Friday, October 11, 2013

November 1: Uranus-Pluto Square

We saw in this post that the Uranus-Pluto square is gaining influence as a market mover. This aspect was present at last year's September high, and this year's May high.
SPX: Uranus-Pluto Squares
Also discussed here, the full list of Uranus-Pluto squares in the present time frame includes:

June 24, 2012 (geocentric)
Sep 19, 2012 (geocentric)
May 20, 2013 (geocentric)
Nov 01, 2013 (geocentric)
Nov 24, 2013 (heliocentric)
Apr 21, 2014 (geocentric)
Dec 15, 2014 (geocentric)
Mar 17, 2015 (geocentric)

This square impacts the metals markets as well, as it marked the major June low in silver last year and one of the double tops in September last year for both gold and silver, as well as the huge doji that occurred in silver in May this year.
Gold/Silver Futures: Uranus-Pluto Squares
The November 1, 2013 square is the middle of all the geocentric squares and may be the most important of the geocentric squares: according to Raymond Merriman regarding the November 1 square, "It is usually the time leading up to the middle passage...that is the most intense." The only heliocentric square in the group occurs later in the month, on the 24th. These events are likely to have a crucial  impact on the markets.


  1. Personally, I think the geocentric Uranus – Pluto square of April 2014 will be the most important one.
    It will occur at a position where it forms a grand cross with the Sun – Saturn square of the US Natal chart: when the US declaration of independence was signed, the Sun was square Saturn. The geocentric Uranus – Pluto square of April 2014 will form a grand cross with the Sun – Saturn Square of the date of the US natal chart. Furthermore, it forms a triangle with Jupiter, and the there is a huge cluster of geocentric aspects around that date:

    17-4-2014 Venus – Jupiter 240
    18-4-2014 Venus – Pluto 60
    20-4-2014 Jupiter – Uranus 90 (third and last passage)
    21-4-2014 Jupiter – Pluto 180 (second passage of 3)
    21-4-2014 Uranus – Pluto 90 (fifth passage of 7)
    22-4-2014 Mars – Jupiter 90 (second passage of 3)
    23-4-2014 Mars – Uranus 180 (second passage of 3)

    Please draw a chart of the geocentric positions of the planets on April 21 2014 and you see an impressive configuration. However, there is no guarantee. There were equally impressive configurations on August 24 2013 and July 22 2013, also involving outer planets, and not much happened on the markets.

    The Uranus – Pluto square on November 1 2013 will be a “standalone” aspect, although it happens around the solar eclipse of November 3.

    1. Thanks MZ, yeah that looks pretty powerful!

      Other aspects near Nov 1: Pluto, Mars and the South node are in trine from Oct 20 to Nov 7; and the Sun is conjunct the North node on Oct 31; Sun conjunct Saturn Nov 6; Jupiter Rx Nov 7. There are some important harmonics around this time too which I will talk about later.

    2. Dear Platty,

      I was just looking at your post of July 14 2013.
      You state that at the tops of 2000 and 2007 Uranus was Square Jupiter. In 2000 it was a heliocentric square, in 2007 It was a geocentric square, to be specific the third and last passage. The same will happen on April 20, 2014: third and last passage of Uranus square Jupiter. To be specific: in 2007 it was 90 degrees and in April 2014 it will be 270 degrees. I don't know whether that makes any difference.

    3. 6 months from now should be very important!
      Gann said Midpoint most powerful
      Midpoint timeframe (Nov 1) should be more powerful supported by helio Pluto square Uranus (Nov 24).
      Important support and resistance range will be established between Lunar Eclipse on Oct 18 and Solar Eclipse on Nov 3 (Sugarman)
      Helio Earth opposite Saturn Nov 5th
      Uranus square Pluto (Geo Nov 1)( Helio Nov 24)
      Midpoint of range is Nov 12-13
      Mercury goes direct Nov 10
      Mercury should trigger helio T Square Nov 11 (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mer square Uranus, Mer opposite Pluto)
      Helio Jupiter square Uranus Nov 12
      Helio Jupiter opposite Pluto Nov 13
      Helio Mars Square Saturn Nov 13

      Markets last long term low was Nov 16, 2012. Coming up on one year anniversary.

