Sunday, September 29, 2013

Silver/Gold October Turn Dates

Neptune cycles have turned out to be very good predictors for major turns in gold and silver. There have been 5 Neptune cycles already this year (also discussed here):

March 26: Gold G Neptune 36°
April 15: Silver G Neptune 72°
August 1: G Silver Neptune 72°
August 24: G Gold Neptune 36°
September 9: Gold Neptune 36°

The impact of these is shown below. So far, each of the gold Neptune cycles has marked a high, while silver has given a low, but this pattern may not continue. It must be noted that Neptune is extremely slow, and the accuracy appears to be about +/- 5 trading days.
Gold/Silver Futures and Neptune Cycles
October 1 is a silver geocentric Neptune 72° cycle.
10/1/2013: Silver Geocentric Neptune 72° Cycle

Earth conjuncts Uranus October 3 near gold's 72°/silver's 36°. The Uranus-Earth conjunction last year caused major highs in silver and gold. This year the event is strengthened by the square to Pluto and Jupiter, and the proximity to the Neptune cycle above. Note also that Saturn and Ceres are near gold's 72° (and silver's 36°) harmonics.
10/3/2013: Uranus-Earth Conjunction Square Pluto, Jupiter and Gold Harmonics
Another important cluster of events occurs in mid-October, with a silver Uranus 36° cycle on the 13th and a gold geocentric Uranus 72° cycle on the 15th. The last Uranus cycle was for gold on August 19, a high.

October 12: Mars Enters Leo
October 13: Silver Uranus 36°
October 15: Gold Geocentric Uranus 72°; G Mars Enters Virgo
October 16: Gold Geocentric Ceres 18°
October 17: Silver Geocentric Ceres 18°
October 18: Neptune-Venus Conjunction
10/15/2013: Gold Geocentric Uranus 72° Cycle; Mars Enters Virgo
The remaining turn dates for October are below, probably not as important as the ones above.

October 20: G Neptune-Mars Opposition; S Node/Moon, Jupiter, Venus Golden Triangle
October 21: Mercury Rx
October 22: Ceres-Venus Opposition

October 31: G Sun-N Node Conjunction


  1. It is looking like the Oct 1 Neptune cycle gave a low for metals, and the Uranus-Earth conjunction is giving a high.

    1. With the higher high today, it pushes the probability that the Uranus-Earth conjunction was a low, not a high.