on December 21. December 18 will be 240 degrees from the 4/18/13L, December 20 is 90 degrees from 9/19/13H and December 24 will be 180 degrees from 6/24/13L.

    5/22/13H - 6/24/13L = 127
    5/22/13 + 127TD's = 12/20/13


    8/2/13H - 8/28/13L = 80
    8/2/13 + 80TD's = 12/19/13

    Because the Sun was in Virgo on the EMini's Natal chart, Mercury aspects become important. On December 19, Mercury will be 30 degrees Pluto. The natal chart, had Mercury 135 degrees Pluto. And on December 20, Mercury will be 150 degrees Jupiter. The natal chart had Mercury 60 degrees Jupiter.

    Turning to the price there are a number of likely price levels. The first resistance level is at 1836 and the other at 1864.
    1834 is Neptune sextile with the North Node opposite slighly above it, with 1836 being at the 1/4 resistance level of the weekly year March - March Gann Square.
    Conversely, 1864 is on the 1x1 angle from the May - June retracement. This 1x1 angle likewise passes through my ultimate top of around 1880 on March 20, 2014. Moreover, Neptune square sits on 1864 on December 20. 1864 is 423.5% extension off the 11/15/12L and 12/19/2013H. 1871 is on the WC.
    Interestingly, a trendline drawn from the 10/19/13L to 1865 supported prices on 11/8/13 and 11/21. I had not noticed this earlier.
    However, a word of caution. The latest COT data has the Funds covering their long positions. This most recent rally has resulted from Commercial and speculative buying. The question therefore, is, how much longer can the market continue to rally before a large market correction takes hold? There can be no doubt we will have a retracement back to around 1680 (SW diagonal) prior to March 2014.

  7. Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Value (RPV) has hit a number of significant time / price levels and all being well it should pull back from this level.
    Wednesday's close at 48.77 is only 8 cents off the 500% fibonacci extension off the 3/6/09L (7.927) to 4/20/09H.
    Rounding up 7.927 to 8 and inserting it into the square of 9 gives a value of 47 on the EC.
    And the PTV are almost identical.
    From 3/6/09L to the 5/2/11H was 543TD's with a range of 24.50. The PTV was 543.55
    From 10/4/11L to the 11/27/13H was 542TD's with a range of 25.27. The PVT is 542.58.

  8. Some interesting observations.

    144TD's from the miniscule 5/9/13H = 12/3/13
    144TD's from 5/22/13 H = 12/16/13.
    144CD's from 7/26/13L = 12/19/13
    144 Weeks from 5/23/08H = 2/25/11H + 144 weeks = 11/29/13
    144 Months from 10/31/02L = 10/1/14, which is the projected 2014 low using Cliff Droke's Kress Cycles.

  9. Hi platy,

    First I would like to say that I admire the work you do and read your blog enthusiastically.

    I think that the Jan 1, 2014 heliocentric chart works better than Jan 7th. First, in your 1932 chart Mercury is forming a grand square in the chart. Mercury will be conjunct Pluto & square Uranus on Dec 30, 2013. Next, there is a New Moon on the morning of Jan 1st which will line the Sun, Earth and Moon in a straight line. That afternoon Earth will form a perfect Opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus. Mercury will be just waning from an opposition to Jupiter.

    In 2008 the First Trading Day of the year marked the high for the year. This year it will be a full circle from the Fiscal cliff low of Dec 28th last year.

    1. Thanks Sugarman, I'm seeing some important aspects on the 1st as well. Appreciate the input!