  2. Yes, the Sun conjunct the north node is important too. I forgot that one. Thanks. I don't attach too much value to the other ones. According to me, the configuration around November 15th will give more movement. Another possibility is a double bottom around November 3 and November 15, which does make sense to me.

  3. mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm. I am getting warm and fuzzy for Nov 1st! Thanks platy!

  4. Is it your take that around Nov. 1st/4th the markets will hit a low just the opposite of what happened the last two times (May 20, 2013 and Sept 19, 2012) we had a Uranus-Pluto Square stock market HIGH?


    1. Stock market high, gold/silver low.

    2. Platy, are you sure about that scenario? I somehow have it occurring opposite because I anticipate USA stock market hits interim top Oct 21 and declines into Oct 31 and then a dramatic bullish reversal Nov 1 that precedes an extended run into even higher highs. Consequently, gold/silver should perform better at least near term heading into Halloween and beyond that I am uncertain at this time.

      My assumptions are based on the Mercury Max cycle, the near term lunar and solar eclipses, and technical resistance channel trendlines forming around 1745 for S&P. Also, gold/silver have recently formed short term buy entry signals on the charts too.

    3. This is one "sick" market. It appears that gold/silver will turn in a relative high and the stock market will only merely consolidate at a "low" (which in fact is at 52-week highs) by Nov 1. What that implies is that US stock markets are not going to drop or even have anywhere near a normal correction and that that this level at 52-week highs 1750 will merely act as one giant springboard to propel it above 1800!

      Case in point is on Oct 22 SPX had a capitulation type thrust higher into heavily "oversold" territory and then it cannot even correct more than 20 points from that level before recovering after just one modest correction day.

      I am no longer seeking to short this market for the remainder of 2013 and the better contrarian play would be to go long gold mining stocks instead and/or simply go long with the dominant trend in USA stocks.

    4. Thanks Awakening, great call on metals!

      Stocks could certainly keep going higher after the 1st. The Uranus planetary price is ~1811, supported by Pluto in the square. Mars, Venus and Jupiter reinforce that price ~Nov 6, 10 and 12, respectively.

  5. Fyi, today is a Saturn Jupiter 120 degrees. Cowan noted this day so stay on your toes

    1. Jupiter - Saturn 120 degrees today?
      According to my application it is not today, neither geocentrically, neither heliocentrically. Geocentrically this will happen on 12/12/2013 and 24/05/2014. Heliocentrically this will happen on 18/01/2014. Or am I doing something wrong?

    2. The 120 deg. is measured from the 2000 top and actual is Jan 2014.

    3. It's cowans analysis on his forecast. He's probably got it down better than me so gonna take his word over mine. But my own method also has today (fri) as an important date. Considering it's a full moon and eclipse as well, today is a special day prob.

    4. Aha.. OK, that makes sense. Thanks.

  6. Just got an update on Cowan's site "Mr. Cowan's 2013+ forecast listed 3 dates as critical in 2013, Mid-May, Mid-August, and October. The indices have made triple tops on these dates!".


  7. A 36 page monograph has been put into the public domain which describes conditions existing at this moment which will eventuate in a significant inflection point in markets, in my opinion.

    Title: CRISIS: Uranus Square Pluto – The Uranus 90 Degree Aspect to Pluto and Its Planetary Triggers
    Financial Crises and Market Turbulence In The Series Thru 1494

    Download Link for the 36 page .pdf

    This is just a download link from my web page that is undeveloped at the moment, so the download is the only thing that's there.

    The paper looks better displayed in Adobe on your local box than through the Adobe plug in in your browser (like a normal .pdf would).

