Friday, July 5, 2013


On this holiday weekend I want to show you something interesting. The U.S.A was founded on July 4, 1776. In traditional astrology, geocentric orientation is used. Here is the geocentric birth chart.

7/4/1776: USA Geocentric Natal Chart
Our Independence Day holiday celebrates every year the return of the Sun to its natal position at 14° Cancer. The return of a planet (or other object) to its natal position in traditional astrology is an important event - it signifies "completion" in a way. Here is the geocentric chart for this year.

7/4/2013, Geocentric
Notice that many planets are very close to their natal positions. It is striking how similar these 2 charts are! Indeed, it seems that the U.S. is currently undergoing a major transition (along with the rest of the world).

The geocentric natal position of Jupiter is 5° Can 51'20". The return of Jupiter to this position will be reached on July 22, 2013, a date which should be familiar to readers here.

In this blog we tend to focus on Jupiter's position in the heliocentric natal chart. The heliocentric natal chart for the U.S. is shown below.
7/4/1776: USA Heliocentric Natal Chart
The heliocentric position of Jupiter is 4° Can 27'35", which sets the harmonics pretty close to the NYSE's chart. The heliocentric natal return of Jupiter will be reached August 28, 2013.

8/28/2013, Heliocentric


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