Friday, July 26, 2013

Silver/Gold August Turn Dates

June 28 gave a major low caused by the Neptune-Venus opposition 2 days earlier. This is one of the major turn indicators highlighted in this post. The geocentric Neptune-Venus opposition today (July 26) appears to also be giving a low with silver hitting the bottom of its trend channel.

The August turn dates for gold and silver are given below.

August 1: Silver Geocentric Neptune 72° (Date may be off by several days.)

August 7: Saturn-Venus Conjunction
August 10: Gold G Jupiter 18°
August 13: Silver G Jupiter 18°

August 17: Jupiter-Mars Conjunction
August 18: G Sun-Ceres Conjunction
August 19: Gold Uranus 72°
August 24: Gold Geocentric Neptune 36°, Mars, Venus Golden Triangle
August 26: Neptune-Earth Conjunction; Geocentric Uranus-Venus Opposition

I believe the metals need a strong push up to complete the 5th wave up for this rally. It will be very interesting if this happens near silver's geocentric Neptune 72° cycle on August 1. There have been very few Neptune cycles since starting this blog, but while writing this post I noticed 2 that I had previously missed. I don't think I bothered tracking them because at the time I didn't think they were useful. March 26 was a gold geocentric Neptune 36° cycle, 3 trading days after a major high. April 15 was a silver geocentric Neptune 72° cycle, 1 day before a major low. Because Neptune is so slow several days should be given either side of the target date.
8/1/2013: Silver Geocentric Neptune 72° Cycle

Gold's corresponding geocentric Neptune 36° cycle is on the 24th and makes a Golden Triangle with Mars and Venus.
8/24/13: Gold Geocentric Neptune, Venus, Mars 36° Golden Triangle

The August 19 Gold Uranus 72° cycle is discussed further in the link at the top.


  1. According to Patrick Mikula's book "Encyclopedia of Planetary Aspects for Short Term Trading" Gold has an approx. 71% likelihood of rallying ($4) within 3 days AFTER the Ve60Ma aspect on August 2.

    1. Looks like we may be getting a low today Chris!

    2. Yes Platy. And the latest GUNNER24 newsletter has a good chart for the gold set-up;

    3. Hi chris, I am new here and I noticed your post about the gunner 24 site which is the same site I began visiting just a couple of weeks ago. Given that I don' t know them so much, may I ask you your opinion about them and their trading performances ? Thanks.


    4. GUNNER 24 provides very good analysis because it is based on Gann's price and time. If you look at the historical articles you can see how prices react to the pressure points on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Eduard doesn't do Astrotrading.

      Good luck.

  2. Silver dropped below its trend channel - not a good sign.

  3. I have posted a new analysis of Gold to my blog with more precise price and time estimates.

  4. Hi Platy,do you think we are now around the Top for Gold? Thanks,HM2535

    1. I think we should get a high today, so it could go higher today. Then a few days correction and back up for a higher (final) high somewhere in the mid 1400's.

    2. So it is going high today and few days correction comes after.

    3. I think so. Then a final push to a higher high.

    4. Correction is either over or close to being over. Sept 5 is showing up as pretty important so that could be our top. I'll try to get a post out this weekend.