    The thesis in the paper has been back tested to the year 1745, the last year for which a chart is available in the Uranus/Pluto Square series from

    Beyond that, the historic record was researched for financial crises to 1494/1495 - the collapse of the Medici Bank in Italy.

    There is exactly 1 page of intro and grounding to explain the thesis and methodology.

    The balance is predominantly annotated chart material from until the "Historic Record" section, pp. 30-36.

    I strove for precision and brevity in describing the thesis and for clarity in the formatting.

    This took several months to put refinements on the data, research the historic record for the periods after the chart series, write, format and proofread.

    What we are seeing is nothing less than a slowly developing financial debacle which will soon reach critical mass and manifest itself in the markets, incapable of being hidden any longer.

    This is simply my contribution to the technical literature. It's the result of 33 years of data capture and serious reflection on the significations of the Uranus/Pluto Square, widely recognized on this blog as being one of the most influential.

    It was time to put it into the public domain so that the work could be carried forward by interested parties.

    The Venus aspect to Pluto on November 15th will play a crucial role in the changing of market trend. I never would have guessed until after doing this paper that Venus so profoundly affected the Uranus/Pluto Square.

    The effect of Stations are much more pronounced. Sounds benign, this Venus conjunct Pluto Square Uranus, but it's not. Just search for those aspects in the paper with the words "venus conjunct" or "venus retrograde station" or "venus direct station".

    I stated in the paper that it is not my position that the exact aspect for the Uranus/Pluto square is the crucial element in affecting markets. I believe it is the planetary afflictions to the Square while those two outer planets are in aspect which act as primary drivers in changing trend.

    I've been working as a GIS technician for 18 years. This is just a different way to map. The difference is that it's not spatial, but in the time domain.

    If anybody has the stat background to set up a stat problem on this data, let me know. I'd always like to have more data points, but on a chart series basis, back testing to the year 1745 is the best I can do (with the help of Global Financial Data).

    Let me know if anybody can do the stat on this. Unfortunately, it would only be an association study where a hard statistical correlation could not be shown. This is because the 3 crucial elements in doing science are not present with this kind of data:
    • absence of controls
    • no demonstrable causal mechanism
    • inability to replicate the experimental design


  8. Hi Tommy:

    Great article and research.

    As an extension to this research and to benefit those not experienced with astrology, can you go back in history to see how the markets behaved during each of these direct or retrograde harmonics (+/- 3-5 days).

    For example, I see that the markets were already on a slide having topped earlier before a Venus conjunct Pluto opposition Jupiter Square Pluto in 1937. The same is expected this Nov. 15th where cycle researchers (Eric Hadik and Charles Nenner) are saying that all daily, weekly and yearly cycles are topping between Oct. 23rd and Nov. 8th.

    Thanks .......................... Suren

    1. A review of the methodology on p.1 might offer some clarification of the objective of the paper. I really don't understand the question.

  9. Thanks Tommy, very interesting... amazing observation and informative.HM2535


  11. Chris:

    We have hit your SPX 1,750 ahead of scehdule and over that on 10/22 with SPX 1,758. Do you see a higher high for 11/1 with your Gann analysis?

    Thanks ................... Suren

  12. Hi Suren.

    I have uploaded a recent GANN square chart showing the EMini. The squares start from equinox. Prices have hit strong resistance which is 50% of the square.

    What I find interesting is that where 2 GANN lines intersect it results in a CIT within a day or so. The dash red line is the next intersection.

    The symmetry of the chart is simply astounding. GANN said to half the squares and then half that again. they are the black dashed lines. See how prices reacted? All this just from Equinox!!

    The chart is here:

    Open interest is dropping off quickly. My understanding is that higher prices coupled with falling prices indicates a topping process as contracts are exited. I can't say any more than that.

    I will be off the air until mid next week.


    1. Chris how do you calculate the price levels on that chart? i understand the vertical lines are the equinoxes just wondering where the values for the horizontal lines come from? thanks

    2. Hi Laphisker.

      I placed the horizontal line on the high of the equinox bar. The higher horizontal line is dictated by the 1x1 GANN angle (45 degrees). Some leeway in accuracy is to be expected as the charts are the standard default settings for Metastock. Because of that I did not remove the volume from the bottom of the chart.

  13. Thanks Chris. Very informative.


  14. chris,

    as you already kn ow that Russell 2000 closed at 1118.34 and S&p closed at 1759.77 i know your work is tremendous and worth every penny will you please comment what do you think about Free Money Market with undue exuberance and everybody who comes on CNBC is extremely Bullish and wanting markets to go up higher and higher without any meaning full correction if that were to happen ????

    1. Hi Vicki.

      I can't comment on that as I only read what the charts are telling me - assuming I read them correctly, which is not always the case.

      But it occurs to me, and I think Platy agrees, that a significant pull-back might start in around 15 January 2014. A final top in the S&P could be in the vicinity of 1850-1880.

      I have some more analysis to post but am waiting until closer to January to post it.

      I think we are all awaiting the next COT report to tell us what the Commercials are up to.

  15. Chris,

    Lowry research can see vanning market internals way in advance based on advance-declining issues. They are saying that the market is “nowhere” close to a long-term market top. The market internals are very healthy and we are looking at a bull market into 2014/2015. Martin Armstrong projects that the DOW can reach between 17,000 and 21,000. We might see corrections along the way, but due to capital flows from other nations and the Fed fueling QE, looks like we are going much-much higher. Mahendra Sharma projects SPX at 3200. Merriman had a top by July 2013, which has gone by the wayside.


  16. Interestingly, if we accept 3200 is correct, then the 1000% expansion of the 2009 low to the first major will be 3148. 3145 sits on 144 (36x4) degrees on the square of 9. OR 32.5 squares = 3164 and 51² = 3165, which is on the EC.

    However, no way I can compute time that far way.

  17. Since the Emini has surpassed 1750, I have calculated the next potential resistance level.

    The Neptune 360 line is sitting at 1775. Pluto 60 is 1780 with the North Node sandwiched between the two. Mars 120 inverse is at 1789.

    Applying Cowan's PTV from the 3/6/2009 low of 564.5 and the high of 1311.75 on 5/2/2011 we get a PTV value of 1085.24.

    From the low on 10/4/2011 of 1017.75 to our projected top on, say 11/6/2013 of 1789 (the Mars 120 inverse line above) we get a PTV value of 1085.59. In other words, they are, for all intents, exact.

    Confirmation is that 1786 is on the EC and Neptune sits on 1788 on the Haxagon chart.

    Moreover, 18.5 squares from 564.5 is 1785.8. 35² = 1789.5. (1786+1789)/2=1788.

    Personally, I am skeptical the market has this much room left in it, although tomorrow's/Friday's Fed announcement could provide the fuel.

    1. Emini low was 664.5 in 2009

    2. Many thanks Mark. I have been using the back adjusted continuous contract. The spliced contract has your low. I will use this contract for all future work.

  18. Uranus-Pluto planetary price is 1811.

  19. What should we expect after an intermediate market top next week, especially with Venus conjunct Pluto opposition Jupiter Square Pluto on Nov. 15th? Can we expect a substantial market decline till 11/22?

    1. I'm thinking this will not be a sharp top like May but more of a rolling top like July. So I think prices will remain in a small range for a week or two before the sell-off. Uranus and Pluto planetary price is 1811. Mars will be there on Nov 7; Venus on the 10th; and Jupiter on the 14th. So it may wait for one more or all of these events to happen before the drop takes hold.

  20. The last 3 FOMC days were within 2 days of a top.

  21. Solar eclipse Sunday. Nasdaq is forming a new down-trending channel with resistance now at 3385.